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The Izod logo conveys the middle price segment of the fashion brand’s goods because it does not contain decorative elements or other design frills. Everything is simple and clear in it: two large letters superimposed, one on top of the other and forming a single “design.” It cannot even be called a monogram or a monogram because the glyphs are geometrically clear, smooth, and even.

Izod: Brand overview

Founder:Artur James Izod
New York City, New York, US
Izod is a brand of fashionable clothes and accessories for the middle-price segment. Beneath it are golf and tennis tracksuits, shoes, polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and more, characterized by colorful tones, brightness, and original prints. The company was formed in 1938. Its founder is the British tailor Artur James Izod. Since 2021, it has been owned by the Authentic Brands Group under the leadership of Jamie Salter. As a result, Centric Brands, within the framework of ABG, received the right to tailor and sell men’s sportswear. The location of headquarters is the city of New York.

Meaning and History

Izod Logo History

The roots of this fashion brand go back to the beginning of the last century, when a talented tailor, Artur James Izod, appeared in the capital of Great Britain. He conceived, sewed, and sold the products in his fabrication shop AJ Izod in the West End. He tried to make it a full-fledged ready-to-wear store. This event is dated 1922. The assortment included ties, knitwear, classic shirts, and sportswear.

Once Prince Edward (in 1930) entered the shop of the master of tailoring. He was impressed with the quality of the product, fashionable fit, and sophisticated design, so he soon ordered a batch of shirts for the representatives of the royal family. The demand for Artur James Izod products increased, and their popularity grew. The fame of the master went beyond Britain and reached the United States, so in 1937 a businessman hired by David Kristal visited the manufactory. His task was to offer the tailor a decent payment for the rights to the Izod trademark.

The result of the meeting was the brand’s relocation to the United States, as the founder was advanced in age and intended to retire. So the London garment factory was moved overseas and introduced to the United States in 1938 under the same name as before. This decision helped to preserve the fame already gained since it was Artur J. Izod who created the Windsor tie knot for Emperor George V. Therefore, the brand did not change the debut logo for a long time, using it until the early 2000s.

What is Izod?

Izod is a fashion brand from the United States. It offers sportswear, sweaters, polo shirts, jackets, shoes, cardigans, and accessories. Its products are characterized by youthful style, original prints, and colorfulness. The brand’s founder is the British Artur James Izod, who opened the manufacturer in 1922. Then it was sold to the American company Authentic Brands Group. Since 1938, the brand has been considered American. The location of the head office in New York.

1938 – 2004

Izod Logo 1938

On the primary emblem, there is nothing but the name, the basis of which was the name of the founder of the clothing company. The sign of visual identity is massive and strict, in a monochrome palette. All letters are in upper case. They consist of a harmonious combination of wide and thin stripes that form serifs. In “D” and “I,” serifs are long, needle-shaped; in “Z,” on the contrary, they are thick, with blunt ends. The central part of the “O” has a vertical oval shape. The inter-character space is free, so the word “Izod” is visible both on the label and the logo.

2004 – today

Izod Logo

The modern version of the logo is complex. It conveys not only the name but also the concept. The key element is a geometric monogram. Although it does not have the characteristic swirls, the glyphs are still intertwined. “I” and “Z” were taken as the basis. They are connected in such a way that the core of the first letter is wound up behind the diagonal strip of the second. To show their order (in the order in which they appear in the title), the designers made the “I” much higher than the “Z,” which is a combination of three segments.

Each symbol is provided with a thin white border and a wide gray shadow, making the monogram float. Below is the full name of the company. It is decorated in the same style as the monogram – red letters with a white frame and shadows. Below them is the phrase “America’s Premium Leisure Wear,” painted in black and underlined with a thin line.

Font and Colors

Izod Emblem

The difference between the debut and current logo is significant. If the first one contains only a text designation, then the second one has a graphic sign, which is often used separately as an icon or label. But they have the same style – strict, businesslike, practical.

Izod Symbol

In the earliest logo of the fashion brand, the inscription is in bold sequin, close to such typefaces as Speakeasy Modern and LTC Bodoni Bold Extended. In the second version, the text is typed in a font close to Coltan ages Extra Bold. In both cases, the glyphs are wide and brutal. The color scheme has no common denominator: the name in the emblem can be done in black, red, or dark blue, depending on the background. In addition to them, neutral white is used.

Izod color codes

Space CadetHex color:#0d234a
RGB:13 35 74
CMYK:82 53 0 71
Pantone:PMS 2768 C