Most famous logos in Red

Most famous logos in Red

Colorimetry is the science of colors. It studies the change in hues, measures their intensity, and determines the effect on humans. Therefore, color in logos plays a paramount role. It determines how much the emblem will be conceptualized, how many customers it can attract, and what impression it will leave. This approach forces companies to improve their style, correct flaws, and adjust the tone because the right color is the key to success.

As a result, today, we can observe many variants of logos. With their help, brands fight for popularity and recognition, recognizability, and demand. Of course, the catchiest in the color palette is red. Eyes are instantly drawn to it. But how did you make it so that it was not aggressive and maximally attractive? So that helps the owners of companies raise their prestige and increase their income. What is the secret here? Let’s figure it out!

We have selected the emblems of the most famous brands, the visual identity of which is based on the red spectrum. It is complemented mostly by white color because such a neutral background gives calmness and extinguishes the feeling of danger. This combination demonstrates determination, confidence, passion, and strength. Here are the top 30 companies that associate themselves with the color red. We have arranged the logos from simple to complex.


Logo Suzuki

Suzuki’s logo couldn’t be simpler. It is based on just one letter taken from the name of the automobile brand. The stylized letter “S” is painted in a deep red color, closer to dark. It looks elegant and unusual, as it has Asian roots: the symbol resembles a hieroglyph. All the ends are pointed, and the radial lines are curved. This makes it look like the roof of Japanese pagodas. This combination of color and shape brings thoughts of peace, tranquility, and confidence. In addition, the emblem demonstrates a progressive mindset and a willingness to embrace technological innovations that go beyond conventional norms. This manufacturer also chose the color red as it echoes the flag of Japan.


Logo Mitsubishi

Japanese laconism is characteristic of the Mitsubishi emblem, which is also presented in a red palette. So, the automaker demonstrated its love for the motherland and showed superiority over competitors because this is the color of innovation, leadership, and technological challenge. The pointed badge is made in the form of three rhombuses connected at the corners in the center. The result is a geometric figure resembling a flower with delicate petals. In the negative space between them, white triangles are visible. This element was named Mitsubishi Diamond. Thanks to this combination, the corporate badge looks elegant and modern.


Logo YouTube

This is a simple corporate identity. Moreover, it is practical because it denotes a button for playing content – audio or video. Indeed, the international online resource YouTube has chosen a thematic logo that explains its color scheme. The fact is that the Play button traditionally contains a white triangle. This element was so even before the advent of virtual media players – on remote controls, keys of tape recorders, DVD players, etc. The designers combined it with a red horizontal rectangle. This color, as best as possible, conveys activity, dynamics, and the beginning. All sides of the background figure are slightly curved, and the corners are smoothed, which gives the logo friendliness.

Detroit Red Wings

Logo Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings emblem reflects the confidence, energy, and determination of a hockey team, which is exactly what the red color is for. The visual style of the NHL team is dynamic because the circle is movement. In this case, the circle has wings that give it even more dynamism. One of them is shown in full. The feathers are drawn in detail; a smooth curve is presented, ending with a sharp end. The second wing is located behind the first, so only the upper fragment with a wavy stripe is visible. The wheel is large, with luminous highlights and spokes. The white color harmonizes perfectly with the red, emphasizing the concept of continuity of movement.


Logo H&M

Swedish fashion house H&M chose a laconic logo consisting of two capital letters connected by an ampersand. Everything is executed in a dark shade of red color. It streamlines the lettering and brings austerity, making the emblem colorful but understated. In addition to confidence and flashiness, this palette symbolizes beauty, as the brand is associated with the fashion industry. The letters “H” and “M” are oblique, capitalized, and grotesque. They consist of lines of different widths, which makes them dynamic and unusual. The feet at the ends have rounded corners, so the glyphs do not have sharp elements. The ampersand is miniaturized and is not located in the middle but at the bottom. It is also colored red.


Logo CNN

The color palette of the CNN logo has an impressive impact on the population as it symbolizes the relevance and importance of the news reported by this media giant. The bright red icon of the channel looks powerful and stable, giving the impression of confidence in everything that is going on. The text of the emblem is in double capital letters, separated by a thin white stripe. At the same time, the large and small glyphs are almost identical in lettering. The only difference is that the inner glyphs have pointed feet, and the outer ones are rounded. The inscription is continuous, consisting of two unbroken bands, so the letters seem to flow one into the other. A thin white line in the center gives them airiness and lightness.


Logo Avis

The Avis logo is simple in both shape and color. It uses a dark crimson shade that is calmer than the others. This is right from the point of view of the demand for the service since the service is engaged in car rental. Such a visual image instills confidence in potential customers who want to rent a vehicle. The design of the emblem is laconic: it consists only of letters of the same style. Any images are absent. The letters are flat, vertical, and classical. The inscription is made in bold grotesque. Color, in this case, serves as the only decorative element since the emblem has no other possibilities.


Logo Xerox

This is the world leader in the field of printing and scanning of various materials. Therefore, Xerox has chosen a conceptual logo that somewhat reflects the nature of its business. The direction of the work is conveyed in smooth lines, in the curves of the legs, and in smooth strokes. The designers reflected the versatility and flexibility of copiers that can scan and print documents, images, books, and photographs. The text logo color is a soft red, non-aggressive but eye-catching. The smooth contours of the sans-serif glyphs give it a softness. The inter-character intervals are wide, which visually balances the massive letters.


Logo Exxon

Exxon, the largest international oil and gas company, has a text-red logo. The role of graphics in it is played by a double “x”: both letters have one common leg. Because of this, there is a slight bevel reminiscent of the typographical hash “#” (hash). All the lines of the icon end with a diagonal slice: it is present both at the top and at the bottom. Other symbols are not connected with each other and are located at some distance from each other. The red color used in the corporate style is light but saturated. It conveys power, strength, and energy, reflecting the essence of business and the concept of the oil and gas enterprise.


Logo AirAsia

The emblem of the Malaysian airline has a red and white coloring. Despite its apparent simplicity, the AirAsia emblem has a complex structure. This can be seen by looking at the letter “i.” Both lowercase letters are made non-standard: they do not have a flat cut but an arc-shaped depression reminiscent of a smile. This design emphasizes the goodwill, hospitality, and friendliness of the air carrier, despite the catchy palette, because the red color used in it has the brightest shade – scarlet. In addition, the right side of the letter “r” is also replaced by a bold dot, making it look like an atypical “i.” The rest of the symbols are classic and are in lowercase. They have smooth curves and proportional rounding, so they do not break out of the usual style, allowing you to better see the characteristic features of neighboring letters.


Logo Canon

The world leader in the production of cameras and lenses has a very simple emblem. It consists only of his name, made in dark red color, which indicates the authority, leadership, and high capabilities of the company. The inscription contains bold letters in lowercase, which does not prevent the characters from being large. The exception is the first letter: it is typed in capital letters. All glyphs (except one) have needle serifs pointing to the left. The letter “o” is slanted in the same direction. The Canon logo, in general, surprises with a harmonious combination of incompatible – smooth roundings with sharp corners. The red color plays a major role in this – it attracts attention and smooths out the dissonance.


Logo Netflix

The color of the Netflix logo is scarlet. It is such a light and bright shade of red, reminiscent of blood. It fits perfectly into the minimalist design because, on the emblem of the American entertainment film company, there is nothing but the name. It is on it and focused on the developers, offering a variant with the prospect of increasing or decreasing the letters. As a result, they turned out to be low in the middle and high on the sides, which adds dynamics.

And the expansion occurs only on the lower border of the world. The upper part is flat and horizontal. Glyphs used in the text are uppercase, chopped, and bold. The inter-character spacing is wide, so the lettering looks light and balanced.



Red color best conveys dynamics and energy. This explains the choice of the American cable channel to broadcast sports and extreme sports. The inscription on the ESPN logo is simple, single, and made in a non-standard font. It features massive slash glyphs connected together like a racing or running track. At the top of each glyph is a white stripe, dividing them into two halves.

And this strip is through, as it is open on both sides. The letters have a slight slope to the right. The color of the emblem is bright and saturated.


Logo Virgin

The emblem of the Virgin is similar to a personal signature. Such an image is necessary for this company since it is simultaneously involved in different areas of the economy. With the help of a handwritten sign, it is easier for her to demonstrate her personality and show customers the focus on close contact. And it is the red color that contributes to the realization of the idea. It has made the emblem of this brand one of the most recognizable in the world. The text has a diagonal arrangement and is made of smooth lines with emphasis. The letters are lowercase (except for the “V”) and grotesque. The first glyph has a side stroke. The letter “q” has an elongated stem.


Logo Fujitsu

In this case, the red color in the emblem came about because of patriotism. The company Fujitsu chose an emblem in the colors of the national flag of Japan – white and red. The basis is the name of the manufacturer of a wide range of electronic devices. It is typed in a custom font with serifs, tiny but clear. The inner lines, on the contrary, are rounded. This is especially noticeable in the letters “U” and “S.” The rest of the glyphs have right angles. All letters have a smooth and soft transition to the serifs. The dots above the letters “j” and “i” are connected. Designers stylized them as two combined circles so they resemble ∞ – the classical infinity sign. All characters are uppercase, except for the lowercase “j” and “i,” which are simply enlarged in size.

Coca Cola

Logo Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola brand has a simple logo. It contains nothing but text based on the name. The lettering is done in cursive calligraphy by hand. It also contains vignette elements: swirls, curved lines, and wavy ribbon-like stripes. The initial “C” in the first word has an extended lower part, and in the second, it is the upper part. The rest of the letters are lowercase and rounded. The hyphen is short: it is presented in the form of a parallelogram. The sign is so tiny that it is lost against the background of large elements. Red color, in this case, conveys passion, energy, love, and confidence.


Logo Motorola

Passion and progress – that’s what red means in the emblem of Motorola because this company was one of the first to come to the cell phone industry. The main element of its emblem is the capital letter “M,” consisting of two identical arrows. They are connected in the center and have elongated legs on the sides, clearly reminiscent of the first letter of the name of the American telecommunications company. The upper part of the glyph dissects a sharp triangle, and in the lower part – there are two arc-shaped elements. The single symbol is located in the center of a solid circle. Thus, the red color reinforces the concept of an innovative approach to work with a comprehensive coverage of directions. As a result, the right combination of geometry and palette was a prime example of successful visual identification.


Logo Chick-fil-A

Fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A uses a simple but thematic logo as it prepares chicken dishes. The designers harmoniously combined the brand name and the image of the chicken. For this purpose, the developers stylized the first letter by adding a crest, beard, beak, and eye. To match the natural color of the chicken scallop, it was chosen red color – with a slight crimson tint. The emblem consists entirely of an inscription in a careless handwritten style. In this case, the glyphs are not oblique but straight, consisting of bold and smooth lines. Each part of the name is connected to the other; there are no gaps between the letters – they are closely connected.


Logo Marvel

Red color, chosen for the emblem of the famous media franchise, is characterized by a powerful charge of energy. The color is bright, saturated, and catchy, so the Marvel emblem quickly attracts attention. However, if on other icons, the letters are colored red, then, in this case, it is only a background. The white lettering breaks out of the negative space like a curly element. Although the text is printed, it consists of closely spaced glyphs. “M,” “A,” and “R” touch at the bottom, while “R,” “V,” and “E” touch at the top. The exception is “L”: it is located separately from the other glyphs. For the word “Marvel,” the designers chose a geometric solid sans-serif font. The background is a horizontal rectangle.


Logo Aprilia

The visual style of this Italian brand is another vivid example of the combination of red square and white lettering. However, the shade here is lighter – scarlet. This palette is characteristic of Italians, as they are emotional and love everything unusual. The catchy color in the logo is balanced by a minimalistic design and restrained font. The text is written in classic lower-case block letters. They are neat, and due to the contrast, they seem perfectly white. The peculiarity of the inscription is the squares above the letter “i” instead of the usual dots. In addition, both signs are aligned in height relative to the letter “l,” which is located between them.


Logo Levi’s

The red color in the Levi’s logo appeared in the mid-20th years of the last century. Since then, it has always been present in the identity of the iconic denim brand. True, several color adjustments were made, after which red received a dark crimson shade. At the same time, the shape in which the company name is located is not quite rectangular: it has two arc-shaped bends at the bottom, which makes the background look like an open book. The glyphs are also white in color. They are thick, squat, and wide. The distance between the letters is minimal: the characters almost touch each other, but this does not happen because there are no serifs. Of typographical interest is the original combination of the lowercase “e” with the uppercase letter: it is so large that the difference in fonts is not immediately noticeable.


Logo Heinz

The manufacturer of sauces could not choose another visual style: the Heinz emblem is red because that is the color of tomatoes that form the basis of its products. The emblem is arc-shaped at the top and flat at the bottom. Its base is a shaped trapezoid with “steps” on the sides. The name of the trademark is white, typed in italics. The letters are slightly wavy lowercase, except for the first one. The “H” has both ends elongated, and the “z” has the lower part.


Budweiser Logo

The famous beer brand also uses a red background in its logo. But the Budweiser logo is still different from the visual identification signs of other companies – for example, its shape. The thing is that it looks like a bow tie. Straight lines and right angles emphasize its geometricity. The name, located in the center, is white, italic, and made in a font imitating handwriting. The letters are calligraphic, connected to each other, and have the same height and width. At the narrowest point is the letter “d,” while the “B” and “r” extend beyond the borders of the figure.


Logo Nintendo

The Nintendo logo is an indication of the company’s roots, as red is the color of the Japanese flag. In addition, excitement, passion, joy, and energy are expressed through this spectral hue, as this brand belongs to the gaming and entertainment industry. Its badge is incredibly red – light scarlet, bright, dazzling. It represents a rectangle stretched horizontally. In the center is an oval formed by a bold white stripe. In the center of it, on a red background, is a white inscription denoting the name of the console manufacturer. The letters are grotesque and flat. Almost all of them are rounded except for the “N,” “i,” and “t.”


Logo Pinterest

The online platform Pinterest uses a red-colored emblem combined with white. The emblem consists of two components: the pin and the name. The site’s personalized pin is circular in shape with a solid red fill and a white “P” in the background. It has a curved shape with a large cap and flowing lines. The end of the stem is connected to the edge of the circle and is pointed, making the glyph look like a pin. On the right side is the text part, typed in red letters. They are printed, strictly vertical, grotesque, lowercase, except for the first one.

Swiss International Air Lines

Logo Swiss International Air Lines

The Swiss International Air Lines logo is also in red and white. It is a complex visual image, as it consists of two components. The first is a figure resembling the keel and rudder from the tail of an airplane. Its lower and upper borders are horizontal, and its sides are diagonal. In its background, there is a flat cross taken from the Swiss national flag. The inscription is bold, chopped, capitalized. Like the icon, it is colored in rich red.

Adobe Acrobat

Logo Adobe Acrobat

The Adobe Acrobat logo is characterized by the presence of an encrypted inscription. In addition to the catchy red color, it contains the letter “A.” It is stylized under the Mobius loop – a kind of infinity ribbon with smooth transitions between the sides. The glyph also has the form of a triangle with bent ends, which is located with a slight inclination to the left. The lines are white, of medium thickness, visible against the background of a light-colored square with rounded corners. Such an icon serves not only as a logo but also as an icon for mobile applications, as well as a symbol of the site. The red and white scale, in this case, symbolizes innovation and energy.


Logo Target

The American department store chain Target has an abstract logo. At first glance, the sign seems non-thematic, but it is not – it is directly related to commerce and sales. The emblem looks like a target with one center circle with a solid fill and one wide border ring. Between them is a white stripe of equal width. The concept of this emblem proclaims every purchase is an accurate hit on the target. Below is the company name typed in thin sans-serif letters. Partial rounding is only possible for “R” and “G”.


Logo Vodafone

Cellular operator Vodafone chose a red logo because of the instant recognition among competitors, as this color is very eye-catching. On the background of a red-orange circle, it placed a thick comma colored white. Below is the text part. It is the name of the company typed in lowercase letters. The bright red letters have a rounded shape, which gives them a streamlined look. The exception is the letter “v,” which has straight lines and angles.


Logo Kmart

The block letter “K” in dark carmine color is what primarily characterizes the Kmart logo. This color perfectly attracts the attention of buyers and sets them in a serious mood because the department store chain in the United States sells a huge range of goods. The emblem consists of two parts: in addition to one capital letter, there is a text. It is located below and is made in lowercase. All characters (except the first) are rounded. At the “t,” cut off the left part of the crossbar, which allowed designers to optimally position the neighboring “r.”


Logo Ariel

The Ariel logo has an opposite approach to the red color: it is not dark but bright, close to the carrot shade. With it, the race car manufacturer makes a loud statement. Its visual identification is a circle with a non-standard letter “A” inside. It consists of two superimposed triangles: small-red, large – and white. They have sharp tops and rounded legs. The large dot replaces the crossbar. Under the graphic icon, there is a text part. It contains the name of the brand, made in the same color as the background circle. All glyphs are uppercase chopped.

Red Bull

Logo Red Bull

The Red Bull brand of energy drinks has chosen a logo that matches its name. Red color, in this case, means strength, energy, and power. That is why, in its logo, two red bulls are fighting against the background of the rising sun. It is depicted as a disk with yellow reflections on the animals’ bodies. This artistic technique allows you to emphasize the musculature, highlight the contours, and add tension. The eyes are drawn in the same color. The company name is written at the bottom in a large font. The letters are not serifed, and the curves of the “R” and “B” do not reach the opposite side.


Logo Cagiva

The Cagiva logo is the most complex among the red-colored logos of other companies. It consists of many thin lines forming the image of an elephant. The head is depicted in profile. In it, the ear, forehead, tusk, and trunk can be guessed. For manufacturers of motorcycles, this animal is the embodiment of strength, so the emblem is red. The central part is taken in an oval frame. Below is the name of the Italian company. It is typed in cursive in a grotesque style. The letters are large, bold, and capitalized.