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The J Crew logo reflects the style of clothing produced by the American company. It looks just as simple and unpretentious, but there is a hint of nobility and sophistication. With this emblem, the brand wants to demonstrate its love for contrasts.

J Crew: Brand overview

The predecessor of J. Crew was Popular Merchandise, Inc., which appeared in 1947 and sold women’s clothing through mail-order catalogs. It changed its name in 1983 and expanded its range, focusing on a specific category of customers: middle-class representatives with high incomes. Initially, the brand positioned itself as an affordable alternative to Ralph Lauren, but over time, it became a fashion trendsetter in the preppy style. It dared to open its first store in 1989; by the mid-1990s, its outlets had spread throughout the country. At the end of the decade, the Cinader family sold a large share of the business to the investment firm Texas Pacific Group. Now, J. Crew is owned by Anchorage Capital Group and Leonard Green & Partners.

Meaning and History

J Crew Logo History

The “J. Crew” inscription has been used in the logo only since 1983, as the company was previously known as Popular Merchandise, Inc. Planning to rename the fashion brand, Mitchell Cinader initially wanted to name it after the lawyer Sir Edward Coke, but then changed his mind and chose the word “Crew.” It is associated with high society and students of elite universities – in short, those whose style the clothing manufacturer tries to emulate. The letter “J.”, in turn, is connected to the J. Press factory, which became a fashion legislator for Yale University and the entire Ivy League. To create an intriguing image, Cinader invented a legend that J. Crew was a haberdashery trader at Princeton.

On the labels from the 1980s and 1990s, there was sometimes an emblem featuring a full-length man holding an oar. The vintage wordmark contained the brand name in an ornate handwritten font. Then, the style became more formal: elegant cursive was replaced by straightforward serif. The next redesign was almost imperceptible, as only the first letter “J” was changed. Internet users noticed the discrepancy in 2011, though some brand fans discovered that the version with the new “J” appeared in earlier catalogs.

What is J Crew?

J Crew is an American retailer of accessories, shoes, and clothing. It offers fashionable items for children, men, and women both in its more than 450 physical stores and on its website. The main service area is the United States. The company appeared in 1947 but was known as Popular Merchandise, Inc. until 1983. For the first few decades, it was owned by the Cinader family, and as of 2023, its shares are owned by two investment firms: Leonard Green & Partners and Anchorage Capital Group.


J Crew Old Logo

The vintage emblem of J. Crew contains the brand name written in a connected handwritten font with elegant letters. Designers imitated calligraphic handwriting, characterized by rounded lines, loops, swirls, and contrasting stroke thickness. The emblem’s sophisticated style and black-and-white palette convey the company’s uniqueness.

1983 – 2012

J Crew Logo 1983

In this logo, the “J. Crew” inscription is in an elegant font with pointed serifs. It has several roughly similar counterparts: Goudy Oldstyle FS Regular, Goudy Serial Regular, and Sorts Mill Goudy Regular. The letter “J” appears in lowercase as its tail descends below the line. The dot after “J” is diamond-shaped.

In 2003, Mickey Drexler, who had dedicated his life to the fashion industry, became the CEO of J. Crew. He decided to completely change the company’s concept to save it from impending bankruptcy. By his order, the emblem stopped being depicted on the outside of the clothing, as Drexler believed that those buying high-priced items would not want to wear brand advertising.

2012 – today

J Crew Logo

The clothing manufacturer subtly changed its logo, so no one realized when it happened. In the new version, the initial “J” now appears as uppercase, giving the wordmark a unified look as all letters match in height. The dot in the shape of a small diamond makes the inscription recognizable and shows how much attention the company pays to details.

Font and Colors

J Crew Emblem

The logo emphasizes J. Crew’s individuality and values, so its typography creates a sense of sophistication, elitism, and good taste. The contrast font with refined serifs is roughly similar to Goudy Oldstyle FS Regular by FontSite Inc., Sorts Mill Goudy Regular by Barry Schwartz, and Goudy Serial Regular by SoftMaker.

J Crew Symbol

The black color of the inscription is also associated with impeccable style. It symbolizes the brand’s versatility, offering fashionable clothing for women and men of all ages.