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Among the personal emblems of athletes, Kobe Bryant’s logo stands out for its originality and recognizability. Created for the promotion of Nike products, it became an accurate reflection of the athlete’s life philosophy, embodying the characteristics of his sports career.

Kobe Bryant: Brand overview

Founded:August 23, 1978 – January 26, 2020
Founder:Kobe Bean Bryant
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Kobe Bryant was an American professional NBA basketball player who played as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. He played 20 seasons and received a personal emblem. It was designed by the renowned sports company Nike and placed as a label on the 4th version of the signature Air Huarache 2K5 sneakers.

Meaning and History

Kobe Bryant Logo History

In the summer of 2003, Nike signed a 5-year contract with Kobe Bryant. He became the face of the brand and represented one of its products – personalized sneakers. However, a scandal surrounding the basketball player severely tarnished the shoe giant’s reputation and diminished the line’s commercial success.

The debut version remained unchanged for two reasons. The first is that it accurately conveyed the essence of Kobe Bryant, his life credo, and his career. The second – was a short-term contract, after which no continuation followed.

What is Kobe Bryant?

He was a star of American basketball who died in 2020 as a result of a helicopter crash. He had a personal brand of sneakers named Kobe Bryant, created in partnership with Adidas. Later, the basketball player struck a deal with Nike.

The individual symbol consists of six elements of different shapes. Together they form a general geometric figure resembling a tricorne (cocked hat). The top two parts are short; the bottom one is long. This creates the impression of a tall, muscular person (specifically, a basketball player) with arms spread to the sides, ready to catch a ball thrown at him at any moment.

Kobe Bryant: Interesting Facts

Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player who did a lot of cool stuff on and off the court.

  1. Started Young: Kobe joined the NBA right after high school in 1996 when he was only 17. That made him the youngest player in the league at that time.
  2. Stuck with the Lakers: He played all 20 years of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, helping them win five championships, which is a big deal for the team.
  3. Scored a Lot: In one game in 2006, Kobe scored 81 points! That’s the second-highest score anyone has ever gotten in a single NBA game.
  4. Won Olympic Gold: Kobe played for the USA in the Olympics and won two gold medals, one in 2008 and another in 2012.
  5. Made a Movie: After retiring, he made an animated short film called “Dear Basketball” and won an Oscar in 2018.
  6. Sneaker Deals: Kobe had deals with Adidas and Nike, making popular basketball shoes that people still love.
  7. Helped People: He did a lot of charity work with his wife, Vanessa, to help kids and families who didn’t have homes or needed support.
  8. Spoke Languages: Kobe grew up in Italy for a bit because his dad played basketball there. So he could speak Italian and Spanish well.
  9. Awards and Titles: He was the top scorer in the NBA for two years and was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2008.
  10. Remembered Forever: After sadly passing away in 2020, Kobe was added to the Basketball Hall of Fame, showing everyone how great he was.

Kobe Bryant left a big mark on the world, not just in basketball but in helping people and creating art. People all over love him for what he did on the court and how he helped others.

Font and Colors

Kobe Bryant Symbol

There are two interpretations of the NBA Kobe logo. Kobe Bryant himself voiced one in an interview with Esquire magazine. He said that his sign resembles a sword in its sheath. In this interpretation, a profound meaning is embedded and resonant with the athlete’s character, as, in his view, a sword is a symbol of untapped talent. The sheath represents the efforts every person puts forth to achieve a goal and unleash their inner potential. This includes personal experiences, knowledge, skills, sweat, and blisters.

The second logo interpretation belongs to Eric Avar, the designer and developer of personalized footwear. He noted that its prototype is the attire of samurai warriors. Their atmosphere of determination and courage was the source of inspiration for the logo creation. According to him, ancient Eastern warriors possessed the same composure as Bryant.

Kobe Bryant Emblem

Additionally, the personal logo is just a graphic symbol. There are no inscriptions on it. Therefore, the text is written in various fonts when adding the basketball player’s name, as they are not standardized.

The basic palette of the emblem is black on white or gold, purple, and red on a dark background. Colors vary and depend on the type of substrate on which the brand name is placed.

Kobe Bryant Emblem

The Mamba emblem consists only of a graphic sign with no inscription, so the athlete’s name is written in various fonts. There is no standardized version. The color of the emblem also depends on external circumstances – in particular, on the background. In classic execution, it’s black with white stripes; in a variable one – red, purple, or sandy on a dark substrate.

Kobe Bryant color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What is the meaning of Kobe Bryant’s emblem?

According to Kobe Bryant, his brand’s logo symbolizes a sword in a sheath. These images can be perceived as an embodiment of strength and courage. But in reality, the sword symbolizes untapped talent, and the sheath represents the efforts made to develop it.

What is The Sheath logo?

Kobe Bryant’s logo, created in collaboration with Nike, is called “The Sheath.” It looks like an abstract drawing consisting of six geometric shapes. Together, they form a structure resembling a bicycle saddle or a rooster hat.

What is Mamba’s Sheath?

On some shirts, Kobe Bryant’s logo, “The Sheath,” is wrapped by the Black Mamba snake.

Where did Kobe Bryant get his logo?

The logo named “The Sheath” was developed when Kobe Bryant signed a contract with Nike. Professional designers participated in its creation.