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The Management and Science University logo has a universal design. It is associated with many disciplines of this university, but the connection is not obvious. To capture it, you need to understand the metaphors used by the designers. And the emblem is very symbolic.

Management and Science University: Brand overview

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Several universities in Malaysia occupy a leading position in the field of education. These include Management and Science University (MSU) – an educational institution founded in 2001. It officially received university status only in 2007; before that, it was a college and bore the appropriate name: University College of Technology & Management Malaysia.

As stated on the MSU website, this educational institution provides equal educational opportunities to everyone. That is, any applicants have the right to enter it, regardless of their gender, social status, origin, or skin color. Since the university accepts students from all walks of life, it is known to most Malaysians. But that’s not the only reason for its popularity.

The fact is that Management and Science University pursues a noble goal: it provides critically important areas with professional staff so that there is no shortage of human capital in the country. These areas include medicine, culinary, hospitality, business administration, engineering, pharmacy, education, and more. For each direction, MSU has its separate faculty, where graduate students, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctors of science are trained. At the same time, as already mentioned, students of different backgrounds are welcome there, regardless of their social level.

Meaning and History

Management and Science University (MSU) Symbol

The main identification mark of the university is its logo, which can be divided into several parts. The first fragment is on the left and occupies about a third of the total space. This is a stylized hibiscus flower with five petals. Its left half is white and depicted inside a vertical red rectangle. The right side, on the contrary, is red and located on a white background.

The abbreviated name of the educational institution is written next to the flower, and for the abbreviation, the designers chose a lowercase bold sans-serif font. Directly below “msu” is a horizontal red line separating the letters from the phrase “management & science university.” Remarkably, all words are completely converted into lowercase. The inscriptions are black and rather restrained, as they are made in the grotesque.

What is Management and Science University (MSU)?

Management and Science University (MSU) is a higher education institution from the Malaysian city of Shah Alam. It was established in 2001 and is wholly owned by MSU Holdings Sdn Bhd. Its students can get education in the fields of management, business, pharmaceuticals, sociology, medicine, health care, engineering, and information sciences.

The university logo reflects Malaysia’s traditions and cultural heritage because it depicts this country’s national flower – the hibiscus. The petals symbolize MSU’s reliability, while the largest dot at the end of the pistil represents the globe. The latter, in turn, demonstrates the desire of the educational institution for globalization.

The open flower represents life, so there is an association with medicine and pharmaceuticals. The M-shape of the petals hints at the first letter of the word “management,” which should be understood as a metaphorical connection with engineering and information disciplines.

Font and Colors

Management and Science University (MSU) Emblem

There is a font very similar to the one that the designers used when designing the MSU logo. It’s called Bitstream Vera Sans Bold and was released by Bitstream in 2009. It’s a bold sans-serif with contrasting line weights. Its closest counterpart is DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold by DejaVu.

The inscription is completely black, and all other elements are red or white. The black color symbolizes the experience, age, and balanced development of the Management and Science University. Red represents MSU’s prominent role in educational history. And white represents the limitless amount of knowledge that students receive in the learning process.

Management and Science University color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#ee1c24
RGB:238 28 36
CMYK:0 88 85 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#010101
RGB:1 1 1
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C