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The lines and elements of the logo indicate that the company has managed to combine the two most important characteristics of clothing – practicality, and beauty. The Moncler logo shows the brand’s distinctive style, making it stand out from the crowd.

Moncler: Brand overview

Founder:Rene Ramillon, Andre Vincent
Milan, Trebaseleghe (PD), Italy

Moncler sportswear combines durability, practicality, and haute couture because the brand is aimed at the premium price segment. It tries to make its quilted jackets, down jackets, and outdoor outfits do not look boring while using high-tech materials that no one else has. The company peaked its development in 2003 when it was bought by the Italian billionaire businessman Remo Ruffini. Wanting to become even more famous, she collaborated with MYKITA, Comme des Garson and Fendi. The mutually beneficial collaboration resulted in new product lines for those who spend time moving.

One day three young people – a sports coach, a ski production owner, and the first Frenchman to reach the summit of Mount Everest – decided to combine their love of skiing and create a brand for mountain climbers. And it all started when Lionel Terray noticed the great potential of quilted jackets that didn’t interfere with movement but were great at protecting against the cold.

Their first down jacket hit the shelves in 1954 and immediately became part of the equipment for many expeditions. In this jacket, Italian mountaineers conquered K2 (the highest peak on the planet after Everest), and the French climbed Makalu (the fifth highest mountain in the world). Moreover, some athletes wore Moncler clothes during the Winter Olympic Games in 1968.

Meaning and History

Moncler Logo History

The brand got its name after the commune Monestier-de-Clermont. The specialists, who worked on naming, took the first letters “Mon” and “Cler.” They combined them into one word to make it sound with French charm. As for the logo, it was created in stages. Before using Moncler products at the Winter Olympic Games, the logo looked different. But when the national team received the outfit, the company decided to make a small redesign. So appeared a symbol depicting two mountain peaks and a Gallic rooster – the symbol of France. It rises above the name of the sportswear label and is located inside a semicircular figure with a ledge and a double dark-blue frame.

The logo is embroidered on the outside of almost all jackets. It can usually be seen on the pocket or on the left sleeve. Some Moncler fans distinguish the original products from the fake only by this small detail, comparing the location of the letters and the shape of the lines.

What is Moncler?

Moncler is an Italian sportswear and accessories brand known for its iconic down jackets. The company was founded in 1952 in the city of Grenoble, France, and began its journey as a manufacturer of specialized equipment for skiers. In the early 1980s, Moncler began producing fashionable down jackets that soon became very popular in Europe and North America. In 2003, the brand was acquired by an Italian investment fund, which reorganized the company and focused on the design and development of outerwear lines. Today, Moncler is a well-known international brand with a presence in over 75 countries worldwide. It specializes in high-quality sportswear and accessories made from innovative materials. Moncler is known for its history of collaborations with renowned designers and brands such as Thom Browne, Off-White, Palm Angels, and more. The brand is actively involved in cultural life and sponsors various projects such as exhibitions, films, and music events. Moncler continues to develop and expand its collections, remaining one of the most sought-after brands in the world of sportswear.

The two mountains look like open triangles and resemble the letter “M.” They are open at the bottom, suggesting their invisible continuation outside the drawing. At the same time, the designers depicted the tops in the form of two broken lines with points pointing upwards. The middle is hollow, so the blue mountain behind the red one is visible in the gap. At the same time, they look like skis or ski sticks leaning against each other.

The rooster was added to the emblem because of its special status: it is recognized as the national symbol of France. Although the company moved to Italy, this image was retained. The blue head of the bird, as before, looks out to the left, and the red tail to the right. So the logo directly reflects the historical heritage of Moncler.

Font and Colors

Moncler Emblem

The brand’s name is written in bold, sans serif letters, which consist of the same thickness of strokes. The word is curved in the shape of an inverted arch. Almost all elements are dark blue, except for the red rooster’s tail and the mountaintop on the right side. The chosen shades are perfectly visible on the white base. And altogether, they represent the colors of the French flag.

Moncler Symbol

Moncler color codes

Blue BlackHex color:#00023a
RGB:0 2 58
CMYK:100 97 0 77
Pantone:PMS 2765 C
Neon RedHex color:#ff3322
RGB:255 51 34
CMYK:0 80 87 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C