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The Minnesota United FC logo showcases the uniqueness of the professional soccer club. Designers employed metaphorical imagery to convey the club’s story and its connection to the home state. The smooth lines and curves symbolize the ease with which the players claim victories.

Minnesota United FC: Brand overview

Founded:March 25, 2015
Founder:Bill McGuire
Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

Minnesota United FC is an American professional soccer club based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The club plays in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer. It began competing as the 22nd club in the league and replaced the franchise of the North American Soccer League (NASL). The previous franchise with the same name was established in 2010. Initially, it was owned by the National Sports Center and known as NSC Minnesota. In 2011, NASL became its temporary owner because NSC’s capital was less than $20 million, which didn’t meet the accepted standards.

On January 9, 2012, the club announced its new name. The nickname “Stars” became part of the official name. That same day, the new Minnesota Stars FC logo with the state motto “L’Etolie du Nord” was unveiled. On November 9, the team was acquired by Bill McGuire. On March 5, 2013, the team was renamed Minnesota United FC. The word “United” signifies the unity of a wide range of fans and symbolizes the sports union of the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

On March 25, 2015, Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber announced Minnesota United as the 23rd club in the league. However, the club joined the league earlier than planned (in 2017) and took the 22nd spot of the Los Angeles team. It retained the right to intellectual property, including the old name, logo, and color palette. The team’s colors are sky blue, gray, and black, with a red accent.

As before, the franchise is owned by a group of owners led by Bill McGuire. The group includes Wendy Carlson Nelson, Glen Nelson, Glen Taylor, Jim Pohlad, and the Pohlad family, who also own other Minnesota sports organizations.

Meaning and History

Minnesota United FC Logo History

In 2010, NSC Minnesota had a blue and yellow logo shaped like a triangular shield with a star. In 2012, along with the new name, Minnesota Stars FC received an updated logo featuring the inscription “L’Etolie du Nord” and a soccer ball. Another logo change occurred in 2013 when the NASL team became known as Minnesota United FC. The Minnesota United FC logo remained the same when the franchise transitioned to MLS; only minor details changed.

2017 – today

Minnesota United FC Logo 2017-Present

The club unveiled a new team logo at a press conference at Midtown Global Market. The new Minnesota United logo was designed by marketing company Zeus Jones. The foreground features a large black loon with a bright red eye and eleven spread feathers, one for each player on the field. The loon is the state bird of Minnesota.

What is Minnesota United FC?

Minnesota United FC is a professional soccer club from the USA, located in Saint Paul, representing the Western Conference of Major League Soccer. The team was established in 2015 and began playing in 2017, replacing the NASL franchise of the same name. Home matches are held at Allianz Field, and the team is owned by Bill McGuire.

In the logo’s top left corner is a star in the shape of a hexagram on a white background. The North Star was inspired by the state’s motto – L’Etoile du Nord, representing Polaris – the bright North Star. Behind the loon are three wide diagonal stripes. Together, they form a heraldic shield. The gray color symbolizes Minnesota’s Iron Range. The blue line crossing the emblem represents the Mississippi River. On either side of the blue line are the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

The top right corner features the abbreviation “MNUFC.” The previous Minnesota United FC emblem displayed the team’s full name. It was deliberately replaced with an abbreviation: this is the main detail changed in the logo after Minnesota United FC joined the new league. The font, as before, is an italicized sans-serif. All letters are uppercase.

Minnesota United FC: Interesting Facts

Minnesota United FC is a soccer team that’s become well-known in Major League Soccer (MLS) since they joined.

  1.  Joining MLS: They moved from the North American Soccer League to MLS in 2017, which was a big step for the team.
  2.  First MLS Game: Their first game in MLS was on March 3, 2017, against the Portland Timbers. Even though they lost, it was a memorable start for the team and fans.
  3.  Allianz Field: They play at Allianz Field, which opened in 2019 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The stadium is cool, designed to look like the Northern Lights and a great place to watch soccer.
  4.  The Loon: The team’s mascot is Minnesota’s state bird. It appears on the logo and represents the team’s connection to the state.
  5.  Fans: They have great fans, including groups like the Dark Clouds and True North Elite, who make games fun with their energy and support.
  6.  Making the Playoffs: By 2019, just a few years after joining MLS, they made it to the playoffs, showing how much the team has grown.
  7.  International Players: The team has had well-known players from other countries, like Darwin Quintero and Ike Opara, who have helped it do well.
  8.  Helping Out: The team does much in the community, working on youth programs and health and wellness to make a difference outside soccer.
  9.  Green Efforts: Allianz Field has eco-friendly features, like LED lights and plans for solar panels, which show that the team cares about the environment.

Minnesota United FC has quickly made a name in MLS with its cool stadium, passionate fans, and efforts on and off the field. This makes it a unique and important part of soccer in the U.S.

Font and Colors

Minnesota United FC emblem

Minnesota United FC’s football club has several emblems, but the latest is the most famous. Not just because it looks vibrant and modern but rather because of its symbolism, as the badge features the loon, which is highly revered in the state of Minnesota. Fans once nicknamed the club Loons, which became crucial in choosing the new logo.

Artists used an abstract style, so the loon is recognizable only by its black silhouette. The bird is looking at a large, five-pointed star in gray. But this isn’t the team’s distinctive mark; it’s the North Star – a guide for ancient travelers and seafarers.

Minnesota United FC symbol

In the shield’s bottom right corner is an abbreviation encoding the club’s full name. The letter design was developed by the type foundry Process Type Foundry. The letters “M,” “N,” “U,” “F,” and “C” are written in an elegant italic sans serif. The lower horizontal stroke of the letter “F” is half the length of the top.

The emblem’s colors are symbolic. Light gray (#D8DAD9) signifies the Iron Range and blue (#9BCDE4) signifies the Mississippi. They serve as the background for other elements, which are colored black (#231F20). Red (#DF2426) is used sparingly: it stands out as a bright spot where the loon’s eye should be.

Minnesota United FC color codes

GrayHex color:#e4e5e6
RGB:228 229 230
CMYK:1 0 0 10
Pantone:PMS 663 C
BlueHex color:#8cd2f4
RGB:140 210 244
CMYK:43 14 0 4
Pantone:PMS 305 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C