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Among the name emblems of athletes, the Kobe Bryant logo stands out for its originality and recognition. Designed to advertise Nike products, it has become an accurate reflection of the athlete’s life philosophy, the personification of the features of his sports career.

Kobe Bryant: Brand overview

Founded: August 23, 1978 – January 26, 2020
Founder: Kobe Bean Bryant
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Website: nba.com
Kobe Bryant is an NBA professional American basketball player who played as an offensive defender for the Los Angeles Lakers team. He played 20 seasons, receiving a personal emblem. It was developed by the famous sports company Nike and placed as a label on the 4th version of Air Huarache 2K5 brand shoes.

Meaning and History

Kobe Bryant Logo History

In the summer of 2003, Nike signed a 5-year contract with Kobe Bryant. The player became the face of the brand and represented one of the types of products – personalized sneakers. However, the scandal that hit the basketball player greatly spoiled the reputation of the shoe magnate and reduced the commercial success of the line.

The debut version has never changed for two reasons. First, he accurately conveyed the essence of Kobe Bryant, his life credo, and his career. The second – a short-term contract was completed, after which there was no continuation.

What is Kobe Bryant?

That was the name of the American basketball star who died in 2020 in a helicopter crash. He had a personal sneaker brand called Kobe Bryant, created in partnership with Adidas. Then the basketball player made a deal with Nike.

An individual symbol consists of six elements of different shapes. Together they form a common geometric figure resembling a tricorn (cocked hat). The two upper parts are short; the lower is long. This gives the impression of a tall, inflated person (in particular, a basketball player) with arms spread out to the side, who is ready at any moment to accept the ball thrown to him.

Font and Colors

Kobe Bryant Symbol

There are two options for the meaning of the Kobe NBA logo. Kobe Bryant himself voiced one option during an interview with Esquire magazine. He said his sign was like a scabbarded sword. Moreover, this interpretation has a deep meaning that resonates with the character of the athlete, because, in his opinion, the sword is a symbol of unrevealed talent. The sheath-shell represents the efforts made by each person to achieve the goal and develop internal potential. This is personal experience, knowledge, skills, sweat, and calluses.

The second interpretation of the logo belongs to Eric Avar, designer, and developer of personalized shoes. He pointed out that its prototype is the paraphernalia of samurai warriors. It was their environment of determination and courage that served as a source of inspiration for the logo. According to him, the ancient eastern warriors had the same composure as Bryant.

Kobe Bryant Emblem

Moreover, the nominal logo is only a graphic symbol. There are no inscriptions. Therefore, when adding the name of the basketball player, the text is written in different fonts, since they are not standardized.

The base palette of the emblem is black on white or golden, violet, red on a dark background. Colors vary and depend on the type of substrate on which the brand name is placed.

Kobe Bryant Emblem

The mamba logo consists only of a graphic sign, in which there is no inscription; therefore, the name of the athlete is written in different fonts. There is no standardized option. The color of the emblem also depends on external circumstances – in particular, on the background. The classic design is black with white stripes, in the variable design – red, purple, or sand on a dark backing.

Kobe Bryant color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the meaning of Kobe Bryant logo?

According to Kobe Bryant himself, the logo of his brand symbolizes a sword in a sheath. These images can be seen as the embodiment of strength and courage. But in fact, the sword represents uncut talent, and the sheath represents the efforts made to develop it.

What is The Sheath logo?

The Kobe Bryant logo, created in collaboration with Nike, is called ‘The Sheath.’ It looks like an abstract drawing that consists of six geometric shapes. Together they form a structure similar to a bicycle saddle or cocked hat.

What is Mamba sheath?

Some T-shirts feature the Kobe Bryant ‘The Sheath’ logo wrapped in a Black Mamba snake.

Where did Kobe Bryant get his logo from?

The logo called ‘The Sheath’ was designed when Kobe Bryant signed to Nike. Professional designers were involved in its creation.