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The Logo Yazilim has an unusual style – bright, geometric, and modern. It is like a coded sign from the digital world, reminiscent of a cipher. And this is no coincidence because the Turkish company deals with digital products.

Logo Yazilim: Brand overview

Kocaeli, Turkey
Logo Yazilim is a Turkish company, an open joint stock company that creates computer software products. It offers software for various business structures, so its list includes software solutions for both large corporate concerns and micro-enterprises. In addition, the service is engaged in management services and consulting. The organization was founded in 1984, and the number of its employees reaches over 1300 people. The headquarters is located in the city of Kocaeli.

Meaning and History

Logo Yazilim Logo History

This company has a very wide international practice because it is approached by clients from all over the world, and not just from Turkey. It develops application utilities in several directions. In particular, for retail, analytics, warehouse systems management, workflow optimization, interaction with personnel, customer relations, resource planning, and other purposes.

Since its inception, Logo Yazilim has grown into the biggest leader in its industry. And all thanks to the innovations that it actively applies while simultaneously developing the software industry. Recently, this organization has made great strides, significantly increasing profits. At first, it was a private company, but in 2000 it received the status of a public one, becoming the first Turkish IT company of its kind.

What is Logo Yazılım?

Logo Yazılım is the largest Turkish public IT company. It is engaged in creating business software, guaranteeing a convenient, reliable, and highly efficient operation. Its range includes software for managing internal and external processes, optimizing activities, monitoring warehouse systems, resource planning, customer interaction, etc. The service appeared in 1984.

Now, as before, the business service uses the debut logo. It has existed since its inception. The management has chosen a simple but modernist emblem to show a modern face and the general availability of services to all users. Everything in it works on the concept: shape, color, font. This visual identity directly conveys the company’s innovative approach, as it is based on classic lettering in a non-standard incarnation.

It can be safely called the materialization of the original lettering. The letters in the presented text are not written but drawn, which is considered one of the art forms. The logo does not contain the full name of the IT organization but only its first part. The word “Logo” is colored in calm red, making it stand out against a white background. The surrounding space is bright, devoid of any framework, and this indicates the wide availability of the Turkish company’s services and its openness to customers.

The emblem is completely text. The inscription is made in graphic signs of a square shape. They resemble a custom font with rounded corners and thick lines. There are no serifs. Almost all characters are in lower case, except “L.” On the contrary, it is capital, elongated, and narrow. It has a long “tail” that curves under the “o,” but the top of the vertical leg is aligned in height with the rest of the characters.
Moreover, the lowercase “g” is represented in such a way that it resembles an “o.” The main difference between them is the hook-shaped element, which serves as a classic bend without the traditional loop. Its lower limit is on the same level as “L.”

Font and Colors

Logo Yazilim Symbol

The designers chose a modernist style for writing the name for the original logo. They painted the letters, not printed them. This technique in art is called lettering. However, the text is still text: it resembles the Hollow Point Semi-Italic typeface, designed by Iconian Fonts. The symbols are geometric, square, and sans-serif. The corporate palette of the emblem is monotonous. The predominant color is a muted red, which is effectively combined with a white background.

Logo Yazilim color codes

Alizarin CrimsonHex color:#e31837
RGB:227 24 55
CMYK:0 89 76 11
Pantone:PMS 185 C