Viction Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Viction Logo New

Established in 2018 as TomoChain, Viction has rebranded to reflect better its mission of making Web3 accessible and secure for everyone. Co-founded by Long Vuong, Le Ho, and Son Nguyen, Viction is a layer-1 blockchain that emphasizes zero-gas transactions through the TRC25 token standard, speed, security, and scalability. The rebranding effort, led by Rice Studios in Ho Chi Minh City, introduces a new name and identity designed to position Viction as a platform propelling human stories in a technology-centric market.

The new name, Viction, combines “vision” and “victory,” reflecting the company’s goal to enable achievement and expand vision for its users. The identity centers on Viction as a “Platform for Potential,” using imagery of people flourishing on this powerful platform. The logo symbolizes this, focusing on storytelling and a literary approach to type and layout, highlighting real-life use cases and human-centric narratives.

Viction Logo Evolution

The new logo is the primary identifier of the brand, encapsulating its name, mission, and legacy. It consists of two shapes that almost touch, creating a sense of tension and dynamic interaction. This design represents the foundational nature of Viction’s layer-1 blockchain technology and the limitless potential it offers. The space between the two shapes evokes an open horizon, symbolizing infinite possibilities and growth. The logo’s overall shape exudes solidity and stability, essential characteristics for a blockchain platform. The sleek, modern design blends well with real-life images, allowing these visuals to tell compelling stories about people and their achievements.

The logo’s neutral color palette balances the vibrant and diverse imagery used in the brand’s communications. This choice ensures the logo remains versatile and adaptable, suitable for various contexts and applications without overwhelming the accompanying visuals. The wordmark is typeset in Neue Haas Grotesk, a typeface known for its clarity and professionalism, adding a touch of seriousness to the brand.

Viction Logo Symbol

The new brand identity includes visual elements that complement the logo and enhance the overall aesthetic. These elements include dynamic infographics, charts, and illustrations that communicate complex information in an accessible and engaging way. The visual language is built around rounded shapes and smooth curves, mirroring the logo’s design and reinforcing the brand’s modern and approachable image.

The rebranding extends to Viction’s digital presence, where the new logo and visual elements are prominently featured. The 3D animation of the logo adds a layer of sophistication and modernity to the brand’s online identity. The updated website showcases the new brand identity with a clean and intuitive layout, making it easy for users to navigate and find information. The neutral color palette and modern typography ensure a cohesive and engaging user experience. Social media channels have been updated to reflect the new branding, with dynamic graphics and videos highlighting the platform’s features and user success stories.

Viction Logo Old

Viction’s verbal identity focuses on three key phrases: “Platform for Potential,” “Enabling Achievement,” and “Expanding Vision.” These phrases encapsulate the brand’s mission to empower users and foster growth within the blockchain ecosystem. Consistent messaging across all touchpoints ensures users receive a unified and inspiring brand experience.