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Hiscox: Brand overview

Hiscox began in 1901 in London as a marine insurance firm. By 1970, its path changed when it became a syndicate of Lloyd’s of London, diversifying its expertise into a myriad of specialized areas of insurance.

At the end of the 20th century, Hiscox expanded its horizons, establishing itself on every continent from Europe and America to Asia. This global market entry was accompanied by the launch of innovative insurance products targeting the technology, media, and professional services sectors. To finance its ambitious expansion, Hiscox debuted on the London Stock Exchange in 1995 and subsequently gained a place in the FTSE 250 index.

In the early 21st century, Hiscox expanded steadily, with acquisitions of other Lloyd’s companies and the opening of new regional branches. The company adapted to the changing landscape by offering modern insurance solutions such as cyber security insurance and kidnap and ransom insurance. The company’s relentless growth and expansion led to its inclusion in the FTSE 100 index by 2006, confirming its position among the titans of the London Stock Exchange.

Hiscox now has annual gross premiums of an impressive US$4 billion and employs over 3,000 people worldwide. Hiscox currently offers a wide range of reinsurance services but retains its historical essence by demonstrating an active underwriting presence at Lloyd’s. Hiscox is now a respected international specialty insurer dedicated to protecting businesses and high-net-worth individuals around the world.

Meaning and History

Hiscox Logo History

1901 – today

Hiscox Logo

The logo features a bright red heraldic lily, also known as a classic fleur de lys, making it eye-catching and symbolic. It encapsulates a strong energy that helps you get through unexpected situations. That’s because the company owning this emblem specializes in insurance against various risks and accidents. Below the upper element, which is made up of three parts, the name is printed in semi-bold font. The letters are even, smooth, broad, and uppercase. The angularity of “H,” “I,” and “X” complements well with the rounded curves of “S,” “C,” and “O.”

The red in the logo isn’t just for show; it really grabs attention. The mix of angles and curves in the text is like a small art show, making you want to look closer. With just a few shapes and colors, this logo tells you that this company is both strong and approachable.

Hiscox color codes

RedHex color:#f50300
RGB:245 3 0
CMYK:0 99 100 4
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C