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The Helly Hansen logo demonstrates a non-standard approach to cutting and models. The brand produces stylish and comfortable sportswear suitable for active people. The emblem hints at the readiness of models for extreme tests.

Helly Hansen: Brand overview

Founder:Helly Juell Hansen
Oslo, Norway
Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand from Oslo. It is created in 1877 by Captain Helly Juell Hansen. It specializes in sportswear and footwear for a wide range of purposes – from casual to extreme.

Meaning and History

Helly Hansen Logo History

The original design label of the company has adorned branded products almost since its inception. It has a clear link to the owner, so the logo uses two capital letters of his first and last name.

In 1914, after the founder’s death, the brand underwent a serious rebranding, which did not affect the trademark. The new owner – Levy Helly Hansen – is the successor of his father’s business and has the same initials in his full name. Therefore, they decided to leave the combination of the two words, as they are strongly associated with the company.

As conceived by the designers, such a logo is simple, inspiring confidence among buyers of all social strata and ages. It instills confidence in the highest quality, reliability, and durability, which is very important for those associated with extreme sports and being in difficult conditions.

What is Helly Hansen?

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company also known as HH. It manufactures sports and outdoor clothing, fishing equipment, rescue equipment. Special technologies make things warm and waterproof.

1877 – 1969

At the moment, during this period of the company’s development, the brand’s logo and emblem are unknown.

1969 – 1989

Helly Hansen Logo 1969

The Helly Hansen logo consisted of the name in one line. It was written in cursive calligraphy, imitating individual handwriting. Between the two parts was a hyphen of the same black color as the entire inscription. The letters were stretched upwards, so they seemed thin. This impression was also created due to the elongated tail “y,” which went beyond the lower border. A bold rectangular box framed the text.

1989 – today

Helly Hansen Logo

Now a modernized Helly Hansen emblem is used, consisting of an abbreviation. The letters “HH” are combined in a special way: the right and left sides are crossed by a diagonal line in negative space. It cuts off the stem of each glyph (top and bottom), making the character well-recognizable. In addition, the slanted strip brings dynamics to it and evokes a feeling of confidence and strength. Signs are large, blocky, and smooth, without serifs. The angles at the level transitions are precise and even. The monotonous black color has also disappeared: now, the inscription is painted in red, close to a burgundy hue.

Helly Hansen: Interesting Facts

Helly Hansen is a top name in outdoor and workwear, famous for its quality gear for sailors, skiers, and those working in tough conditions.

  1. Norwegian Beginnings: It all started in 1877 with Helly Juell Hansen, a sea captain, and his wife. They made waterproof clothes for sailors to cope with Norway’s harsh weather. This focus on durability and protective wear is still key to the brand.
  2. Waterproof Innovation: Their big early idea was waterproof oilskin jackets and gear made from linen soaked in linseed oil, a big step forward in keeping seafarers dry.
  3. LIFA® Technology: In the 1970s, they invented LIFA® Stay Dry Technology, a game-changer that keeps moisture away from the body, unlike the cotton gear used before. It keeps you dry and comfortable.
  4. Helly Tech®: Building on their waterproofing work, the 1980s saw the introduction of Helly Tech®, a waterproof and breathable fabric used in much of their outerwear.
  5. Awards: The brand’s focus on innovation and quality has won many awards, underlining its impact on improving performance and safety outdoors and at work.
  6. Worldwide Reach: Helly Hansen has grown globally from Norway, selling products in over 40 countries. They cover various activities, from sailing and skiing to mountain sports and professional workwear.
  7. Professional Trust: Their gear is trusted and used by pros and outdoor lovers worldwide, including ski resorts and rescue teams, showing its reliability and quality.
  8. Growth: In 2018, Canadian Tire Corporation bought Helly Hansen, helping it grow and reach new markets.
  9. Staying True: Even with global success, Helly Hansen keeps to its Norwegian roots, blending new technologies with practical design for those in challenging environments.

Helly Hansen’s story concerns innovation, quality, and knowing what outdoor enthusiasts and professionals need. Their commitment to safety and enabling adventures has made them beloved around the globe.

Font and Colors

Helly Hansen Emblem

The label consists of a title in two forms – full and abbreviated. The name and its abbreviation are colored white and enclosed in a bright red rectangle. This palette reflects the emotionality, energy, dynamism, and strength inherent in buyers’ target group.

Helly Hansen Symbol

A thin line dividing the central HH diagonally also conveys dynamics. This design trick is used for a powerful visual identity. All words are capitalized in bold sans serif type. They are graphically designed with sharp angles that emphasize pressure and stability.

Helly Hansen Logo


What is the logo HH?

The “HH” logo belongs to Helly Hansen, a company known for its outdoor clothing and gear. The brand provides high-quality apparel for skiing, sailing, and hiking. The logo features the initials “HH” in bold, uppercase letters, reflecting the brand’s commitment to durability, functionality, and style.

The company has built a strong reputation by catering to outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who need reliable clothing. The “HH” logo represents a legacy of excellence in creating gear that withstands harsh conditions, keeping the wearer protected and comfortable.

What is Helly Hansen known for?

The company is known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and gear, which professionals trust on oceans, mountains, and worksites. The brand has a strong reputation for making reliable and durable apparel that withstands extreme conditions.

As the top apparel brand for ski professionals, brand gear is used at over 200 ski resorts and guiding operations worldwide. More than 55,000 ski professionals wear the brand’s clothing, showing its widespread trust in the skiing community. The brand focuses on functionality, innovation, and protection, ensuring its gear meets the demands of professionals in tough environments.

Who does Helly Hansen sponsor?

The company sponsors various events and organizations in the outdoor and sports communities. A notable sponsorship is with the NOOD Regatta Races, where it is the official apparel sponsor. These races are a prominent series in the sailing world, attracting participants and enthusiasts globally.

This sponsorship shows the brand’s commitment to supporting competitive sailing and outdoor sports. By providing high-quality apparel to participants, the brand enhances sailors’ performance and comfort and reinforces its reputation as a durable and functional gear provider.

Who is Helly Hansen owned by?

The company is owned by Canadian Tire Corporation, which acquired the brand in 2018. Canadian Tire, a major retail company in Canada, saw this as a chance to expand its product range and strengthen its presence in the outdoor and sports apparel market.

The brand continues to operate under its name, maintaining its tradition of producing high-quality gear for skiing, sailing, and hiking. With the support of Canadian Tire, Helly Hansen can innovate and deliver reliable products to its customers.

What is the Helly Hansen logo?

The logo features two white “H” letters separated by a diagonal red line. The sides of the letters are deformed where the line runs through them, creating a unique look. Below the “H” letters, the full company name is written. All elements are set against a red rectangle.

The recognizable logo reflects the brand’s focus on high-quality, reliable gear for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. The red and white colors enhance its visibility and impact, making it a strong symbol of the brand’s identity.

Is Helly Hansen a person?

The company is named after Captain Helly Juell Hansen, a real person. He was a sea captain who started sewing clothes for long voyages with his wife, Maren Margarethe. They began working in the basement of their home, focusing on making durable and protective gear for sailors.

Their small operation eventually grew into a network of factories, creating a brand known for high-quality outdoor and workwear. Captain Hansen’s approach to making reliable clothing laid the foundation for the brand. His legacy continues in the brand’s commitment to producing gear that meets the needs of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Is Helly Hansen a snowboard brand?

The company offers clothing for various sports, including snowboarding. It is known for high-quality outdoor gear that withstands harsh conditions, making it popular with snowboarders.

The brand provides clothing and gear for skiing, sailing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Snowboarders value the brand’s focus on performance and protection, which keeps them warm, dry, and comfortable on the slopes.

What clothing brand is HH?

HH stands for Helly Hansen, a well-known clothing brand famous for its high-quality outdoor gear. The brand uses advanced technology in its garments, ensuring comfort and functionality. HH clothing is made from hydrophilic and microporous materials that wick away excess moisture, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. The brand focuses on clothing for outdoor activities like skiing, sailing, and hiking.