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The Suzuki logo is the zigzags of the roads that the brand’s vehicles successfully overcome. The emblem belongs to hardy and strong machines that are not afraid of loads and always arrive at their destination first.

Suzuki: Brand overview

Founded: October 1909
Founder: Michio Suzuki
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Suzuki is an international transportation corporation that specializes in a wide range of wheeled vehicles. Its range includes various types of vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, wheelchairs, and much more. The full name of the company is Suzuki Motor Corporation. It has been operating in the specialized market since 1909, founded by the industrialist Michio Suzuki. The head office is located in Minami-ku (Hamamatsu). The structure of the enterprise includes 35 factories located in 23 countries and 133 distribution centers operating in 192 states. In terms of car sales, the corporation is in the top 10 in the world. And in terms of the number of motorcycles sold, it ranks third in the Japanese market.

Meaning and History

Suzuki Logo History

First, in the small village of Hamamatsu, entrepreneur Michio Suzuki opened a site for the production of looms for the weaving industry, calling it Suzuki Loom Works. To expand his activities, which were already successful, the business owner decided to focus on the production of passenger cars. But World War II prevented him from realizing this plan, so he moved on to them later.

In addition, the plant was widely known for its two-stroke engines, which were produced for motorcycles and automobiles. After the war, he switched to the manufacture of motorized bicycles based on them. Then motorcycles appeared in the arsenal, which brought the company-wide popularity. Then she moved on to the manufacture of four-stroke engines, cars, and racing cars. Despite this, Suzuki did not have its automotive division until 1961. Today, her logo is well known in all key markets. In general, the company has two logos.

1909 – 1958

Suzuki Logo 1909-1958

The debut logo consisted of a combination of graphics and text. The developers suggested the capital “S” in the form of an eagle. To form the desired letter, they placed the bird in mirror image-like images on playing cards. The eagle’s head was on the left side and was turned to the left in the upper part. At the bottom, on the contrary, she looked to the right and was located at the bottom right. The curvature of the neck looked like an “S” fragment. The wing raised upward added to the bird’s resemblance to the letter. In the wing line, the upper and lower segments of the initial symbol from the company name were guessed.

The wing consisted of three stripes with pointed ends and one triangular boomerang-shaped element. There was a sharp protrusion at the end of the beak, which added a formidable appearance to the emblem. The concentrated gaze of the eagle also evidenced the purposefulness of the organization. In the middle, the two basic shapes were separated by the word “Suzuki.” It occupied a horizontal position and was executed in wide capital letters closely spaced in the line. The font was simple, typed, clean, and sans serif.

1958 – today

Suzuki Logo 1958-present

In 1958, the corporation abandoned the black and white logo and opted for a color one. She used red as a base tone, with which she painted the graphic sign – the symbol “S.” This time, there is no eagle in it, so the first letter of the company name is immediately guessed. The authors left her with angularity, which was formed by a sharp beak and wing curvature. By design, the graphic sign now resembles a diamond. Above and below, it has smooth deflections, and the inner parts are decorated with roundings – areas where the tops of feathers used to be.

The management enlarged the name of the company Suzuki and moved it outside the icon, so it occupies most of the logo in the modern format. The text is executed in the same font as before – smooth, geometrically even, wide, simple, and chopped. The only difference from the previous version is blue, which is used instead of black.

Font and Colors

Suzuki Emblem

From the very beginning, the corporate logo of the automotive company was based on its name. Moreover, the designers also used the “S” for the icon, having originally played it in the form of a powerful, swift, and formidable bird.

The car company has chosen the typeface Neue Helvetica Pro 93 Extended Black as the lettering to express its personality. Max Midinger developed it with input from Edward Hoffman.

Suzuki Symbol

The corporate palette is simple and includes a limited number of colors. In the first version, the logo is black and white, in the second – red and blue.

Suzuki color codes

Maximum Red Hex color: #e20a17
RGB: 226 10 23
CMYK: 0 96 90 11
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Dark Powder Blue Hex color: #003399
RGB: 0 51 153
CMYK: 100 67 0 40
Pantone: PMS 286 C