Gympass Rebrands to Wellhub and Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Wellhub (Gympass) Logo New

Gympass, originally launched 11 years ago as a direct-to-consumer gym access service in Brazil, is now rebranding to Wellhub. This change reflects the company’s evolution into a platform that supports comprehensive employee well-being, including physical fitness, mindfulness, therapy, nutrition, and sleep.

The new name, Wellhub, signifies a shift from focusing on gym access to a broader approach to wellness. The rebranding introduces a new logo called the Wellbeing Flywheel. This circular logo represents the platform where all dimensions of well-being come together. The wavy spokes within the circle symbolize continuous and evolving wellness practices. This design highlights the company’s mission to support ongoing well-being.

Wellhub (Gympass) Logo Evolution

The new logo embodies Wellhub’s vision and commitment to holistic wellness. The circular design and fluid spokes emphasize the interconnected approach to health, balancing various aspects of well-being. This design aims to resonate with users, showcasing the comprehensive support Wellhub offers.

The rebranding includes updates to the visual and typographic identity. The primary typeface is modern and approachable, matching the brand’s new direction. The color palette features calming yet vibrant hues that evoke well-being and energy, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Wellhub (Gympass) Logo Old

Wellhub is designed as an all-in-one platform for employees, offering access to gyms, studios, live-streaming classes, virtual trainers, wellness coaches, online therapy, and top-rated apps for physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional well-being. This approach ensures users can find support for every aspect of their health in one place.

The new identity aims to foster community and engagement, empowering employees to take control of their wellbeing journey. Wellhub provides a supportive environment where users can thrive, making wellness accessible and sustainable for everyone.

Wellhub (Gympass) Symbol

Wellhub’s comprehensive offerings promote employee engagement and satisfaction. Healthier employees are more engaged, productive, and likely to stay with their companies. Wellhub’s holistic approach benefits individuals and contributes to organizational success and productivity.

The rebranding process involved extensive consultations to ensure the new identity communicates the company’s mission and values. The new name, logo, and visual identity will debut officially in one month, marking a new chapter for the company.