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The Miami University logo symbolizes the continuity and stability of the educational institution. It is associated with long-standing traditions that the modern community of students, graduates, and faculty continues. The internal dynamics of the emblem convey the energy associated with education and success.

Miami University: Brand overview

Founded:February 2, 1809
Founder:University System of Ohio
Oxford, Ohio, United States
Miami University was not named after the eponymous city but after the Miami Indian tribe because the land it is located on once belonged to the Native Americans. The educational institution was opened in 1809 and initially focused on liberal arts education. Its oldest division is the College of Arts and Science, which offers 70 undergraduate majors. The university gained widespread publicity in 1995 when it made the top 10 best universities, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Meaning and History

Miami University Logo History

The visual identification of Miami University historically has been associated with Native Americans, as its name is a tribute to the tribe that once occupied part of the territory of Ohio. But in the 21st century, the university uses a logo with the letter “M,” where there is no hint of Native Americans. The symbol, Beveled-M, serves as the general and athletic emblem. It symbolizes the pride of students, graduates, and faculty for their affiliation with the educational institution.

In turn, the Miami University seal demonstrates a commitment to tradition. Its original version was adopted in 1826, and since then, the design has hardly changed, save for attempts to modernize the image. Unlike the logo, the seal is used only for official documents, as well as for awards and ceremonies.

What is Miami University?

Miami University is an educational institution in the state of Ohio. Its main campus is in Oxford, with regional campuses in West Chester, Hamilton, and Middletown. In addition, the university has an overseas campus based in Differdange Castle in southern Luxembourg. The university is considered one of the oldest in the U.S., founded in 1809.

1809 – today

Miami University Logo

The large red letter “M,” outlined by a black strip, is the university’s most recognizable symbol beyond the campus. The designers made it unique by decorating the edges with large serifs shaped like trapezoids. The visual dynamics hidden in the details convey the active life of students and the continuity of educational processes. The sharp corners indicate a drive towards innovation, avant-garde, and progress.

The symbol, known as the Beveled-M, is usually accompanied by the full name of the educational institution. In one version, the black phrase “MIAMI UNIVERSITY” is to the right and divided into two lines with width alignment. Both words are typed in a thin font, associated with elegance and respectability.

The Seal

Miami University Seal Logo

The official seal, used by the Office of the President and adorning the diplomas of graduates, contains several symbols:

  1. Telescope – a symbol of the future. This instrument helps unravel the mysteries of the universe, make discoveries, and expand understanding of the world. It participates in the search for global meaning in life and represents science.
  2. Globe – a symbol of the present. The earth’s sphere connects all people on different continents.
  3. Book – an embodiment of the past. It reflects knowledge acquired over many years. This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation through recorded text. Notably, the book is open: this appears as an invitation to read.

The main elements are in the center of the seal, and above them is a semicircular arch with the inscription “PRODESSE QUAM CONSPICI” in Latin. This is the university’s motto, which states that action is preferable to boasting about achievements.

The seal has a frame outlined in a rope-like contour. A five-pointed star and two stylized comets are in the upper part of the frame. The rest of the space is occupied by the phrase “SIGILLUM UNIVERSITATIS MIAMIENSIS,” meaning “the seal of Miami University.”

Font and Colors

Miami University Symbol

The Beveled-M was created according to an individual design, making the large “M” serve as the visual center of the logo. In turn, the wordmark is typed in a thin serif font. This typeface is similar to Adobe Caslon Pro Regular from Adobe. A similar font is used for the text on the seal.

Miami University Emblem

The official colors of the university are red and white. However, the creators of the emblem chose the classic combination of red with black so that the contours and inscriptions are more visible. Nonetheless, a version with white color is recommended for a dark background.