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The love of elegance can be traced to the emblem of the fashion house. The Kate Spade New York logo embodies the tenderness and beauty of designer products. Signs indicate not only a unique look but also high-quality tailoring of things.

Kate Spade New York: Brand overview

Founded:January 1993
Founder:Andy Spade, Kate Spade
New York City, U.S.
Kate Spade New York is a design and fashion house from the United States, which occupied a high position in producing men’s handbags. But apart from those, Kate Spade New York produces a huge range of other products. It includes jewelry, perfumes, glasses, home wear, china, bath textiles, cosmetics, bedding, dishes, wallpaper, and so on. Brand’s founders are Spade’s spouses – Andy and Kate, in whose honor was named the company. The company appeared in 1993. Now it stopped working independently (in 2017), as it was absorbed by the corporation Tapestry (formerly Coach).

Meaning and History

Kate Spade New York Logo History

The emergence of this brand is essentially a love story. Its creators met while studying at Arizona State University, where they were trained as journalists (Kate) and architects (Andy). After graduation, the girl worked for a fashion-related publication, so after she quit, she decided to start her series of bags for men. Her husband sponsored her with $35,000 from the budget. Thus began the fashion career of Kate Spade New York, which was first called Kate Spade Handbags.

Gradually the business expanded, success came, the bags became trendy. The assortment was replenished with many more products related to the world of fashion and design. By 2006, the firm’s revenue reached $99 million. Its products are sold in many major shopping centers worldwide and attract customers at a low price. In 2017, the brand was taken over by Tapestry, which has now become its parent company and closed its once successful line of men’s handbags. After that, the logos on the rest of the batch were tweaked slightly. In all, this brand has two emblems.

1993 – 2019

Kate Spade New York Logo 1993

The debut logo is the benchmark that everyone should go for. Well, or at least some. That’s what the creators of the new rising star on the fashion scene decided and chose one of the most dangerous suits of playing cards – spades – for the logo. This symbol is depicted on the emblem, which is what brought the young company to the leaders of the fashion industry, having interested the more venerable players of the trendy market.

The black peak is located in the center and is a standard copy of the classic symbol of secret luck. Who doesn’t know yet, it’s a heart, turned upside down and standing on a shaped leg. Under it is the full name of the company, grouped into two lines. The large inscription “kate spade ” is on the top,” written in lower case letters. The font is traditional – typographic, with serifs and wide inter-letter space. The bottom row contains the remainder of the brand name – “NEW YORK.” The name of the city is in capital letters but in small characters. Therefore, the size of this inscription is smaller than the first.

2019 – today

Kate Spade New York Logo

The current logo consists of the same elements as before but in a different design. A year after its acquisition, the new owners of the brand decided to add brightness without changing the old style. As a result, the text has a background – a rectangle of soft fuchsia color with a wide smoky-pink frame. The spade sign is separated from the verbal part and can be used independently as a marker or a miniature icon. The upper inscription on the logo is bold; the lower one consists of thin smaller letters.

Kate Spade New York: Interesting Facts

Kate Spade New York is a fashion brand famous for its vibrant colors, bold prints, and sophisticated yet fun style.

  1. Journalist Turned Designer: Founded in 1993 by Kate Spade, a former accessories editor, the brand aims to create the perfect handbag by blending stylish designs with bright colors.
  2. First Boutique: In 1996, the first store opened in SoHo, New York City, quickly becoming known for its chic handbags.
  3. Material Innovation: Kate Spade pioneered using materials like nylon for handbags, crafting simple yet iconic designs.
  4. More Than Handbags: The brand grew to include clothing, jewelry, shoes, and more, evolving into a full-fledged fashion line.
  5. New Ventures: After selling Kate Spade New York, Kate and Andy Spade launched Frances Valentine in 2016, focusing on luxury shoes and handbags. Kate even added Valentine to her name.
  6. Giving Back: The brand has supported various causes, including Women for Women International, aiding female war survivors.
  7. Honoring Its Founder: Following Kate Spade’s death in 2018, the brand committed over $1 million to mental health causes and released a tribute handbag collection, with proceeds supporting this commitment.
  8. Playful Designs: Known for whimsical products, Kate Spade New York often infuses its items with humor, making fashion fun.
  9. Worldwide Presence: Now a global lifestyle brand, Kate Spade New York’s products are sold in over 450 stores globally, including flagship locations in major cities.
  10. Cultural Icon: The brand has left its mark on fashion and pop culture, with its items frequently featured in movies and TV shows and worn by celebrities.

Kate Spade New York continues to be celebrated for its lively, refined style, offering a blend of innovation and playful charm in the fashion world.

Font and Colors

Kate Spade New York Emblem

A key link in the chain of identity is the name. It is preserved in its original form and has never changed. Its peculiarity is the difference in writing formats: the first part is big, but it has lower case letters; the second part, on the contrary, is small with capital letters.

Kate Spade New York Symbol

Both lowercase and uppercase letters are in ITC New Baskerville Roman. It is a modernized version of the old typography, created in the 18th century by John Baskerville, a printer from Birmingham, England. John Quaranda created the modernized version. The logo’s color scheme was reserved at first: it consisted of black and white—two shades of pink added brightness to it.

Kate Spade New York color codes

Floral WhiteHex color:#fff7ec
RGB:255 247 236
CMYK:0 3 7 0
Pantone:PMS 663 C
Tickle Me PinkHex color:#ff7ba2
RGB:255 123 162
CMYK:0 52 36 0
Pantone:PMS 1777 C
Phthalo GreenHex color:#0c3322
RGB:12 51 34
CMYK:76 0 33 80
Pantone:PMS 3308 C