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The expressive logo of Joma is represented by text in a stylized squat font, with each letter individually drawn in ultramarine. It symbolizes danger, speed, strength, and superiority – the foundation of the brand’s concept for sports goods.

Joma: Brand overview

Founder:Fructuoso Lopez
Portillo de Toledo, Castilla–La Mancha, Spain
Joma is a Spanish company that manufactures sports equipment. It was founded in 1965 under the name Fructuosa Lopez SA. It received its current name in 1969. For over half a century, the company has been operating under the leadership of Fructuoso López, producing quality footwear and sports uniforms.

Meaning and History

Joma Logo History

The company’s debut logo appeared in 1973, and two years later, it adorned the first advertising billboard. It was a Joma logo, light brown, handwritten in print letters. Designers used a stylized font with decorative serifs and a slight leftward tilt to make it memorable.

The word depicted on the logo is an abbreviated version of the name Hoselito Manuel. This was the name of Fructuoso López’s eldest son. Additionally, the company’s name, Joma, is pronounced not in the Spanish manner, with an H sound at the beginning, but in English – J.

What is Joma?

Joma is a Spanish sportswear, footwear, and accessories brand founded in 1965 in Toledo, Spain. Starting with the production of soccer shoes, Joma quickly expanded its product range to other sports and became one of the leaders in the manufacture of sports equipment in Spain and beyond. Joma operates in more than 110 countries, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Today, Joma offers a full range of products for men, women, and children, including clothing, shoes, and accessories for soccer, running, gym workouts, and other sports. The brand works on continuously improving technologies and materials to ensure maximum comfort and support during training and competitions. Joma collaborates with various sports clubs and teams worldwide, including soccer clubs from Spain, England, Italy, Germany, and other countries. Additionally, Joma is the official equipment supplier for several national teams. The Joma brand continues to grow and develop, maintaining a reputation as a reliable and quality manufacturer of sports equipment.

The modern format of the sports brand’s logo is simple. It contains only the textual part. The letters are large, broad, and squat. They are highlighted in bold font, lowercase letters, and centered. At the same time, each symbol has distinctive features. For example, the letter “J” is made longer than the other characters, the inner spaces of “m” resemble an ice cream on a stick, and “a” has a long curled tail. Designers left everything as it was, removing the graphic icon of the bird talisman. The unique color of the emblem – ultramarine – has been preserved.

Joma: Interesting Facts

Joma is a sports clothing brand from Spain that was started in 1965 by a guy named Fructuoso López when he was 18. He began in a small place in Portillo de Toledo, Spain, making shoes by hand. Now, Joma is known all over the world for its sports gear.

  1. Starting Small: Fructuoso started Joma in a tiny workshop making shoes. He named the company by combining the first letters of his friend José Manuel Pérez’s name.
  2. Growing Big: Joma didn’t stay small for long. It sells products in over 70 countries and is one of the biggest sports brands, especially in Spain.
  3. Sponsoring Athletes: Joma helps athletes and teams in many sports, such as soccer, running, tennis, and more. This shows that they care about sports a lot.
  4. Big Soccer Teams Wear Joma: Some famous soccer teams, like Villarreal in Spain and Atalanta in Italy, wear Joma gear, which has helped make Joma even more popular.
  5. Olympic Gear: Joma has also made clothes for Olympic athletes, showing that top athletes trust Joma for big competitions.
  6. Always Getting Better: Joma works hard to improve its sports clothes and shoes, using new ideas and technology to help athletes do their best.
  7. More Than Just Sports: Joma’s clothes are not only for athletes; many wear them because they look good and are comfortable.
  8. Staying True to Its Roots: Even though Joma is a big deal worldwide now, its main office is still in the same Spanish town where it started. They make their products there and in other places around the world.
  9. Supporting Champions: Joma supports individual champions, like Olympic medal winners, showing they’re serious about helping athletes succeed.

Joma has come a long way from making shoes in a small workshop to being a big name in sports around the globe. They’re all about making great sports gear, helping athletes from the playground to the Olympics, and keeping up with the latest sports technology.

Font and Colors

Joma Emblem

The modern logo is similar to the first one, but the font has changed slightly. The capital letter “J” does not differ in size from the lowercase “o,” “m,” and “a.” The fact that it is written in the upper case is indicated only by the absence of the top dot. All letters are bold, with pronounced rectangular serifs. Only “J” and “a” have larger rounded tails.

Joma Symbol

The word “Joma” has a dark blue shade. The bird depicted on the emblem’s left part is painted the same color. It’s the old symbol of the company – a hunting eagle about to snatch its prey. It fits into the brand’s concept of sports goods as it evokes associations with danger, strength, speed, and superiority.

Joma Logo

Joma color codes

Polynesian BlueHex color:#004192
RGB:0 65 146
CMYK:100 55 0 43
Pantone:PMS 287 C