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The unique Hooey logo represents extreme sports culture, which the brand’s founder associates with rodeo, drawing a parallel between them in clothing. Their styles are almost identical, making it easy for the company to appeal to surfers conquering powerful waves and cowboys taming fierce bulls. And it all comes down to the hat.

Hooey: Brand overview

Hooey is a relatively young but very successful American brand born out of a love for extreme sports. Its founder is Joey Austin from Spring Branch, Texas, where the head office with halls and a rodeo arena is located. The brand started with making cowboy hats and later expanded its product range to include men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Now, it sells hoodies, jeans, jackets, belts, bags, shirts, shorts, T-shirts, and other fashionable items. The company was established in 2009.

Meaning and History

Hooey Logo History

This company began with love and curiosity. Its creator wondered whether it was possible to unite two extreme cultures to showcase their kinship. As a result, wide-brimmed hats suitable for both surfers and cowboys appeared. After their success, the product range expanded: now, on every pair of shorts, jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and trousers, there’s a unique trademark – a sideways “H” in a hat with raised “arms.”

The owner, who was well-versed in both types of extreme activities, named the brand. For authenticity, he chose a term popular among cowboys, skateboarders, and surfers. Thus, the active sports-style brand celebrates Western culture, adapting it for the mass consumer. The slang word “hooey” has several meanings. One of them is “half-hitch,” used by surfers when tying up before starting. The second relates to common exclamations used by bull riders in the arena. So, it’s a very widespread term, existing since 1872 – the time of the first rodeo.

What is Hooey?

Hooey is an American brand that emerged in Spring Branch, Texas, out of a love for extreme sports. Its founder, Joey Austin, wanted to unite two cultures – surfing and cowboy. After a trip to the coast, he noticed an inseparable connection between them and decided to show it to the world. Thus, his famous hat was created, starting the line of clothing for men and women. The brand was launched in 2009.

2009 – today

Hooey Logo

The Hooey logo is a graphic-textual combination featuring both an image and text. The first element is a round icon with an “H” in the center. The letter is anthropomorphic, as in its rotated form, it resembles a cowboy with raised arms. Its legs are spread wide, and on its head is a hat, which is where this brand began. To make the glyph resemble a human figure, designers elongated the side strokes. The bold stripes reach the edge of the circle and merge with the thin frame. The headwear is drawn with a single continuous line, reminiscent of a surfer’s rope, used by athletes to tie their leg to the board, and also a chasing whip used by riders to tame bulls.

To the right of the round symbol is the brand name. It is very large and almost matches the height of the adjacent icon. The inscription is in massive uppercase letters. All lines are wide, making the inter-letter spaces narrow. Despite its boldness, the word is easily readable due to its high color contrast: black glyphs stand out well against a white background. The clarity is enhanced by the absence of serifs.

Font and Colors

Hooey Emblem

The inscription is in a bold uppercase font with smooth, extra-bold letters. They resemble the glyphs typical of the Core Sans N SC 95 Black typeface but with a more elongated “O” and a refined crossbar on the “E.” Thus, it’s a proprietary font, custom-made.

Hooey Symbol

The palette of the fashionable brand’s emblem is monochromatic, consisting of a classic combination of black and white. However, in prints on authentic clothing, other color variations are found – for example, in the style of the American flag, where white is complemented by red and blue.