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Haven Life: Brand overview

In 2013, Yaron Ben-Zvi and Andy Matlin introduced Haven Life, an insurance company that evolved from Ben-Zvi’s original venture, Quilt, an online life insurance sales company—from its headquarters in New York City, Haven Life sought to simplify the process of buying life insurance by going digital, which would eliminate the need for a medical exam for some applicants.

In 2015, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) acquired Haven Life two years after its founding. However, MassMutual did not take over the company outright but allowed Haven Life to retain its unique brand, seeing it as an opportunity to delve deeper into digital insurance.

In its early days, Haven Life specialized in online term life insurance. However, its portfolio soon expanded to include whole life insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning services, and even pet insurance. At its core, the company relies on the use of technology and streamlining the process of purchasing an insurance policy. The digital approach provides instant quotes and makes it easy to take out a policy online.

Targeting a younger demographic, particularly millennials and first-time life insurance applicants, Haven Life prioritizes online convenience. By 2019, the company had issued more than $24 billion in life insurance policies and ranked among the top 10 largest providers of individual life insurance. With the digital trend in insurance shopping gaining momentum, Haven Life’s trajectory points to continued growth and evolution.

Meaning and History

Haven Life Logo History

2013 – today

Haven Life Logo

The logo is a modern-style monogram that conveys the whole personality of the company: its name, concept, and style. The symbol is formed by two wide curved stripes. They have the shape of capital letters “L,” and in the negative space between them, you can see the letter “H.” For this purpose, the designers inverted one of the blue letters and placed it to the right of the first one. Next to it is the full company name, consisting of smooth glyphs without serifs. Some of them are rounded (“a,” “e,” “n”), some are semi-rounded (“f,” “i”), and some are not rounded at all (“H,” “L,” “v”). This makes the emblem balanced.

The inverted “L” is like a cool mirror trick. It makes you look closely to unravel the hidden “H .”It’s like a mini puzzle. The mix of rounded and not-so-rounded letters in the company name adds a twist. It doesn’t match everything, but it’s not all in a row, either. It’s right in the middle, which is handy.

Haven Life color codes

Bright CeruleanHex color:#15b3dd
RGB:21 179 221
CMYK:90 19 0 13
Pantone:PMS 312 C