IRS Logo

IRS Logo

IRS is the abbreviated name for the leading US tax control agency in the country. Its full name is Internal Revenue Service. The main task of this body is to administer tax legislation and collect taxes. Also, the responsibilities of this structure include:

  • Providing tax assistance to the population.
  • Detecting and preventing fraud in tax reporting.
  • Monitoring the work of preferential programs.
  • Complying with the law on affordable health care.

The headquarters of the organization is located in Washington DC.

Meaning and History

IRS Logo History
Evolution of the IRS Logo

The IRS was established in 1862 to calculate the first government income tax to be paid for the civil war in the United States. The service was created under the federal government Commissioner of Internal Revenue. This measure made it possible to compensate for over a fifth of the military costs. When the agency expired (10 years later), a tax bureau was opened on its basis. And in 1953, its status was increased and renamed to Internal Revenue Service.

The official logo of this organization has gone through all the stages of evolution. Today it exists in two versions, which are still in use today. Their basic features are strictness and adherence to the letter of the law. Moreover, this is a structurally complex emblem. It consists of three allegorical images conveyed in clear lines, even segments, and classical power attributes.

Although the service’s original name disappeared and after the approval of the constitutional amendments in the field of taxes, it was renamed, its logo has remained. He personifies a difficult time, a fair decision, the legislative overcoming of difficulties. All this is expressed in traditional symbols: Themis scales, bald eagle, laurel branch.

IRS Symbol

They are arranged so that they create a borderless emblem with no words or borders. The bird’s wing has a multi-component structure: three short strokes on the wide part, two long ones forming feathers, and one endless line, which depicts the silhouette of an eagle. There is a laurel branch separately. It occupies the entire left side, where the bird’s head is turned. The scales are located between them.

Moreover, the logo is hexagonal and does not contain text because graphic elements speak for it. After all, the United States’ main mascot, the bald eagle, is represented on the corporate logo. A large bird looks to the left with a proud gaze. It has a sharp hooked beak and one raised wing, the outer part of which replaces the logo’s right edge. A laurel branch is used as a border on the left. The neck and wing line forms the English letter “V.,” a scale that occupies the lower central zone with two bowls. The line coming from them is at the same time the neck of the bird and the handle of the scales.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

IRS Emblem

In the original version of the emblem, the text was absent because the central idea was expressed with the help of hand-drawn images. The color of the logo is monochrome and consists of black (image) and white (background).