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Little Caesars Logo
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Little Caesars is an acronym for Little Caesar Enterprises Inc., an American pizza chain owned by Ilitch Holdings. According to statistics obtained for 2020, it became the third-largest pizza chain in the United States, behind only such famous fast-food restaurants as Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. The founders of the fast-food restaurants are Ilitch’s husband and wife, Mike, and Marian. They run the firm, which has evolved over time into a franchise with independent branches in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Asia. The chain is also well established in Canada, where it has many locations. The first pizzeria appeared in the spring of 1959 in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, its head office is concentrated there, located in the Fox Theater building.

Meaning and History

Little Caesars Logo History
Evolution of the Little Caesars Logo

Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian Ilitch once opened a mini-pizzeria in suburban Detroit, setting it up in the Garden City Mall of Michigan. It was called Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat, becoming the basis for a large-scale foodservice chain. That store lasted an incredibly long time, closing in the fall of 2018.

At first, the company caught visitors’ attention with an advertising slogan that included the word “pizza” twice. This was because the firm offered two combined pizzas for the price of one. This was her way of fighting off the competition. At first, the baked goods were served in a square corrugated cardboard box. Packages were connected by staples. But then the management switched to standard boxes because the previous ones turned out to be too bulky.

This brand is famous because in the 1998th year fulfilled the largest order and baked for one customer 13,386 pizzas. The order came from Greensboro, North Carolina, from VF Corporation. She’s also known for being the first company to use an innovative conveyor belt oven to make pizzas fast. But in addition to it, the catering chain also served fish, shrimp, chicken, and hot dogs.

Since 2014, the company has been actively expanding its representative offices by building new facilities. Little Caesars Arena opened a little late and didn’t take place until 2017. In parallel, it redesigned the logo to present it at the center’s launch. The changes were mostly about details, not the concept of the logo. The developers made Caesar’s chest hairless, updated the wreath on his head, and changed the ornamentation on the toga so that the monogram “LC,” meaning “Little Caesars,” was visible in the pattern. In addition, the company used the updated image in advertising, replacing the cartoon character with it. In all, there are four logos in its history.

1959 – 1971

Little Caesars Pizza Treat Logo 1959

The debut logo was not very creative. It consisted of a rectangular frame with the then name of the pizzeria, Little Caesars Pizza Treat, written on a white background. The long-phrase took up two lines. The text at the top resembled handwriting and was slightly slanted to the right. It had many curls and rounded lines. The letters “tt” were connected by a single horizontal stroke, and the “L” stood alone and did not blend in with the other characters. The inscription in the lower part was typed in a printed font with a wide inter-letter space (compared to the first half of the name).

1971 – 2000

Little Caesars Logo 1971

The catering establishment undertook a major rebranding after increasing the number of pizzerias and covering new service areas. It abandoned the old and long name and chose a shorter name, Little Caesars. The logo depicted exactly what the name said: Little Caesars.

The man was standing in a toga slung over his shoulder and holding in his hand a piece of pizza he was about to eat. The contented smile on his face was indicative of this, his mouth was open, and his eyes were closed as if the character was enjoying a delicious meal. He held a spear with a round pizza put on the spike in his right hand, from which a triangular slice had been cut off.

The image was on a white background inside a thin ring. Beneath it was an inscription in stylized lower-case letters. Only the “L” and the “C” at the beginning of the word were capitalized. All signs had spike-shaped serifs that resonated with the tip of a spear. The vowels “a” and “e” had an original design: they had miniature spaces in the solid lines.

2000 – 2017

Little Caesars Logo 2000

The changes that took place were mostly about color, dislocation, and scaling of elements. The designers moved the network’s name to the right and painted it orange, complete with a black outline. They enlarged Caesar, using only a fragment from the previous image. The developers also tilted the person to the left (diagonally) and circled the frame in the form of an order dispensing window, such as there are in catering outlets.

2017 – today

Little Caesars Logo

Although the corrections are undertaken are not conspicuous, they are fundamental and play an important role in the brand identity. For example, on the hem of the toga, the authors depicted an ornament in the form of the acronym “LC,” which stands for the abbreviation of the company name. The letters are thin, not overlapping, arranged one inside the other. Another change is in the wreath: the wreath is much more noticeable due to the clear drawing of the leaves.

The artists removed the hair from the chest, moved the man’s eyes slightly to the right, and enlarged them, adding expressiveness to the image. In addition, the character now holds three fingers outstretched instead of two, which is more in keeping with reality. This gesture suggests the pleasure with which Caesar puts a dainty slice of pizza in his mouth, anticipating its great taste. The designers used old lettering, bringing back a version of 1971 and adding the word “Pizza.”

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Little Caesars Emblem

Ten years after its opening, the management of the fast-food chain abandoned the unimpressive logo, which was used mainly as a signboard. They took the basic image from the name, depicting a miniature Caesar, famous for his ability to do everything, all at once, a lot and perfectly. It appeared in 1971 and was subsequently slightly tweaked.

Little Caesars Symbol

Little Caesar’s emblem lettering is custom and designed based on Sharkshock Fonts. The signature palette includes several shades corresponding to the color of toasted pizza. The dominant one is orange; the additional ones are black and white. The first one forms the outlines; the second one is the background.