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The Jersey Mike’s logo is like a submarine that unveils its secrets to the viewers. The emblem highlights the uniqueness of the main dish on the menu, its bright flavor, and the unique selection of ingredients.

Jersey Mikes: Brand overview

In 1956, in the small town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, a 17-year-old entrepreneur laid the foundation for what would later become one of the leading sub-sandwich chains in the USA – Jersey Mike’s. The chain became famous for its unique sandwich-making method, “Mike’s Way.” This method involves slicing meat and cheese in front of the customer, then adding onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spices, and an exclusive sauce called “The Juice,” made with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Since opening its first location, Jersey Mike’s has rapidly grown, becoming one of the fastest-growing franchises in America. In 2018, the chain expanded by 197 new locations, surpassing 1000 stores. This expansion continued, especially on the West Coast of the USA, and in January 2024, the company announced its significant entry into the Canadian market. Today, Jersey Mike’s has over 2525 locations in the USA and several establishments in Canada, with annual sales of 1.3 million dollars.

Jersey Mike’s Subs, known for its East Coast-style submarine sandwiches, started in 1956 in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, as a small shop called Mike’s Subs. The owner, Mike Cancro, made subs with fresh, quality ingredients and recipes from Italy, emphasizing generous portions and great service.

In 1971, Mike’s 14-year-old nephew Peter Cancro began working there. He quickly mastered the sub-making art and adopted his uncle’s customer-first philosophy. By 1975, Mike handed the business to Peter, who was only 17 then and has led the company ever since.

The brand began franchising in 1987, more than 30 years after the original Sith. Its first franchise was in Brick, New Jersey. That same year, it changed its name to Jersey Mike’s Subs to reflect its New Jersey heritage and signature sub-style.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Jersey Mike’s expanded rapidly, first across the East Coast and then nationwide. By 2006, Jersey Mike’s celebrated its 50th anniversary with over 200 locations.

Jersey Mike’s has always prioritized using only the freshest ingredients, making subs to order, and its signature bread, coupled with friendly service and active community involvement.

Since 2010, Jersey Mike’s has run the Month of Giving program every March, where restaurants collect donations for local charities. The program raised over $50 million for various causes in its first ten years.

As of 2023, Jersey Mike’s is one of the largest and fastest-growing sandwich chains in the U.S., boasting over 2500 restaurants in 49 states. The menu still features classic subs like the Italian, club, and cheesesteak, all made with the freshest ingredients right in front of customers. The chain also offers salads, soups, and wraps.

Meaning and History

Jersey Mikes Logo History

The first and, for many years, the only branded eatery opened in 1956. The symbol from that time is unknown. The sole kiosk was not advertised. This continued until a 17-year-old boy who worked there as a waiter bought the establishment in 1975. During his tenure, the history of the well-known franchise and logo began. Since his arrival, all the company’s signs revolve around the image of the tasty sandwich prepared at the establishment.

What is Jersey Mike’s?

A chain of eateries with its headquarters in New Jersey. It boasts 2525 locations in the U.S. and several in Canada. The company’s annual sales amount to $1.3 million. The company’s main dish is a variety of sandwiches in a bun, offered in both hot and cold versions.

1956 – 1987

The brand identity from the early years has not been preserved. As the café was initially called, Mike’s Submarines changed owners thrice. Each made adjustments to the eatery’s design. Although business was going very well (850 giant loaves were baked per day), the snack bar was again put up for sale in 1975 for unknown reasons. Therefore, it is believed that the true history of the café’s emblem began later.

1987 – 2004

Jersey Mikes Logo 1987

The new owner did not change the name and logo but initially focused on establishing the business. It took 12 years before he addressed the branding. By 1987, young director Peter Cancro had become so successful that he began expansion through franchise sales. He changed the name of the eatery and its brand style. Only then did new logos begin to spread across the U.S.

The sign consisted of two red stripes, which:

  • She outlined the “edges” of the voluminous sandwich, mimicking its elongated shape.
  • They represented the two halves of the bun, with letters placed between them like filling.
  • It mirrored the shape of the sign that hung above each eatery.

Inside the “submarine,” like filling and sauce, were inscriptions in various fonts. The less noticeable Jersey letters were in lowercase, indicating the origin of the popular sandwich-in-a-bun. Considering the eateries had spread across the country, Peter wanted to keep a reminder of the sandwiches’ homeland.

The second part of the name, Mike’s Submarines, is linked to the first inventor of the hearty snack, Mike Davis. The founder sold the restaurant three years later, but his name remains on the signboard. Interestingly, in 1992, Peter Cancro considered changing the name to Hoagie Brothers to become part of a larger franchise but ultimately decided against this idea.

The font of the inscription of both words is different. “Mike’s” is done in blue script in an animated style, while “SUBS” is written in capital letters. The word is slang, a shortening of “Submarine,” a shorter and simpler “nickname.” That’s what the customers called the food. By choosing the customers’ language, Cancro made the company a friend of the clients.

The large letters “SUBS” emphasize the size of the product. The sandwiches, which resemble ships in shape, can reach up to 40 centimeters. However, the original sandwich was significantly longer in many restaurants of this brand. During the ordering process, portions were cut off in the options Giant (38cm), Mini (12.7 cm), or Regular (20 cm).

Beyond the borders of the “sandwich” on the logo, there’s a note that says “original subs since 1956.” This addition emphasizes the experience, adds solidity to the establishment, and communicates the authenticity of the giant sandwich. It was in Mike’s cafe where they served special sandwiches with chopped meat filling, special Mike’s Oil, and spicy pepper.

2004 – today

Jersey Mikes Logo

In 2004, the shape of the emblem changed to an oval and resembles a sandwich in a vertical cut. The content of the sign remained the same. However, the inscription “Jersey Mikes” is highlighted with one font and color as the central part of the emblem, and “SUBS” is indicated below in a smaller version. This diminished the importance and size of the sandwiches.

A significant expansion of the menu caused changes. The cafe began to serve desserts, drinks, french fries, onion rings, steaks, and baked meat. Therefore, Jersey Mikes became a brand, and “SUBS” was just one of the menu items.

Font and Colors

Jersey Mikes Emblem

Blue, red, and white are the main colors of the emblem.

  • Red symbolizes hot dishes, the speed of slicing, and the excellent taste of the sandwiches.
  • Blue resonates with the color of the sea, as it’s about submarines. It indicates cold types of sandwiches and a large, ocean-like amount of filling inside.
  • White speaks of the impeccable reputation of the cafe. The order preparation happens from fresh products right in front of the visitors. Using natural meat, fish, and various vegetables makes the subs tasty and a healthy snack.

Jersey Mikes Symbol

The font of the inscription is unique, like handwriting. It emphasizes the uniqueness of the sandwiches themselves, made from buns. The peculiarity is that some letters are printed, and some are in script. This choice reflects the old cafe’s diverse history and the many fillings of the buns.


What does the Jersey Mikes Way mean?

At Jersey Mike’s Subs, “Mike’s Way” makes their sandwiches special. When you choose Mike’s Way, they add onions, lettuce, tomatoes, a blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar, and spices to your sandwich. This combination gives the sandwiches a distinctive flavor. The vegetables keep it fresh and crunchy, the vinegar brings a zest, and the olive oil with spices adds richness.

Mike’s Way enhances the sandwich by highlighting the taste of the key ingredients, like meats and cheeses. The olive oil and vinegar mix flavors the sandwich and softens the bread, making it easier to eat. The vegetables add a layer of crunch and freshness, improving the overall taste. Opting for Mike’s Way guarantees a delicious sandwich every time at Jersey Mike’s.

Why is it called Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s Subs changed its name to connect with its New Jersey roots and focus on authentic submarine sandwiches. The shop was originally named “Mike’s Subs” after its creator. In 1987, the new owner, Peter Cancro, decided to franchise the business and wanted to emphasize the brand’s New Jersey background and its dedication to genuine sub sandwiches.

He named the store “Jersey Mike’s Subs” to show its New Jersey origin and the special kind of sub sandwiches it offers. This decision to rebrand helped the company grow nationwide. Today, Peter Cancro, as the CEO of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems Inc., manages over 2,000 stores nationwide. The name carries the brand’s original commitment to quality and authenticity. By holding onto its New Jersey heritage, Jersey Mike’s remains distinct in the fast-food sector, reminding customers of its long history and commitment to creating high-quality submarine sandwiches.

How many Jersey Mike’s locations are there?

Jersey Mike’s Subs stands out in the sandwich franchise world in America, boasting 2,401 stores across the country. This level of presence highlights the brand’s popularity and growth. Famous for its East Coast-style submarine sandwiches, Jersey Mike’s attracts many sandwich enthusiasts. These sandwiches, praised for their taste and high-quality ingredients, are prepared in a special manner known as “Mike’s Way.”

Is Jersey Mike’s based in New Jersey?

Jersey Mike’s Subs began in New Jersey, and its main office is still in Manasquan. The fact that they’re from New Jersey plays a significant role in their identity and operations.

At this sandwich shop, freshness is key. They slice meats and cheeses right when you order and bake their bread in-house daily. This commitment to freshness makes their sandwiches stand out and is why customers love them and keep returning.

Jersey Mike’s is closely tied to New Jersey, reflecting this in its emphasis on community involvement. Originating from a small town, it maintains that community-oriented feel. It focuses on more than selling sandwiches; it aims to positively affect its communities.

What’s so special about Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s is a favorite because it prioritizes quality, freshness, and customer preferences in sandwich making. People appreciate it for several reasons:

  1. Top-Notch Ingredients: The meats and cheeses are of the highest quality, ensuring delicious sandwiches every time.
  2. Freshly Baked Bread: The bread is baked on-site daily, adding to the sandwiches’ freshness.
  3. Customized Orders: Sandwiches are made right in front of the customers, allowing for personalization and ensuring freshness.
  4. Staying Authentic: The commitment to authentic and quality sandwiches remains strong, even as they expand.
  5. Consistent Quality: Jersey Mike’s commitment to maintaining high-quality sandwiches doesn’t change with growth.

Jersey Mike’s dedication to using premium ingredients, offering freshly baked bread, and allowing customized orders keeps its tradition of quality alive, making its sandwiches especially appealing.

How many points do you need for a free sub at Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s rewards program lets you get free subs by collecting points. Here’s what you need to know:

  • With 48 points, you can get a mini-sub. It’s a good choice if you’re hungry or want a quick bite.
  • If you have 72 points, you can choose from a regular sub, Sub-in-a-Tub, or a wrap. These options cater to various tastes, whether you prefer a classic sub, want to skip the bread, or like wraps.
  • Earning 144 points allows you to grab a giant sub, which is ideal when you’re hungry or want to share.

The points allow you to choose from different meal sizes and types, depending on your mood. This program is Jersey Mike’s way of thanking you for your loyalty.