In-N-Out Burger Logo

In-N-Out Burger Logo
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The first In-N-Out Burger was opened in 1948 by the Snyder couple. The budding business people changed the ordering system that was popular at the time when customers could only eat in the car. They allowed people to go inside the building, naming their company In-N-Out. The chain now has more than 300 restaurants and is owned by Snyder’s direct heirs.

Meaning and History

In-N-Out Logo History
Evolution of the In-N-Out Logo

In-N-Out Burger offers three kinds of burgers, drinks, shakes, and freshly made fries. Despite their short menu, these fast food establishments are very popular in the western United States. They couldn’t go unnoticed, as their logo is eye-catching for its brightness and obtrusiveness. A big yellow arrow points to the restaurant, urging people to stop and order. This is an example of successful branding where the visual symbol itself is a powerful marketing tool.

1948 – 1954

In-N-Out Burger Logo 1948

The first In-N-Out Burger logo was placed on triangular billboards. It was a simple inscription that looked imposing thanks to the bold font and upper case letters. The name of the network was divided into two lines of equal length. “IN-N-OUT” used short square hyphens. White text stood out against a brown background.

1954 – today

In-N-Out Burger Logo

After the redesign, a long yellow boomerang-like arrow was added to the wordmark. Its appearance is explained by the slogans of the time: “We all work under the same arrow” and “The arrow points to pride.” The V-shaped element points to the left, so advertising signs with the logo are usually placed to the right of the restaurants so that the arrow points in the right direction.

The “IN-N-OUT BURGER” lettering has been retained, but its color and scale have changed. The letters are now dark red. The second word has been reduced so much that it fits completely under “OUT.”

The arrow best embodies the dynamic that is inherent in the name In-N-Out. And it not only calls for action but also points the way. And its boomerang curve suggests that customers will be back for more than one burger or French fry. The combination of symbolism and psychological impact makes the logo a marketing success.

The logo is used on road signs and inside restaurants. It has become an iconic element of In-N-Out Burger branding, without which it is impossible to imagine the chain. The Snyder family is not in a hurry to change it, realizing the importance of tradition and sticking to the 1954 design.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

In-N-Out Burger Emblem

For the name of the trademark, bold font with an equal thickness of lines was chosen. The serifs are absent in order not to overload the logo with unnecessary details and not to distract attention from the main thing – the big yellow arrow. In terms of the appearance of the letters, the typeface is very similar to Futura No. 8. This font family is represented by only one style. The original version of the grotesque was developed in the 1920s, and then it was digitized.

In-N-Out Burger Symbol

The bright color scheme is used not only to attract attention but also to whet the appetite of potential customers. A combination of red and yellow has been the traditional colors of the In-N-Out Burger chain since 1954. The designers used saturated shades and combined them so that the logo elements do not merge. There is an indent between the lettering and the arrow, which separates the red letters and the outline.