Most famous logos of Chinese shopping sites

Most famous logos of Chinese shopping sites

Online shopping in China is booming! Design projects, logos, and the ability to convey the idea of the site beautifully and accurately in the picture strongly influence the reputation of the most famous online stores of the “Celestial Empire.”

Chinese, or, as we put it, online stores of the “Celestial Empire,” are interesting to everyone not only for their resounding popularity, wide assortment, and huge mass of categories. They attract designers worldwide with their incredibly original and colorful logos that convey the idea of the site and impress with their simplicity. Flamboyant or, on the contrary, simple – they form the face of websites. After all, what we imagine when we think of a website is its logos. Quality, interesting logos flash before our eyes and are hard to resist.

What are the logos of the most famous Chinese shopping websites?

This is a selection of nine interesting and memorable logos that Chinese online stores use as a marketing tool to attract new customers.

If you, as a designer, are looking for inspiration, spend a few dozen minutes studying the logos of these “giants.” This will help you develop your inner creativity and out-of-the-box thinking and achieve unexpectedly bright results in your work.

So, below is a list of the nine most popular Chinese shopping sites and their logos.


Tmall Logo

At the very beginning, we would like to focus on this option: Tmall. This universal site, in terms of sales specialization, can stand out for its popularity, wide assortment, practicality of the site itself, and wonderful logo. The picture shows the store’s name and a cute cat face under it. The logo itself is not complicated, and the font is frankly simple, but the image of the animal causes a storm of positive emotions; you must agree.


Vipshop Logo

The name of this luxury online store speaks for itself: “VIP store” may interest you with its discount retail system. In addition, Vipshop is a hub of entire brands and luxury goods.

This organization’s logo is primitive but attractive: pink text on a white background attracts new customers, and the warm and soft font of two familiar names in different languages speaks about the site’s friendly attitude toward new curious visitors.


Taobao Logo

A simple and clear logo characterizes Taobao’s online store. The platform is characterized by its popularity and rightfully bears the title of “giant” in the Chinese market. The logo is the site’s name in Chinese and English, printed in a soft and attractive orange font. Orange color – subconsciously tells us about safety and gives us a sense of calmness and confidence.


DangDang Logo

DangDang is the Chinese version of the popular Amazon website. Initially developing its activities only in the field of books, the online store switched to children’s products, then to everything, just different fashionable lifestyles. By developing and expanding into services simultaneously, DangDang has gained immense popularity.

The logo of this site is kind of a red face, or maybe two big “D” letters that come from the first letters of the site’s name. The logo seems simple to us, but at the same time, it skillfully combines the name of the site and the artistry of the whole picture.

Pinduoduo Inc.

Pinduoduo Inc Logo

This online store is perfect for buying electronic goods in bulk—it is one of the best platforms for little-known brands. Perhaps Pinduoduo Inc. can help the general public promote their commercial interests.

The logo is elongated into a rectangle and shows several elements: the website name in the upper right corner, taking up most of the image. Below, the company’s tagline reads, “Together. More reliable. More fun. “On the left is an image of a heart made up of different product categories as a metaphor, and it all sits on top of a red button. Brilliant! Logo is a great and equally popular platform with various categories, such as fashion and health. Due to the low competition and simplicity of the site, the shopping platform easily attracts more and more shoppers both domestically and globally.

The online store’s new logo depicts a simple yet cute dog that looks more like a caricature. If you pay attention, you can demystify companies: depicting cute animals on logos is a great trend for attracting the masses. After all, we all love animals. The text is simple: red lettering on a white background. Everything brilliant is simple!

Suning and Gome

Suning and Gome Logo

For shoppers who want to find quality electronics and appliances, there is an Internet platform like Suning and Gome. This brand is constantly evolving.

If you look at the Suning and Gome logo, the first thing that catches your eye is the cute face of a familiar animal, again in orange with a transition to yellow. On the right of the face, two names, traditionally in English and Chinese, are printed in a nice font on a white background. Suning and Gome’s wonderful and cute logo will always attract additional buyers, and designers should follow these guys’ example. Logo

What should Chinese people who want to order travel services online, books, or amazing luxury brands? The answer is simple: you can find it all on the following website. is one of the few underrated Chinese websites.

The site’s logo combines nice colors, playing with our perception. The image turns into a planet, a globe with glasses, and again into numbers. Of course, at the top, traditionally, you can see the site’s name in Chinese.

QQ buy

QQ buy Logo

Tencent owns this popular online shopping site. It is a huge competitor to several other sites, as it presents the highest-quality brands in all their glory. QQ Buy is so user-friendly that it allows users to open virtual storefronts and fill them with many products.

The logo features a winking penguin with a bright red scarf resting neatly on its shoulders. The bird itself is rendered in a simple, almost minimalist style. To the right of the animal is the inscription “QQ,” referring to the site’s very name. The penguin tells the buyer that QQ is a good choice and should not be passed by.


What is the best-selling site in China?

The top-selling website in China is Tmall, which Alibaba owns. Tmall, launched in 2008 as Taobao Mall, is widely popular and serves many customers. Here’s why Tmall is so successful:

The platform offers a wide selection of products from both international and domestic brands. You can find everything from clothing and electronics to food and household items. This variety attracts many buyers. It features a variety of premium and luxury brands, giving shoppers access to high-quality products that appeal to those looking for exclusive and high-quality items.

Other well-known e-commerce sites in China include, Pinduoduo, and Xiaohongshu. is known for reliable shipping and electronics. Pinduoduo uses a social commerce model and offers discounted prices. Xiaohongshu combines social media and e-commerce to attract young women.

What is the cheapest online shopping app in China?

The cheapest online shopping app in China is Taobao, which Alibaba owns. Taobao is renowned for its low prices and wide range of products, making it a top choice for shoppers on a budget. Here’s why Taobao is great for cheap shopping:

The platform offers various products, including clothing, electronics, and household items. Many sellers provide products at wholesale prices, which helps shoppers find great deals. It is known for offering the latest styles and fashion trends at reasonable prices.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to view and search for products. However, because it is primarily written in Chinese, non-Chinese speakers may need assistance from purchasing agents. These agents help translate product descriptions, place orders, and make deliveries. Taobao supports various payment methods, including Alipay. The platform offers multiple shipping options, including standard and express shipping.

Which is the Chinese online shopping company?

The most famous Chinese internet company is Alibaba Group, which operates AliExpress. Unlike many traditional e-commerce sites, AliExpress connects sellers with end users by acting as a marketplace where various sellers offer their products.

The company allows small businesses in China and other countries to sell products to international buyers. Due to the wide range of products available, it is popular among consumers worldwide. The brand does not stock or sell its products. Instead, it provides a platform for third-party sellers. Merchants create listings, manage inventory, and handle delivery, while the brand facilitates transactions and provides secure payments.

One of the company’s key features is the affordability of its products. Due to the large number of sellers competing on the platform, prices are lower than those of traditional retail stores. Consumers can find unique and niche products that may not be available elsewhere. It caters to a global audience by supporting multiple languages and currencies. The website and mobile application are designed for user convenience.

What is the most popular online shopping site in China?

Alibaba Group owns Tmall, the most popular online store in China. Tmall is popular among Chinese consumers due to its wide range of products, reliable service, and good reputation.

Tmall offers a huge selection of products from both international and domestic brands. Shoppers can find everything from clothing and electronics to beauty products, household items, and food. Such a wide selection attracts many customers.

Other popular online stores in China include:

  • Known for its reliable delivery and quality control, specializes in electronics, home appliances, and groceries.
  • Pinduoduo: This platform uses a social commerce model.
  • Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book): Combining social media and e-commerce, Xiaohongshu is popular among young women.
  • Kaola: Specializing in imported goods, Kaola provides access to international products.
  • Vipshop: Known for flash sales and discounts on branded products.
  • Suning: This e-commerce giant has a strong presence in the electronics and home appliances industries.
  • Dangdang: Starting as an online bookstore, Dangdang now offers various products, including clothing, electronics, and household items.

What is China’s biggest online retailer?

Alibaba Group owns the largest online store in China, Tmall. Tmall is a leading e-commerce platform known for its wide selection of products, strong brand partnerships, and high sales volumes.

The platform offers various products, including clothing, electronics, beauty, and home products. Both international and domestic brands are represented here, attracting millions of customers daily with their wide variety.

Other major online stores in China include and Pinduoduo., or Jingdong, is known for its reliable delivery service and quality control, especially in the electronics and home appliances industries. Its extensive logistics network ensures timely and efficient delivery, making it a reliable choice for consumers.