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The Hells Angels logo perfectly demonstrates the internal spirit of the motorcycle club, which law enforcement considers a syndicate of organized crime. The brutal emblem evokes such thoughts, as it contains classic images hinting at defiance, freedom, and uniqueness drawn from riding Harley-Davidsons.

Hells Angels: Brand overview

Hells Angels has several names: HAMC (stands for Hells Angels Motorcycle Club), 81, Red & White, HA. Some are abbreviations; others are nicknames. The cult organization was formed in the spring of 1948 in Fontana (California) by World War II veteran Otto Friedli. According to another version, it appeared in 1951 in San Bernardino, being founded by Dick White. In any case, the brand found tremendous support worldwide, uniting over 6,000 people from 59 countries. As of 2023, the motorcycle corporation has 467 chapters, making it the largest among its peers. It is managed from the headquarters in Oakland.

Meaning and History

Hells Angels Logo History

The basis of the Hells Angels logo is the club’s name, making it stylish and iconic. The “deadly” nickname was suggested by Arvid Olsen, a serviceman from the Hell’s Angels squadron of the Flying Tigers. It’s from there that the extreme phrase originates, conveying the brutality characteristic of motorcycle enthusiasts. Notably, this motorcycle club prefers to ride Harley-Davidson, which also fits into the harsh style of its visual identity.

What is Hells Angels?

Hells Angels is an American motorcycle organization from the city of Fontana, California, where it appeared in 1948. It was founded by Otto Friedli, who left Pissed Off Bastards. According to other reports, it opened in 1951 in San Bernardino due to the efforts of Dick White, who left Road Runners. Regardless, the club’s age is counted from the first date, not the second. As of 2023, the corporation is comprised of 6,000 members from 467 chapters located in 59 countries around the world. The headquarters is in Oakland.

1948 – today

Hells Angels Logo

The emblem of Hells Angels is clearly divided into three groups. The first includes the club’s name, arched at the top and set in an Old English design font. The ornate letters with spikes in the middle of each leg combine well with an airiness due to the standalone glyphs. But the space between them is not too wide, maintaining normal word readability. The letter ends are split in two and sharpened, creating a sense of the prickly character of motorcycle riding enthusiasts.

The second part consists of a skull image in a helmet: red at the front and black on the sides and back. It features a medium-length horn, empty eye sockets, and tightly clenched teeth. Behind the head is a spread wing. The pointed element wraps around the skull and hangs at the forehead, forming a kind of protection. The feathers are neatly highlighted in black, which serves both as an outline and a background. Below it, to the right, is the third part of the logo – the abbreviation “MC.” Unlike the top inscription, it’s strict, geometric, even, and set in uppercase letters of the correct shape.

Font and Colors

Hells Angels Emblem

The inscriptions are executed in two types of typefaces: the first is Bosox by Lee Gordon, and the second resembles News Gothic FS Bold by FontSite Inc. The arched line impresses with an Old English font with spikes and split ends. The abbreviation features classic print glyphs – straight, with smooth edges.

Hells Angels Symbol

The color palette of the Hells Angels logo includes four colors: red, white, yellow, and black. Red is divided into two subtypes: a dark shade decorates the helmet and feathers, while a bright one highlights the text well. Black serves as the background, shadows, and contour outline.