ICE Logo


The strict ICE logo is a sign of compliance with federal laws and state requirements regarding compliance with US immigration and customs legislation. The business emblem contains key symbols of the country, emphasizing the organization’s great significance in the power structure. It conveys safety, protection, and reliability.

ICE: Brand overview

Founded:March 1, 2003
Founder:United States Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C., U.S.
ICE is the abbreviated name of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which was established in 2003 and is part of the Department of Homeland Security. It is responsible for protecting the United States from illegal immigration and crime threatening the country’s national security. The service is divided into two basic departments: HSI and ERO. They are supplemented by three auxiliary management departments related to administration, legal counsel, and professional responsibility.

Meaning and History

ICE Logo History

Immigration and Customs Enforcement emerged after the September 11, 2001, tragic events. The agency was created by merging several key government organizations, ensuring the rule of law in the country. It is so large that it is considered the largest division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The goals and objectives of ICE are directly reflected in its logo.

Visual identity includes the most important symbols of the country, each with its unique interpretation. These are the eagle, branch, arrows, shield, stars, waves, and mountains. They convey the main message to adversaries, enemies, and potential lawbreakers in the U.S.: “The country is striving for peace but is ready for war.” The color palette also corresponds to the attributes of national pride – specifically, the national flag.

What is ICE?

ICE is an abbreviation for the government service called Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It has been operating since 2003, tracking migration, controlling customs violations, preventing terrorist acts, and combating the illegal movement of goods and people. It includes two key divisions (HSI and ERO), and it falls under the Department of Homeland Security.

2003 – today

ICE Logo

The central figure of the ICE logo is the bald eagle. It has long been a national symbol. The bird represents pride, courage, dignity, and the ability to protect oneself and territory. Its wings spread wide, and its talons hold several arrows and a branch of a noble tree. This is an olive with 13 leaves and 13 fruits. The number 13 also prevails among the arrows, representing the same number of states that founded the U.S. The fact that the eagle has not one arrow but a whole bundle speaks of unity and that they are impossible to break when together.

The bird’s head is turned to the left, looking toward the olive branch, which traditionally symbolizes peace. With this, the authorities want to say that between peace and war, the country still chooses peace. On the chest of the bald eagle is a heraldic shield divided into three segments. In the upper part, there are white stars on a blue background. On the right side are two-tone waves delineated by white lines. They symbolize all the bodies of water in the country. On the left are a mountain and green meadow, representing the U.S.’s land territories, including mountain ranges.

A red ring surrounds the center of the emblem, interrupted in two places by the bird’s wings. Next is a wide strip indicating the organization to which ICE belongs: “U. S. Department of Homeland Security.” The logo’s border is a gray line. In its form, the sign resembles a seal, formed on the principle of a classic roundel. On the right is the full name of the state organization – “Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” It is divided into three levels and aligned to the left edge.

Font and Colors

ICE Symbol

For the ICE logo, the designers selected a business-style font. The inscription around the bald eagle is in uppercase letters with serifs, and the text on the right is in lowercase glyphs. Both font families resemble Jessica Serial Medium by SoftMaker or Libre Baskerville Bold by Impallari Type.

ICE Emblem

The emblem’s palette is modest and consists of only three colors in the United States flag. These are blue, red, and white. Gray is also present, which is used for the frame.