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The fashion elite and customers approve of everything that is produced under the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo. The emblem speaks of the combination of beauty, comfort, and quality, which makes the models of the design house clothes for all time.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: Brand overview

Founder:Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier is a French company that produces perfumes, accessories, and clothing. She appeared in 1982 with the light hand of the couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier. The 1980s and 1990s dictated trends, indirectly influencing the fashion of our time.

Meaning and History

Jean-Paul Gaultier Logo History

Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion house was founded in 1982 and is named after its famous owner. Since then, its text logo has been changed several times to reflect the style evolution. The emblem embodies modern trends in design, as the brand originally focused on art direction and bold experiments in fashion. The verbal sign has a rather strict and serious look. But it uses dynamic fonts that convey the history and avant-garde spirit of the company. A characteristic feature of one of the most famous Jean-Paul Gaultier logos was the stencil font. It helped to create a clean and laconic image.

What is Jean-Paul Gaultier?

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a French fashion house and its founder, fashion designer, and perfumer rolled into one. The company was founded in 1982 and focused on several products, including perfumes, clothing, and accessories. Its head office is located in Paris.


Jean-Paul Gaultier Old Logo

The variant of the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo contains the company’s name, which is simultaneously the creator’s first and last names. The word combination “Jean-Paul” is written on the top. It is made in bold serif type from the Caladea family, based on the Cambo typeface. The latter, in turn, was inspired by a form of Khmer writing.

In the second line is the big word GAULTIER. All the letters are capitalized in it, but the first “G” and the last “R” are additionally enlarged – they protrude both at the top and bottom. A modified Steamwreck font is used for them, which is close to the steampunk style. All letters except the “G” and the “R” are aligned on the logo.

2012 – today

Jean Paul Gaultier Logo

The logo of the brand only shows its name. But the inscription immediately catches the eye thanks to the original design. The designers tried to make her memorable so that she could decorate elite perfumes and outfits.

The emblem of the French fashion house is based on text design. It consists of the founder, the owner, and the lead designer’s first and last name. Judging by the letters’ size, the main one is the inscription “Gaultier,” executed in a massive font in the upper case. It resembles a stencil typeface from the Stencil category. All signs have wide legs and are bold.

Further, the second part of the logo is visible – the word mark “Jean-Paul.” It consists of two bases, arranged in a row, and is written in thin, streamlined letters with a rounding. In this case, the characters are combined: “J” and “P” are uppercase, the rest are lowercase. This typography echoes the ITC American Typewriter Medium Condensed.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: Interesting Facts

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s brand is a big deal in fashion, and it has been known for mixing high fashion with everyday wear, perfumes, and accessories since 1982. The founder, Jean-Paul Gaultier, is famous for his bold fashion and questioning society’s rules.

  1. Starting Out: In 1982, Gaultier launched his brand, introducing a bold new style to Paris. His designs were unique, mixing punk and street fashion and playing with gender norms.
  2. Sailor Stripes: The Breton stripe, inspired by French sailor uniforms, became a signature look for Gaultier, showing his talent for updating classic designs.
  3. Unique Fashion Shows: Known for his dramatic and inclusive fashion shows, Gaultier was among the first to celebrate diversity on the runway, including models of different ages, sizes, and backgrounds.
  4. Perfume Innovation: In 1993, Gaultier entered the perfume market with Classique in a bottle shaped like a corseted torso, echoing his famous design for Madonna.
  5. Le Male Fragrance: After Classique’s success, he introduced Le Male in 1995, a men’s fragrance with a bottle shaped like a male torso, challenging traditional ideas of gender and identity.
  6. In Movies and TV, Gaultier also designed costumes for films and TV shows, including “The Fifth Element,” where he combined his unique style with futuristic ideas.
  7. Fashion’s Bad Boy: Gaultier earned his reputation as fashion’s “enfant terrible” with his daring designs and his use of fashion to comment on society, using humor and satire.
  8. Focusing on Couture: In 2015, Gaultier stopped making ready-to-wear clothes to focus on haute couture, where he could be more creative without worrying about sales.
  9. Social Advocacy: The brand has always supported important social issues, like LGBTQ+ rights and AIDS awareness, reflecting Gaultier’s activism.
  10. A New Chapter: In 2020, Gaultier stepped back from designing haute couture, but his legacy of innovation and challenging norms lives on, with new designers taking the lead.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s brand remains influential in fashion, always pushing creative and social boundaries.

Font and Colors

Jean-Paul Gaultier Emblem

The first two words (“Jean-Paul”) are located at the top. Their font is reminiscent of ITC American Typewriter Medium Condensed. The obvious similarities can be seen in the elongated shape, rounded serifs, and thin lines. The letters “J” and “P” are uppercase; all others are lowercase.

The surname of the creator (“Gaultier”) is written at the bottom at a slight angle. “T,” “I,” “E,” “R” partially overlap the word “Paul.” The font is non-standard – bold, geometric, very similar in style to stencil. Despite the overall rigor, this typeface has no straight or sharp corners – all serifs are round.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Symbol

Thus, the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo combines two dissimilar typographies. This reflects the spirit of the fashion designer who loves to experiment with designs and combine the incompatible.

A restrained monochrome palette emphasizes the originality of the emblem. The words are often black and written on a white background, but sometimes the opposite is true. The choice of a particular scale depends on the visual context.

Jean-Paul Gaultier color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo mean?

The Jean-Paul Gaultier logo has two meanings. It denotes the name and surname of the French fashion designer, designer, and perfumer and the Parisian fashion house he created.

What is Jean-Paul Gaultier’s logo?

The logo of the Jean-Paul Gaultier trademark consists of its name – the name and surname of the creator. The main emphasis is placed on the word “Gaultier,” which is twice as large as the rest of the inscription and is located diagonally. Behind it is another part – “Jean-Paul.” The double name is typed without a hyphen and placed strictly horizontally.

What is the font of the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo?

For the inscriptions in the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo, two types of fonts are used. The word “Gaultier” is in Stencil typeface; the other two are in ITC American Typewriter Medium Condensed.