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The designers who created the logo Merci wanted to convey a sense of gratitude because the brand name is translated from French as “thank you.” Therefore, above the letter “i,” instead of a dot, a small red heart is depicted – a symbol of love, and the inscription itself is painted in gold with a gradient.

Merci: Brand overview

The German chocolate brand Merci has a long history: it appeared in 1965, and its roasted and nuts variety Merci Crocant was introduced in 1994. Over time, sweets with new fillings have been added to the range – each taste has its color. August Storck has always owned the confectionery brand. Its logo is recognizable worldwide because Merci sweets are sold in over 70 countries.

Merci chocolates began in 1965 and were introduced by the German family company August Storck KG, which has been creating confectionery since 1903. This brand stood out for its focus on quality, tradition, and expressing gratitude, which is reflected in its choice of name, “Merci,” meaning thank you in French.

Right from the start, Merci was about more than chocolate. It aimed to be a sophisticated way to express thanks, recognized by its elegant packaging and variety of flavors. This made it the perfect gift for expressing gratitude.

Merci expanded its reach in the 1980s and 1990s across Europe and globally. This growth was driven by its reputation for quality and its message of gratitude, making it a favored choice for gifts.

Responding to changes in consumer preferences, Merci introduced new flavors and limited editions for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day throughout the 2000s and 2010s. This innovation helped Merci stay relevant and popular.

Marketing has been key to Merci’s success, with campaigns emphasizing the brand’s connection to gratitude and appreciation. The slogan “Merci, for being you” captures this sentiment, portraying Merci chocolates as a way to thank someone for their kindness or to celebrate special moments.

Merci has recently focused more on sustainability and social responsibility, partnering with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to support cocoa farmers and aiming for eco-friendly packaging. This reflects a commitment to a positive impact beyond just making chocolates.

Today, Merci is a leading global brand, available in over 70 countries. It’s celebrated for its exquisite taste, refined presentation, and as a means of expressing gratitude. The brand’s dedication to quality, variety, and emotional connection has enabled it to carve a unique position in the premium chocolate market.

Merci continues introducing new flavors and sustainability initiatives as it evolves, catering to changing consumer tastes and values. With a history of quality and innovation, Merci aims to remain a beloved choice among chocolate brands worldwide.

Meaning and History

Merci Symbol

The brand name expresses gratitude because chocolates are traditional gifts that allow you to say “thank you” without words. This concept is conveyed in the emblem, where an elegant inscription is complemented by a small red heart. The wordmark generally looks like a short love message to the person the chocolate is intended for. By the way, the Merci logo used to look different: the letters had a bizarre shape and were decorated with serifs. However, the redesign went unnoticed because the minor changes did not affect the color scheme.

The current version of the emblem contains an inscription with strict glyphs. The general appearance is softened only by bold dots at the ends of the “r” and “c,” as well as a small heart above the “i.” According to the designers, the brand name is completely translated into lowercase, which should inspire consumer confidence. The golden gradient gives the impression that the letters are cut from the shiny foil in which chocolates are usually wrapped.

What is Mercy?

Merci is one of the most popular brands of the German confectionery manufacturer August Storck KG, which also owns Toffifee, Mamba, and Knoppers. Merci chocolates are available in bars with different fillings – from dark mousse to hazelnut cream.

The most important element of the Merci logo is the heart – a sign that symbolizes love, affection, and gratitude. In this case, it can be seen both as a company’s love for its customers and as an expression of the feelings of people who eat chocolate or give it to each other. And the heart perfectly conveys the essence of the brand name, which means “thank you” in French. So, integrating this pictogram into the inscription does not change the word’s meaning but only strengthens it.

Font and Colors

Merci Emblem

The Merci logo uses no particular font but a custom set of bold lowercase glyphs. The letters have slight flares at the ends but don’t resemble traditional serifs. These thickenings look more like an attempt to make the inscription three-dimensional, to show a spatial perspective – to demonstrate that the edges of the lines are raised. After all, as far as we know, objects located near seem larger than those at a distance.

The shading on the edges of the letters and the golden gradient are used for the same purpose—to create a 3D effect. The red heart above the “i” is also unevenly colored: its left side is brighter and lighter, while its right side has a deep dark tint. The combination of these two colors—gold and red—testifies to the brand’s uniqueness, sophistication, and the rich spectrum of feelings it tries to convey through its emblem.


What country is Merci from?

Merci is a German brand whose products are made in Germany, which means they follow German laws. They also follow a specific EU law called Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003, which prohibits using genetically modified ingredients in food and feed. Merci follows this rule, which shows they care about making high-quality, safe food that meets EU standards.

Germany is part of the European Union, which has food safety and quality rules. Any company in Germany, including the one making Merci products, needs to follow these rules. This ensures that their products are safe and well-made in Germany and other EU countries where they might be sold.

Who made Merci chocolate?

Merci chocolate is made by Storck, a big candy company started by August Storck in 1903 in Werther, Germany. This company is known for its delicious candy, especially Werther’s Original, launched in 1969. These candies are famous worldwide because they use real butter and fresh cream, showing Storck’s focus on quality and taste. Storck has always been about making top-notch candies and keeps coming up with new ones. They’ve stayed important in the candy world by sticking to their high-quality standards and always trying new things.

What is the slogan of Merci Chocolate?

Merci Chocolate’s slogan, ” Merci, for being you,” is a heartfelt way of saying thank you. It’s all about thanking someone for being themselves and highlighting how Merci chocolate is a great choice for a thoughtful and personal gift. This slogan tells people that giving Merci chocolate is a way to show real appreciation for what makes someone special.

The slogan helps people feel strongly connected when they give or receive Merci chocolates. It shows that Merci chocolates are suitable for any occasion you want to thank them, making it a favorite for many looking to share their feelings through a gift. Merci chocolates are known for being genuine and building real connections. The slogan emphasizes the care and thought put into every box, setting Merci apart from other brands. With “merci” being a word known worldwide, the slogan appeals to a broad audience, making the brand popular in many countries.

Is Merci dark chocolate?

Merci offers a rich and smooth dark chocolate with 72% cacao. This means it has a strong and full chocolate flavor, which is what people love about dark chocolate. It’s less sweet than milk chocolate, appealing to those who like their chocolate bold and flavorful.

This dark chocolate has many cocoa solids, making it taste intense. Since it has less sugar, it’s perfect for folks who don’t like chocolate too sweet but still crave that deep taste. Dark chocolate is liked for being a bit healthier when you don’t eat too much of it. Thanks to the high cacao content, it’s packed with antioxidants.