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The Indian Motorcycle logo is fully consistent with the name of this brand. It has everything: a freedom-loving spirit, drive, and dynamics, a thirst for speed, and a craving for vivid sensations. The emblem is filled with barely contained emotions that threaten to break out.

Indian Motorcycle: Brand overview

Founder:George M. Hendee  Oscar Hedstrom
Medina, Minnesota, United States

Indian Motorcycle (or simply Indian) is a legendary motorcycle brand from the USA, under which several types of two-wheeled motor vehicles exist. It was formed in 1897 by two industry pioneers, George M. Hendee and Oscar G. Hedstrom. The first was a businessman-industrialist, and the second – was a design engineer. Their company repeatedly ceased operations but then revived again, offering the world various motorcycle options. Polaris Industries now own it. Its headquarters is located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

At first, it was a small company focused on the production of bicycles. Entrepreneur George Hendee created it at the end of the 19th century, calling it the Hendee Manufacturing Company. Then, in 1901, he partnered with engineer Oscar Hedstrom to open a two-wheel motorcycle factory. As a result, the company was significantly expanded.

A half-century of successful product growth, technology innovation, and industry leadership followed the spread of American motorcycle culture. In 1923, the company was renamed the Indian Motorcycle Company, but without the letter “r,” as in the modern version. Then she had her sporting event – the Black Hills Classic race, which eventually became the world’s largest motorcycle rally.

With the founders’ departure, the brand gradually began to fade: it repeatedly disappeared from the field of view of consumers and then reappeared. And so it went on for many years until the exclusive production of Indian Motorcycles started. This happened in 1998 when nine specialized companies were merged to form IMCA (Indian Motorcycle Company of America). However, in 2003 the organization went bankrupt. Then the assets of the motorcycle brand were transferred to Stellican Ltd. and from it to Polaris Industries (in 2011), which revived the legendary models. Now, under this brand, bicycles are also produced.

Meaning and History

Indian Motorcycle Logo History

Over the years, a key focus of the visual identity of the Indian Motorcycle has been focused on the image of the Indian. It is incredibly important for the manufacturer as it shows the brand’s historical roots, born in the vast Indian prairies, where the main value is the rapid movement through the headwind at breathtaking speeds. And if earlier the indigenous population traveled on horseback, then in the modern world, their place was taken by a two-wheeled iron “horse.”

Indian motorcycle Logo

The universal logo is decorated with a generalized historical character – representing an Indian tribe. It epitomizes the freedom, the desire for independence, the unbridled nature, and the authenticity of the technology that Indian Motorcycle manufactures. Therefore, the Native American’s head is proudly held up, as if he is moving forward and ready to overcome any adversity he meets. The Indian has a slightly curved and hooked nose, exactly corresponding to the features of the representative of this nationality.

What is an Indian Motorcycle?

Indian Motorcycle is a brand of motorcycles manufactured in the USA. This is a very old manufacturer that has been operating since 1897. It was founded by two American businessmen – George M. Hendee (industrialist) and Oscar G. Herdstrom (engineer). They are both pioneers of two-wheel motorized transport. Polaris Industries currently own the motorcycle marque. Its head office is located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The national headdress consists of seven feathers of different lengths. They are fixed on a classic crown – a rim covering the frontal part. The roach is narrowed at the edges and widened in the center, and a strand of hair protrudes from it, traditionally gathered into a braid and tied at the end. Along the feathers is the name of the motorcycle manufacturer, which occupies two lines aligned to both the right and left sides. Moreover, the character serves as a background, where chaotic white spots appear, forming a portrait of an Indian.

Font and Colors

Indian motorcycle Emblem

The word “Indian” is in cursive script in the Old English style, where each letter has curly strokes in the middle of the stem. The “I” is designed as a monogram with vignette swirls. Below is the inscription “Motorcycle.” It is the exact opposite of the text in the top row because it is typed in a small typeface. The logo palette mainly consists of red-brown color. Thanks to him, the head of the Indian looks naturalistic since this is the natural shade of his skin.

Indian motorcycle Symbol

Indian Motorcycle color codes

Vivid BurgundyHex color:#960731
RGB:150 7 49
CMYK:0 95 67 41
Pantone:PMS 187 C