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The Kendra Scott logo has captivated women’s hearts not only in the company’s home country but also around the world. It resembles an exquisite piece of jewelry worthy of a glossy magazine cover. The emblem reminds us that every piece of jewelry from the brand is made with great love and attention to detail.

Kendra Scott: Brand overview

Kendra Scott opened her first company at 19 to produce hats for chemotherapy patients. This issue was close to her heart, as her stepfather suffered from cancer. The business was unsuccessful, but she didn’t give up and decided to create jewelry under the Kendra Scott brand, which was registered in 2002. Initially, she made them at home and sold them in local boutiques, investing all the proceeds back into materials. Over time, production expanded, and the brand opened its own retail stores worldwide. They have an interactive concept: the jewelry is not hidden behind glass but is openly accessible so customers can try it on.

Meaning and History

Kendra Scott Logo History

The jewelry manufacturer uses a graceful symmetrical pattern as its emblem, which in itself resembles a piece of jewelry. Its geometric shape is reminiscent of curved metal framing natural stones, and the yellow color is associated with warmth, joy, and optimism. The Kendra Scott logo was so successful and popular that another fashion brand, Evereve Inc., copied it. It escalated to the point where, in 2017, the jewelry company accused its competitor of copyright infringement and filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court.

What is Kendra Scott?

Kendra Scott is a jewelry designer and her eponymous jewelry company. She produces pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other fashionable items. The range also includes cosmetics and home goods that emphasize a refined lifestyle. The brand was established in 2002 and has since gained public recognition: it has been featured in glossy publications such as Elle and Vogue, and Taylor Swift herself has worn its accessories. The manufacturer has its own chain of stores in the United States, the first of which was opened in 2010 in Austin.

2002 – today

Kendra Scott Logo

The name Kendra Scott is written in uppercase black letters with wide intervals. The thin serif font gives it an elegant look, matching the style of the jewelry manufacturer. To the left of the text is an emblem in the form of a medallion. It consists of four yellow rings laid over each other. In the center, the lines intertwine, forming a flower pattern with pointed petals. The outer sides of the circles have decorative curves, making them resemble graceful bracelets or earrings.

Font and Colors

Kendra Scott Emblem

The font used in the Kendra Scott logo closely resembles Adobe Garamond Pro Regular by Adobe. The contrast in the thickness of the main and secondary strokes, the slanted serifs on the “T,” and the wide letter spacing make the inscription dynamic and airy.

Kendra Scott Symbol

The yellow color is associated with gold and the positive emotions the jewelry company brings to its customers. It is balanced by black – a symbol of elegance, good taste, and style.