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The Lambretta emblem seems to fly down the road at speed, easily coping with the load placed on it. The emblem guarantees the safety of the company’s technology and easy handling that any driver can cope with.

Lambretta: Brand overview

Lambretta is a legendary scooter brand from Italy. Its history began in the 1920s when Ferdinando Innocenti opened a factory for the production of steel pipes. In 1942, the businessman was forced to change the direction of activity. He decided to mobilize the population of the country during the Second World War and began to produce inexpensive, two-wheeled vehicles.

Meaning and History

Lambretta Symbol

Lambretta scooters are decorated with a stylish logo, which shows the name of the brand. It comes from the name of the river Lambro, which flows through the factory in Milan.

Non-standard fonts look dynamic but are difficult to read. For example, the letter “L” can easily be confused with a capital “I” and a doubled “t” with a double “l.” All because of the long lines on the edges of the inscription. The first one is a continuation of the horizontal stroke of the letter “L.” The second follows the strokes of the “tt.” Some emblems have four stripes – two at the top and two at the bottom.

What is Lambretta?

Lambretta is the name of a line of scooters produced by the Italian company Innocenti. The brand appeared in 1947 and existed until 1972. The factory equipment was bought in bulk by SIL (Scooters India Limited) to manufacture its three-wheeler Lambro (known as Vikram in the domestic market).

Strong serifs complement the original typography. Notably, there are no oval or semi-circular details in the word: rectangles, squares, and polygons dominate the design.

In addition, there was another logo in the history of the brand – with an elegant and completely unreadable inscription, “Lambretta.” The lowercase letters with serifs merged with two horizontal lines coming out of the stylized letter “L.” But the “L” was here only formally – it had been so altered that the word became a mystery.

Lambretta: Interesting Facts

Lambretta is a famous scooter brand that started in Italy after World War II in 1947. People love these scooters because they’re easy to use and look great.

  1. How It Started: After the war, there was a big need for cheap and easy ways to get around. Lambretta came in with affordable scooters that worked well for everyday travel.
  2. The Name: The name “Lambretta” comes from a river near where the scooters were made. Their logo has an “L,” which people who like scooters can easily recognize.
  3. Cool Design: These scooters stood out because they were well made. They had a strong frame and an engine in the front, making them easy to handle and ride.
  4. Loved Worldwide: Not only did people in Italy love these scooters, but people in many other countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and India, did, too.
  5. A Cultural Symbol: In the 1960s, Lambrettas became a big part of modern culture in the UK. People customized their scooters with special paint and decorations to show their style.
  6. Lots of Models: Over the years, Lambretta has made many types of scooters, each with new and better features to keep up with people’s descant. These scooters were not just for getting around; they were also used in races, showing how fast and reliable they could be.
  7. Production Changes: Although they stopped making them in Italy in the early 1970s, production didn’t stop. They started making them in India and continued the Lambretta legacy.
  8. Making a Comeback: There’s a new interest in these classic scooters. Some new models look like the old ones but have updated technology.
  9. Fans and Clubs: Lambretta has a big fan base with clubs worldwide. These clubs hold events and rides, bringing people together who love these scooters.

Lambretta scooters are more than just a way to get around. They’re a part of history and continue to bring people together who share a love for these cool scooters.

Font and Colors

Lambretta Emblem

The Lambretta logo does not have a rich color scheme. It has several versions with a different palette. And in each of them, there are only two colors. The red and white version is considered the main one. The additional one is black and white.

Lambretta color codes

LavaHex color:#d60017
RGB:214 0 23
CMYK:0 100 89 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C