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London Underground: Brand overview

The London Underground came into existence in 1863 when the Metropolitan Railway opened the city’s first underground subway, connecting Paddington and Farringdon stations. Later, in 1890, the City and South London Railway made history by launching the world’s first electric deep underground railroad, which is today a section of the Northern line of the Underground.

As London prospered in the following years, new rail lines were laid throughout the city, and stations opened. However, by 1933, to ensure unity and orderly development, most of these independent railroads were merged under the banner of the London Passenger Transport Board. This unified structure streamlined the network and encouraged its expansion.

London’s urban landscape changed over time, and the Underground developed in parallel. Before and after World War II, significant extensions to the Underground were conceptualized and implemented, including the Central Line and Victoria Line. Toward the end of the 20th century, the government approved a number of critical infrastructure projects that significantly modernized the Underground, from stations and trains to safety mechanisms.

The London Underground, as it stands today, is a model of urban planning and communications. With an extensive network of 270 stations, a length of over 400 kilometers, and an annual passenger traffic of 1.3 billion, it ranks among the world’s best metros in terms of coverage and use. Beyond mere transportation, the Underground is firmly embedded in the cultural fabric of London, and its signature map and roundel logo have become the emblem of the city itself.

Meaning and History

London Underground Logo History

1908 – 1913

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1913 – 1919

London Underground Logo 1913

1919 – 1933

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1933 – 1949

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1949 – 1951

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1951 – 1958

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1958 – 1969

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1969 – 1972

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1972 – 1985

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1985 – today

London Underground Logo

The logo of the UK’s Capital Metro is designed in a businesslike and austere style. It is done on purpose to create an impression of a close connection between subway carriages subway. All letters are even, bold, and white in color. Thanks to this color, the inscription stands out clearly on the blue-cobalt background of the rectangle. In the background is a red circle, symbolically imitating a circular map of the subway, extending from the center to the edges.

The red circle in the back seems to hint that the subway lines are interconnected, just like society. The austere style speaks of the subway’s reliability in that it won’t let you down when you need to get somewhere fast. The cobalt-blue rectangle appears deep as if it is already underground. Such a simple logo conveys the idea of a whole big system without saying a word.