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The Haven Life logo embodies the company’s uniqueness through a modern monogram design. This emblem consists of two broad, curved stripes that form uppercase “L” characters. The designers ingeniously flipped one of the blue letters, positioning it to the right of the first, to create a negative space, “H.” Next to this design element is the company’s full name, rendered in smooth glyphs with varying levels of curvature. Some are rounded (“a,” “e,” “n”), some are semi-rounded (“f,” “i”), and others are not rounded at all (“H,” “L,” “v”), contributing to the emblem’s balanced aesthetic.

One notices that the two “L” shapes serve as aesthetically pleasing elements and contribute to the hidden “H” in the design. The very formation of this “H” signifies a clever, multi-layered approach that reflects the company’s innovative strategies. It’s as if Haven Life combines traditional elements, represented by the familiar shapes of the “L,” with unconventional ones, seen in the hidden “H,” to offer something different in the insurance sector.

The use of negative space is pivotal. It engages the observer’s mind, compelling them to see beyond the obvious. This could signify the brand’s attention to detail and its capacity for depth in offerings and services. The ability to see what is hidden or unspoken aligns with the necessity of insurance to anticipate needs and risks.

The color scheme further contributes to the emblem’s sense of balance and modernity. Blue is traditionally associated with calm, trust, and reliabilityā€”quintessential attributes in the insurance industry. The color underlines the brand’s credibility and dedication to offering dependable solutions.

The typography also plays a key role in shaping perceptions about the brand. The mixture of rounded, semi-rounded, and straight letters mirrors the diversity of services and solutions provided by the company. The variety in the characters captures the multi-faceted nature of Haven Life, suggesting an approach that is neither rigid nor one-dimensional.

The elements of the logo converge to create a meaningful, multi-layered narrative. It’s not just a design; it’s a story of innovation, trust, and versatility. It gives viewers an impression of what to expect from the brand: a comprehensive yet flexible approach to insurance. The Haven Life logo stands as a potent symbol, encapsulating the core values and commitments of the brand.

Haven Life: Brand overview

Founded: 2013
Founder: Yaron Ben-Zvi
New York, United States
Website: havenlife.com
In 2013, Yaron Ben-Zvi and Andy Matlin introduced Haven Life to the insurance landscape, evolving from Ben-Zvi’s initial venture, Quilt, centered on online life insurance sales. From its New York headquarters, Haven Life’s vision was to simplify life insurance purchasing by shifting to a digital model, thus potentially omitting medical assessments for certain applicants.

In 2015, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) acquired Haven Life two years after its inception. However, rather than assimilating it fully, MassMutual allowed Haven Life to maintain its distinctive brand, viewing it as an avenue to delve deeper into the digital insurance sphere.

At its onset, Haven Life’s core focus was on online term life insurance. However, its portfolio soon broadened, encompassing whole life insurance, provisions for disability, retirement planning services, and even insurance for pets. Much of the company’s ethos involves leveraging technology and streamlining the insurance acquisition. This digital-first approach enables instantaneous quotes and facilitates the entire policy procurement online.

Targeting a younger demographic, particularly millennials and those venturing into life insurance for the first time, Haven Life prioritizes a seamless, user-friendly online experience. By 2019, the company had issued life insurance policies worth over $24 billion and secured a position among the top 10 individual life insurance providers. With the digital trend in insurance shopping gaining momentum, Haven Life’s trajectory indicates further growth and evolution.

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Haven Life color codes

Bright Cerulean Hex color: #15b3dd
RGB: 21 179 221
CMYK: 90 19 0 13
Pantone: PMS 312 C