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The Hubba Bubba logo captures the brand’s playful and fun spirit. It has been a favorite among kids and teens since 1979. Created to make bubble gum less sticky and easy to remove, Hubba Bubba addresses the common issues with traditional gums. Its emblem highlights the brand as kid-friendly, emphasizing its identity with big, bubble-blowing fun. This logo reflects the product’s playful character and establishes Hubba Bubba’s leadership in offering to engage flavorful chewing gum options.

Hubba Bubba: Brand overview

Hubba Bubba, introduced by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company made its debut in 1979. It got its catchy name from a military slang phrase that meant approval. This bubble gum stood out for its chewiness and ability to blow big bubbles, quickly becoming a favorite among kids and teenagers. The first flavor, a sweet and fruity pink gum, was a hit and became a defining trait of the brand.

During the 1980s, Hubba Bubba solidified its place in the bubble gum market. Its advertisements, showcasing young people blowing huge bubbles, captured the brand’s fun and youthful essence. Through the ’80s and ’90s, Hubba Bubba introduced new flavors like Grape, Cola, and Strawberry Watermelon and experimented with different packaging, including rolls, cubes, and strips.

The 2000s introduced even more flavors, including Sweet & Sassy Cherry and Mystery Flavor. This period also saw limited edition gums related to popular culture. A major change came in 2015 when Mars, Incorporated acquired Wrigley, bringing Hubba Bubba into a vast portfolio of food products. Under Mars, the brand continued to innovate and attract new fans.

Today, Hubba Bubba remains popular among bubble gum enthusiasts, especially younger ones. Despite increased competition in the gum market, its vivid colors, sweet flavors, and the fun of bubble-blowing have kept it beloved by consumers.

The story of Hubba Bubba is a testament to the importance of a strong brand identity and targeted marketing. By creating a gum known for its stretchy texture and focusing on a youthful audience, Hubba Bubba stood out in a crowded market. However, with the evolving preferences towards natural ingredients and less sugar, Hubba Bubba may need to adapt while keeping its core appeal of fun and enjoyment.

Despite facing challenges, Hubba Bubba remains a cherished brand, synonymous with youthful spontaneity and the simple joy of gum. Its rich history, distinctive personality, and adaptability suggest that Hubba Bubba will continue to be a favorite for years.

Meaning and History

Hubba Bubba Logo History

What is Hubba Bubba?

Hubba Bubba is a prominent American bubble gum brand under the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and Mars, Incorporated are celebrated for their soft texture, perfect for blowing bubbles. Offering a range of flavors, from fruity to sweet, the gum comes in various forms like rolls, packets, and strips. Known for its vibrant packaging and engaging marketing, Hubba Bubba captivates kids and young adults, making it a popular choice worldwide.

1979 – 1988

Hubba Bubba Logo 1979

Hubba Bubba, a well-known chewing gum brand launched between 1979 and 1988, quickly became popular with its distinctive and playful cartoon-style logo. The brand name “Hubba Bubba” traces back to World War II, when American soldiers used it to express approval. This name reflects the brand’s enduring appeal and recognition among consumers.

The word “Bubba” suggests the fun of blowing bubbles, linking directly to the gum’s main attraction. This makes the name synonymous with “excellent bubbles,” highlighting the product’s fun and playful nature.

A standout feature of Hubba Bubba gum is its easy removal after bubbles pop, preventing it from sticking to the skin. This quality makes the gum enjoyable and convenient, reflecting the brand’s focus on meeting consumer needs.

The logo’s red outline adds deeper meaning; red represents energy and passion. In this case, it signifies the gum’s dynamic flavor and the promise of lasting sweetness. Each element of the logo design is carefully chosen to emphasize the uniqueness and key benefits of Hubba Bubba gum.

1988 – 1994

Hubba Bubba Logo 1988

In 1988, the company behind Hubba Bubba introduced a new logo that significantly changed their approach to selling chewing gum. This redesign highlighted the gum’s tape form, which allows consumers to decide how much gum they want to use, enabling them to control the size of the bubbles they create. This design focused on a personalized approach to gum chewing.

The logo’s color scheme, combining white with a black outline, symbolizes purity and simplicity. The white text suggests a fresh gum quality, ready to deliver incredible flavor. At the same time, the black outline highlights the intensity and richness of the flavor, promising memorable taste experiences. This contrast is both visually striking and meaningful.

The emblem’s design communicated that owning Hubba Bubba gum offers a base for creativity and individual choice. The phrase “The base is in the container. What to do with it is up to the owner,” integrated into the design, reminded users that they have the freedom to create unique tastes and fun experiences. Thus, the new logo conveyed a message of freedom, innovation, and enjoyment of using the product.

1994 – 1998

Hubba Bubba Logo 1994

In 1994, Hubba Bubba unveiled a new logo to show how the brand has grown and stayed appealing to customers. The logo creatively arranges the letters to look like a big bubble gum bubble, emphasizing the fun of blowing bubbles.

The logo’s color scheme aims to represent a burst of flavor. This is supported by new items in the product line that include fruit-flavored fillings, making the gum more enjoyable.

The logo’s bright yellow color stands for energy and joy, qualities the brand is known for. Blue shadows on the text add depth and movement, mirroring the act of bubble blowing.

Overall, the 1994 Hubba Bubba logo is a nod to the brand’s variety of flavors and an invitation to a joyful, celebratory experience with each piece of gum.

1998 – today

Hubba Bubba Logo

The Hubba Bubba logo features bold colors and dynamic shapes that grab attention. The yellow letters pop against the dark purple background, creating a standout image. This vibrant design represents a break from the dullness of everyday life.

The gum emblem promotes a lifestyle full of fun, brightness, and self-expression. Hubba Bubba encourages people to embrace their individuality.

The logo’s round background, reminiscent of a bubble, symbolizes unity and the endless possibilities of choosing Hubba Bubba. The gradient adds to the visual appeal and highlights the variety of flavorful and unique taste experiences the brand offers.

A small detail in the top left corner of the emblem mentions the Wrigley company, linking the gum to Wrigley’s reputation for quality and innovation. Wrigley introduced Hubba Bubba to make everyday life more celebratory with flavorful gum.

Font and Colors

The Hubba Bubba logo is easily recognized due to its fun and playful font, which captures the playful essence of the bubble gum brand. This custom-designed font’s puffiness and swollen features mimic the shape and texture of bubble gum.

The bold and rounded letters convey a sense of whimsy and delight. They appear slightly uneven in size and alignment, giving the brand a casual and energetic feel. The smooth connections between the letters enhance the logo’s dynamic nature.

Despite its playful distortions, the font remains highly legible, ensuring the brand name is readable at various sizes and distances. The colors used in the logo further enhance its visibility and memorability. The combination of yellow letters highlighted against a red color on a blue background strikes the imagination and recalls the classic packaging of bubble gum.

The yellow and red colors are associated with fun, happiness, and appetite stimulation, which are fitting for a confectionery product. These colors and the font make the logo memorable and easily recognizable, which is crucial for standing out in the competitive confectionery market.

The use of font and color in the Hubba Bubba logo successfully conveys a sense of pleasure and youthfulness, promising consumers a playful and flavorful experience with the product.


What does Hubba Bubba mean?

“Hubba Hubba” was a phrase soldiers in World War II used to show admiration, often when seeing someone attractive. It’s the inspiration behind the bubble gum brand Hubba Bubba, which started in 1979. The brand chose this name to bring the same excitement and fun associated with the expression.

Using the word “Hubba Bubba,” the creators aimed to evoke joy and fun, hoping to make people happy when they chew their gum. The name is memorable, fitting perfectly for a gum that focuses on the enjoyment of blowing big bubbles and tasting sweet flavors. It connects the gum to a sense of happiness and liveliness, especially appealing to kids and teens who enjoy gum and the fun it brings. The story behind “Hubba Hubba” gives the brand a unique charm, blending history with a timeless, feel-good vibe.

Who was the Hubba Bubba guy?

Don Collier, known as the “Hubba Bubba guy,” gained fame in the 1980s as “The Gumfighter” in TV commercials. He popularized the phrase “Big bubbles… no troubles,” highlighting Hubba Bubba’s appeal for making large bubbles without leaving a sticky mess.

Collier’s rich acting background, especially in Westerns, made him a perfect choice for the role, adding depth and authenticity. His work with Hubba Bubba is a standout example of how creative advertising can significantly impact pop culture.

Besides commercials, Collier’s career spanned various roles, including performing on stage from 2014 to 2016 in “Confessions of an Acting Cowboy,” where he shared tales from his acting journey. His ability to take on a wide range of characters, from The Gumfighter to others, has cemented him as a cherished figure in the entertainment world, showcasing his versatility as an actor and his enduring charm.

How long has Hubba Bubba gum been around?

Since the Wrigley Company launched Hubba Bubba bubble gum in 1979, it has become a classic favorite worldwide. Known for its delicious flavors, engaging packaging, and ease of use in creating large bubbles, it has captured the hearts of people of all ages for over four decades.

Hubba Bubba initially stood out by being less sticky than other bubble gums, reducing mess and enhancing the fun of chewing and bubble blowing. Its memorable name, inspired by a phrase used by soldiers during World War II to express liking, contributed to its distinct identity.

With the introduction of various flavors and formats, such as sticks, rolls, and mini-pieces, Hubba Bubba has continuously adapted to consumer preferences. It embodies the joy of childhood and the simple pleasure of blowing bubbles, maintaining its appeal as a timeless treat worldwide.

What is the tagline of Hubba Bubba?

Hubba Bubba’s slogan, “Blow it out of Proportion,” highlights the fun and creative aspect of the brand. It encourages kids to use their imagination and enjoy themselves. Chewing Hubba Bubba is more than blowing bubbles; it’s about embarking on exciting adventures powered by creativity. The slogan suggests that creating wild stories and dreaming big is part of the fun of chewing gum, which is famous for its large bubbles.

The purpose of “Blow it out of Proportion” goes beyond selling gum. It encourages kids to use their imagination and make simple activities, like bubble-blowing fun experiences. Hubba Bubba aims to brighten everyday life and make it more thrilling. This message connects with adults, too, reminding them of the joy and creativity they experienced in their youth.

Is Hubba Bubba still a thing?

Hubba Bubba remains a favorite and has introduced HUBBA BUBBA Mini Gum, designed to match current tastes. This gum is available in 40-count bottles and 120-count pouches, making it convenient to carry and enjoy anytime. The availability of these products will increase throughout the year.

Hubba Bubba also engages with its audience online. The brand regularly updates its website,, with the latest product news and promotions. Additionally, it is active on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok, where it posts fun content, interacts with fans, and maintains its fun-loving image. With innovative packaging options and a robust online presence, Hubba Bubba continues attracting longtime fans and new customers.

What is Hubba Bubba known for?

Hubba Bubba, introduced in 1979 by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a part of Mars, Incorporated, quickly won over fans in the United States with its catchy name taken from a World War II phrase meaning approval. The brand is synonymous with fun and excitement.

Its soft texture sets Hubba Bubba apart, making it easy to chew and blow big bubbles and appealing to kids and adults. The gum’s non-sticky formula is a significant advantage, making dealing with popped bubbles less messy.

Over the years, Hubba Bubba has rolled out various flavors, from the original bubble gum to watermelon, grape, strawberry, and more, offering something for everyone’s taste. The brand’s bright packaging and creative ads enhance its playful image, often featuring whimsical scenes that match Hubba Bubba’s spirit of fun. Hubba Bubba captures hearts with its easy-to-chew gum, diverse flavors, and a marketing approach that focuses on creativity and enjoyment.