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“Eat at home,” the Grubhub logo urges. We will deliver your favorite dishes from cafes and restaurants directly to your table.” The image symbols encode novelty, variety, freshness of dishes, and a feast in the company of pleasant people.

Grubhub (food): Brand overview

Online food ordering service Grubhub has partnerships with hundreds of thousands of restaurants in 4,000 US cities, many of which do not have their delivery system. It connects consumers to their favorite food and beverage outlets. The main service area is the USA and the UK. The company buys up competitors in different states to get closer to new customers and cover large territories. This is why she has such an impressive portfolio of brands, the most famous being Seamless, a platform originally aimed at office workers. But it is worth clarifying that Grubhub did not buy Seamless but merged with it. This merger ended in 2013. Since 2020, the food ordering service has been at Just Eat N.V.

In 2004, Matt Maloney and Mike Evans started Grubhub in Chicago because ordering takeout with paper menus and phone calls was hard. They made a website where people could see restaurant menus and order food online. Restaurants got these orders through fax. This new idea helped Grubhub grow, and by 2007, it was also in New York and San Francisco. They got money from investors to make the website better. In 2009, they made phone apps that could find nearby restaurants using GPS, making it even easier to order food.

The company got big in the 2010s. It bought some other food delivery companies, and in 2013, it joined another big company called Seamless. This made Grubhub even bigger and helped it offer more restaurants to choose from. In 2014, Grubhub started selling shares to the public and raised about $200 million, which helped it grow even more.

Grubhub kept adding new features, such as tracking deliveries in real-time, ordering food as a group, and ordering ahead of time. It also worked with big restaurant chains. When companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash started doing the same thing, Grubhub improved its service and offered more restaurant choices. It also spent more on advertising.

In 2020, a big European company called Just Eat Takeaway bought Grubhub for $7.3 billion. This made it one of the biggest food delivery services in the world. Now, Grubhub works in over 4,000 cities in the U.S., with more than 300,000 restaurants, and takes many orders daily. It’s still one of the top services for ordering food.

Grubhub’s success shows how technology can change how we buy things and make life easier. It has kept up with a fast-moving market, facing competition and growing. Thanks to its big network of restaurants and focus on making ordering easy, Grubhub stays important for people who want to order food from local places.

Meaning and History

Grubhub Logo History

Just Eat Takeaway is represented by various brands in 23 countries worldwide. Grubhub is her US subsidiary, which cost her more than $ 7 billion. After moving to a new owner, the online service retained its original name because marketers saw its name as a powerful advertising tool. After all, as you know, the Grubhub brand has existed since 2004 and has already become famous throughout the United States. This restaurant food delivery service became so famous that Uber Technologies Corporation almost bought it. But the enterprising leaders of Just Eat Takeaway were faster. Uber Eats remains one of Grubhub’s main rivals in the American market, along with other platforms such as EatStreet, Postmates, DoorDash, and others.

Grubhub Symbol

A well-thought-out identity system helps the company withstand the competition. At first glance, its logo is just an inscription without special features. However, the word mark has certain “tags” that allow the identification of its owner. These are the traditional red and bold sans serif type, which the Grubhub identity cannot do without. In addition, using the brand name as a graphic sign positively affects brand awareness.

The iconography of the online service has changed several times. The last update was done in 2016 by advertising studio Wolff Olins. It marked a watershed in the history of the food delivery service, as the specialists managed to increase the revenue and market value of Grubhub. The fact is that they not only changed the logo but also adapted the interface for it, added new functions, and proposed an innovative strategy for the development of the service. This holistic approach allowed it to reflect the brand’s ambition with simple visual tools.

What is Grubhub?

This is an American service for online ordering food with home delivery. Just Eat Takeaway owns it. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The platform has been operating since 2004, being founded by entrepreneurs Matt Maloney and Mike Evans. At this time, the Internet site covers the services of all 50 states of the United States. Since 2014, its shares have been traded on the stock exchange.

2004 – 2011

Grubhub Logo 2004-2011

In 2004, Matt Maloney and Mike Evans of Chicago created the Grubhub website and registered a food ordering company of the same name. The web developers decided it was a great business idea because restaurant diners get bored flipping through paper menus. While developing their online service, they did not forget the identity system’s most important thing.

The web service icon was a red rectangle with a radial gradient, with a light shade in the center blending into the dark edges. In the middle was a circle, stylized as a three-dimensional ball with highlights, shadows, black borders, and a blurry white outline. He denoted the planet as our Earth or some collective image symbolizing the Grubhub universe with catering establishments and numerous customers.

The improvised planet had a “satellite” – a dish with a cloche lid. Based on the trajectory, the serving dishes flew in a circle, encircling the ball. The artists depicted an annular orbit of the “satellite” and drew steam on top to clarify that the food was freshly prepared.

The image was complemented by advertising inscriptions that were supposed to attract visitors’ attention. In the upper left corner was a white arch made of the words “” She seemed to be lying in a red circle. The designers placed the website address on the logo because the Grubhub brand is inseparable from the online service. Below, with a slight shift to the left, was the slogan “WHO DELIVERS?” orange. Thanks to him, it was clear what the company was doing. It was also used as an effective marketing tool – a call to action.

2011 – 2016

Grubhub Logo 2011-2016

In the early 2010s, the platform owners removed unnecessary elements from the logo because Grubhub no longer needed advertising – customers already knew what services it offered. Thus, only one short inscription remained on the emblem, representing the brand’s name. It had an arched shape but was not very pronounced: one half (“grub”) began at the bottom and was directed upwards, and the second part (“Hub”) went from top to bottom. At the split point, there was a capital “H.” All other letters, including the first “g,” were lowercase. The word was easy to read thanks to its deep red color and clear geometric sans serif typeface. Numerous roundings made the brand symbol-friendly.

The Grubhub branding includes nothing except the inscription. However, this design is enough to attract customers’ attention because the word looks bright and resembles an advertising sign. It is a visual expression of a web service’s ambition, competitiveness, and desire for global market control.

2016 – 2021

Grubhub Logo 2016-2021

Grubhub’s most famous rebranding took place in 2016. Advertising agency Wolff Olins handled it, so the food delivery service received a new logo and a completely redesigned concept.

The Grubhub logo consists of an inscription in the Barlow Semi Condensed font. Texts on trains, buses, and road signs inspired the geometric grotesque. Its creator, Jeremy Tribby, drew inspiration from California street typography, so the letters are slightly rounded and low in contrast.

The specialists changed the lettering style, aligning the name of the online platform horizontally. All letters were converted to uppercase and lighter. This version proved very durable: it survived even after the company changed hands and was taken over by Just Eat Takeaway.

The red color corresponds to the service’s corporate palette. It makes the Grubhub logo bright and visible against the backdrop of promotional materials. Red is also associated with hunger and appetite, so its use is great for a food delivery company.

2021 – today

Grubhub Logo 2021-present

In June 2021, the Grubhub brand finally became part of the Dutch company Just Eat N.V., which sells food online. He updated the logo a month later to match his new owner’s identity. So, on the left side, a symbol appeared in an orange house with a triangular roof and a pipe, as children usually draw it. It serves as the basis for knife and fork prints. The white cutlery silhouettes are shaped by negative space. This graphic was copied from JET, but the inscription “GRUBHUB” remains the same. It looks the same as the previous logo; only red has given way to orange.

Grubhub (food): Interesting Facts

Grubhub, founded in 2004 by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans, revolutionized food delivery by moving from paper menus and phone orders to an online platform. This concept came to them while searching for takeout options in their apartment.

  1. Beginnings: Grubhub, started in Chicago, quickly grew, reaching thousands of cities across the U.S. and partnering with over 300,000 restaurants by 2023.
  2. Online Ordering Pioneer: Grubhub was among the first to compile restaurant menus online, simplifying how customers discover and order food.
  3. Growth Through Mergers: In 2013, it merged with Seamless and acquired several companies, including Eat24, Foodler, and OrderUp, boosting its presence in the food delivery sector.
  4. Going Public: Grubhub was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014, marking a significant moment for the food delivery industry.
  5. Tech Innovations: The company introduced real-time tracking and personalized recommendations, enhancing the customer experience.
  6. Pandemic Response: COVID-19 increased demand for delivery services. Grubhub responded by offering contactless delivery and support programs for restaurants.
  7. Community Programs: Grubhub’s “Donate the Change” lets customers support charities by rounding up their order totals.
  8. Cultural Influence: Grubhub has changed dining habits, especially among younger generations, by offering convenience and variety. It’s also boosted the visibility of local restaurants.

Grubhub’s evolution from a startup to a food delivery giant showcases how technology can transform industries, highlighting its enduring influence on dining and support for communities and small businesses.

Font and Colors

Grubhub Emblem

After a recent redesign in 2021, the font has not changed. It’s still a bold sans-serif Barlow Semi Condensed designed by Jeremy Tribby and inspired by street signage. Grubhub’s new orange color matches the official JET palette. It matches white, just like the parent company emblem.


What is the primary color of the Grubhub brand logo?

Grubhub deliberately chose red for its logo. Red symbolizes energy and action, aligning with Grubhub’s fast and reliable food delivery mission. The color red helps make the Grubhub logo stand out in advertisements and on app store listings, which is crucial in a competitive food delivery market. Additionally, red is associated with food, as it can stimulate appetite and convey warmth, supporting Grubhub’s aim to connect diners with various restaurants.

The choice of red also influences behavior by encouraging quicker decision-making, which could help users decide on their meals faster while using Grubhub. After merging with Seamless, both services adopted red in their branding. This shared color scheme enhances their recognizability and credibility among users, whether they opt for Grubhub or Seamless.

What is the purpose of Grubhub?

Grubhub aims to simplify food ordering for everyone and help restaurants attract more customers. It delivers meals to your doorstep and helps restaurants attract a larger crowd. The service is straightforward, offering a range of food choices for all budgets and dietary needs.

Grubhub is especially beneficial for smaller restaurants. These places often struggle to afford their delivery services or pay for ads. By joining Grubhub, they can get more orders and do well even when competition is tough. Additionally, Grubhub focuses on having a work culture that values diversity. They believe understanding different cultures and backgrounds helps them serve their customers better.

How does Grubhub work?

Grubhub makes getting your food online easy. Here’s how it works, from signing up to receiving your meal.

First, create an account on Grubhub’s app or website. Provide simple details like your name and email, and create a password. This allows Grubhub to recognize you for future orders.

Then, set up a payment method. Grubhub accepts credit cards, PayPal, and, in some cases, cash. Your payment details are stored to speed up future checkouts.

Now, start looking for places to eat. You can search based on your location, the type of cuisine you’re craving, your budget, and how quickly you need your meal. Grubhub will show you restaurants that can deliver straight to your address.

Find a place you like. Browse the menu on Grubhub, choose your dishes, and add them to your cart. Menus often include descriptions and photos to help you decide.

When you’re ready to finish, head to checkout. You can review your order, apply discount codes, leave a tip, and select your payment method.

Once you’ve placed your order, Grubhub will keep you updated. They’ll send notifications about your food being prepared and when it’s coming to you. This keeps you informed about when to expect your delivery.

Does Grubhub refund food?

Grubhub offers refunds in some situations. Here’s an easier way to understand it:

  • If you change your mind about an order and quickly tell Grubhub’s customer service, you can cancel it before the restaurant starts making it. This quick action could lead to a refund right away.
  • If you want to cancel after it’s too late or if there’s a problem with your order (like incorrect or missing items or not showing up), you must contact Grubhub’s customer service. Be ready with your order details to help solve the refund issue faster.

If you contact Grubhub quickly and describe what went wrong, they may refund your order, depending on what happened.

Do Grubhub drivers have to accept orders?

Grubhub gives its drivers the power to accept or decline orders. Drivers can check an order’s details and, if it doesn’t suit them, they can press the “Reject” button. This action returns the order to Grubhub, which then looks for another driver. However, regularly declining orders can reduce a driver’s acceptance rate. Grubhub considers this rate to decide a driver’s Program Level, which affects the benefits they receive and how frequently they receive order offers.

What does the Grubhub logo mean?

The Grubhub logo is smart and straightforward, showing they deliver restaurant food to your home. It features a house, fork, and knife, symbols for home and eating. This design tells you that Grubhub offers a variety of food choices delivered to your doorstep, so you can enjoy delicious meals without leaving your house. The orange logo reminds you of baked goods and feelings of warmth, comfort, and satisfaction. Since orange is associated with food and hunger, it’s a clever choice for Grubhub, a company focused on providing plenty of food options from various restaurants.

Did Grubhub change its logo?

In 2021, Grubhub, a company that delivers food online, changed its logo to connect better with customers and stand out in a competitive market. The original logo was simple, using just the company’s name without fancy designs. The updated logo features an orange house, which represents delivering food to homes. It also cleverly includes the shapes of a fork and knife, showing that Grubhub delivers food in a way that’s easy to remember.

The new logo aims to make Grubhub more recognizable and appealing, showing that the company is moving forward. By changing its logo, Grubhub aimed to build a stronger relationship with its customers and distinguish itself from other companies.

What is the font of the Grubhub logo?

Grubhub updated its logo font to reflect its growth and to stand out. Originally, Grubhub chose the Barlow Semi Condensed Extra-bold font for its modern look, perfect for an online food delivery service. This font made Grubhub memorable in the crowded digital world. Later, as Grubhub grew, it created its font: Grubhub Sans Bold. This change meant Grubhub’s ads and app would have a unique look. Making their font was a way to make the brand more visible and easy to remember.

What does the logo symbolize for Grubhub Logo?

The Grubhub logo quickly shows it’s about easy food ordering. It features a house, suggesting home delivery—a fork and knife inside the house point to delivering food right to you. The company’s name is also there to clear up any confusion. The bright orange logo makes you think of tasty food, like fresh bread or pizza and hints at Grubhub’s energetic and creative way of bringing good food comfortably and conveniently to your door.

Why did Grubhub change their icon?

Grubhub updated its logo twice, in 2016 and again in 2021, to keep up with the times and better align with its new parent company. In 2016, with Wolff Olins’ help, known for their creative branding work, they redesigned their logo to make it look modern and appealing. This change aimed to make Grubhub stand out and connect better with customers in the fast-moving food delivery market.

In 2021, after joining forces with Just Eat (JET), a major global food delivery company from the Netherlands, Grubhub refreshed its logo again. This time, the goal was to show that Grubhub is now part of a bigger family. The new logo showcases an orange house with a fork and knife, representing Grubhub’s service of bringing food to your home.

These logo updates were important for Grubhub. They went beyond just changing the style; they were key moves to keep the brand current and help achieve its larger goals.

Why is Grubhub orange now?

In 2021, Grubhub switched its logo color to orange to match its new partner, Just Eat, a big food delivery company from the Netherlands that also uses orange. This change helped make Grubhub’s branding the same everywhere.

Changing to orange helped Grubhub stand out. Many food delivery services have red logos, so using orange caught people’s attention with its bright and lively feel. This was a smart move to help Grubhub stand out from other companies. Grubhub revealed its new orange logo at Lollapalooza in Chicago, a big music festival.

Why is Grubhub called Grubhub?

Grubhub’s name mixes “grub,” meaning food, with “hub,” indicating a central spot. This suggests that Grubhub is a top place online for ordering food from various local restaurants. The service focuses on being easy to use, providing many dining options in one location.

In its early days, Grubhub added “.com” to its name to emphasize its online nature. This was to show its goal of bringing food from local restaurants to customers’ homes through the internet. It simplified the process of getting your favorite foods without leaving home.