Most Famous Logos in Yellow

Most Famous Logos in Yellow

The yellow color – like sunlight, is full of warmth, friendliness, and joy. This shade is used in the logo to show teamwork. A friendly community that is ready to welcome the customer. The color promises pleasant emotions from using the brand’s products or offers. It guarantees problem-solving, growth, flourishing, and a surge of energy. Companies that use yellow in their logo appear energetic, bright, and cheerful before the viewer. They always leave a pleasant impression of lightness and simplicity in dealing with them.


Antefilms Logo

2003 a noteworthy transition occurred when a celebrated French television production entity rebranded itself as Antefilms Studios. The emblem they selected, a radiant yellow crescent, harmoniously aligns with a sleek white inscription highlighted by a distinct black edging. This mesmerizing design unmistakably resonates with the visual characteristics of Moonscoop, its preceding organization that left its mark from 2003 to 2014. Within the emblem, the moon symbolizes far more than a mere celestial entity; it represents dreams, deep insights, and the vast spectrum of fantasies that the studio skillfully translates for viewers. The Antefilms logo subtly showcases animated elements, hinting at the studio’s early ventures in animation.

Arizona State Sun Devils

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo

In 1946, a defining moment for Arizona State University sports teams occurred with the unveiling a distinct devilish trident. This emblematic feature is associated with their beloved mascot, Sparky, a brainchild of the renowned illustrator Berk Anthony. The Arizona State Sun Devils emblem name originates in the meteorological events akin to a minor twister, encapsulating the indomitable spirit and resilience of the athletes. With an amiable nature yet possessing formidable strength, these athletes demonstrate impressive prowess on the field, effortlessly overshadowing and outmaneuvering their competition.

Arkansas PB Golden Lions

Arkansas PB Golden Lions Logo

The University of Arkansas sports teams take pride in an emblem featuring the magnificent golden mane of a lion. The piercing red eyes and open maw infuse the image with a daunting, almost fiendish allure. Drawing comparisons to the winding tendrils of the mythical Gorgon Medusa, the flowing mane exudes a mesmerizing and intimidating aura. The Arkansas PB Golden Lions logo is a testament to the solidarity and indomitable spirit of the athletes, whose vibrant vigor consistently overpowers adversaries on the field. For those who identify with the emblem, it offers a symbolic shield, guarding the collective pride of its bearers.


Batman Logo

Evolving as a distinctive symbol from the pages of DC Comics, the Batman emblem, showcasing a black bat silhouetted against a luminous yellow oval, has become synonymous with a vigilant protector of the night. As Bruce Wayne dons his iconic suit, the city is blanketed under the safeguarding embrace of his expansive wings. The vibrant yellow hue emanating from the emblem signifies a beacon of hope and security. With this nocturnal guardian tirelessly watching over them, the residents of the metropolis breathe easier, their nights illuminated by the unwavering commitment of this shadowy crusader for righteousness.

Best Buy

Best Buy Logo

The Best Buy logo, representing one of America’s leading home appliance retailers, stands out with a distinctive yellow hue synonymous with low-cost offerings and value for money. This vivid color symbolizes the joy of purchasing dependable and practical gadgets and establishes a connection with the consumer psyche. The emblem instills a sense of immediacy and advantage with its similarity to the yellow price tag. Such design choices subtly convey the message that this establishment prioritizes the interests and savings of its clientele, reinforcing the idea of superior deals and top-quality merchandise.


Billa Logo

Prominently featuring large, radiant yellow letters, the Billa emblem is a beacon for shoppers in Austria. The vibrant hue is more than just eye-catching; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering value and fostering a delightful shopping experience. Billa’s inception was as a discount store. Deriving its name from “Billiger Laden,” which translates to “cheap store,” the brand has consistently upheld its promise of affordability. The modern iteration of the store still echoes its founding principles, frequently showcasing yellow price tags, signifying cost-effective deals, and ensuring that customers always find value in their purchases.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund Logo

The Borussia Dortmund logo uniquely encapsulates the legacy and prowess of one of Germany’s most esteemed football clubs. At the heart of the emblem lies a design resembling a soccer ball, seamlessly integrating the sport’s essence. Adorning this iconic symbol are the bold capital letters representing the club’s initials, taken from Ballspiel-Verein Borussia. Including “09” offers a nod to the club’s rich history, pinpointing its foundation year of 1909. The club’s black-and-yellow color palette has earned the affectionate moniker of the ‘black-and-yellows.’ Within the emblem, the encompassing yellow circle is a testament to unity, agility, and the harmonious rhythm of the team on the pitch. This vibrant hue radiates an infectious optimism. In the realm of football, there’s an intriguing contrast. At the same time, yellow resonates with positivity and dynamism; it’s also the hue of caution – reminiscent of the yellow card issued for unsportsmanlike conduct. This duality adds depth to the emblem’s significance, making it all the more captivating.


Carhartt Logo

The Carhartt emblem stands out with its distinctive yellow swirl, a prominent feature that immediately captures attention. Complemented by a sleek black inscription, the design emphasizes the solidity and robust nature of the brand. Emblem elements reflect the strength and stability of jackets and overalls for large-bodied men. With the emblem’s warm yellow hue, there’s an implied promise of comfort, suggesting that wearers will feel enveloped in coziness while donning the brand’s attire. Building on over a century of heritage, the brand pays homage to its founder, Hamilton Carhartt. This time-honored name has remained integral to the emblem, showcasing the brand’s commitment to tradition and quality.


Cheetos Logo

The Cheetos logo is instantly recognizable with its vivid yellow lettering, symbolic of the product’s cheesy flavor and the corn from which it’s made. The font’s sharp design elements hint at the zesty kick and crispy texture these popular cheese snacks are known for. The deep black backdrop provides a striking contrast, further accentuating the vibrancy of the logo and the product itself. While the snack has been a favorite since 1948, its branding got an extra boost with the introduction of Chester Cheetah, the brand’s charismatic yellow mascot. His playful and mischievous nature perfectly embodies the spirit of the snack, making him a fitting representative in conjunction with the logo.


Chevrolet Logo

With its distinctive bowtie shape, the Chevrolet emblem pays homage to the Swiss roots of the brand’s founders, Louis and Arthur Chevrolet. While many associate the design with the American automotive spirit, its origins can be traced back to the Swiss flag’s cross. The emblem’s dark yellow hue, enclosed within a silver outline, signifies more than aesthetics. It is a testament to the safety and comfort Chevrolet cars provide their drivers. Throughout its history, this emblem has remained an iconic representation of quality and innovation in the automotive industry.

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups Logo

The golden-hued bloom adorned with a spectrum of colors, crafted for the esteemed Spanish brand, is a testament to Salvador Dalí’s creative genius. This emblem resonates with happiness and playfulness, echoing a youthful innocence and warmth. The confectionery’s sugary flavor is mirrored in its design, with every contour hinting at a distinctive ingredient that leaves a lingering sensation on the palate. The predominant golden shade in the emblem evokes a universe of delight reminiscent of the Chupa Chups logo.


Commerzbank Logo

The golden triangular ribbon design graces the Commerzbank emblem, representing one of Germany’s most formidable banking institutions. This design is reminiscent of Dresdner Bank AG’s logo, a significant entity with which a merger occurred in 2008. The choice of the yellow hue and the seamless lines are distinctive contributions from Commerzbank to this unified symbol. The triangular shape represents the equilibrium achieved through collaborative growth involving the bank, its customers, and its associates. The dominant yellow accentuates the essence of open dialogue and connectivity.


Continental Logo

The choice of a yellow-orange hue for the Continental logo, especially for a tire production company, may initially appear unconventional. This specific tint embodies the straightforwardness and agility of the automobile’s “shoes.” The products are renowned for their exceptional traction, ensuring a smooth and reassuring driving experience. Having the company’s name illuminated in this vibrant color symbolizes a journey with Continental that alleviates any undue concerns or complications.


DHL Logo

The DHL emblem, in bright red lettering on a sun-drenched yellow background, embodies a sense of momentum and urgency. With its distinctive elements, the lettering gives the impression of swiftly moving past, reminiscent of the speed and efficiency with which deliveries are made. This yellow rectangular field symbolizes the myriad packages and consignments the American logistics behemoth handles daily. Beyond aesthetics, the chosen color palette instills confidence and conveys a promise of reliability and assurance to its clientele.


Denny's Logo

Brightly displayed with a yellow pentagonal backdrop and a striking red script, Denny’s logo exudes a sense of warmth and celebration, characteristic of classic American diners. This emblem signifies a dining place and a haven where patrons can savor deliciously curated dishes presented with finesse. The pentagonal form hearkens back to the architectural design of early diner rooftops and subtly alludes to the packaging that carefully encloses a variety of culinary treats.


EE Logo

With its yellow, overlapping circles, the EE emblem becomes a visual representation of the essence of connectivity, as championed by the renowned British mobile operator. These circles, evoking the image of interlinked realms, signify the convergence and symbiosis of diverse communication pathways. The choice of the vibrant yellow hue amplifies the sentiment of positive interactions, facilitating engaging dialogues and bridging distances. Through this design, the logo encapsulates the mission of fostering seamless communication experiences.

El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco Logo

With its design evoking the imagery of a to-go food container, the El Pollo Loco logo seamlessly aligns with the fast-food restaurant culture. The harmonious blend of yellow and orange paints a picture of savory dishes, ensuring visitors of a gastronomic experience awaiting them. The inviting hues signify the brand’s commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere and emphasize the ease of access for patrons seeking a pleasant dining encounter. Accentuating this warm palette, the bold red script and accompanying trim subtly communicate the brand’s promise to deliver prompt and efficient service to its clientele.


Logo Ferrari

The Ferrari emblem incorporates elements of national pride and is a bold yellow vertical rectangle decorated with stripes reflecting the Italian national flag. Dominating this vivid backdrop is a poised black stallion, dynamically rearing upwards, epitomizing unparalleled velocity and vigor. This choice of vibrant yellow resonates with feelings of luxury, nobility, and leisurely elegance, attributes enthusiasts and fans frequently associate with the vehicles produced by this esteemed manufacturer.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket

Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Logo

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket logo melds vibrant yellow capital letters in a distinctive intertwined design. Such an artful arrangement speaks to unity, camaraderie, and the interconnectedness of the athletic community. Further amplifying this ethos is the lively mascot, Buzz the Yellow Jacket. This emblematic insect represents tenacity and dedication and a light-hearted and playful nature, reminding viewers of the balance between dedication to one’s craft and the importance of enjoying the journey.

Hellas Verona

Hellas Verona Logo

The Hellas Verona emblem stands as a testament to the region’s rich history, intertwining the legacy of the ancient Scala family with the passion for football. Two mastiff dog faces in opposite directions dominate the logo, echoing a sense of vigilance and resilience. These canines, styled to represent the initial letter of the club, exude a protective aura as if keeping watch over the team’s honor. Central to this emblem is a pristine white staircase, a symbolic representation of the team’s journey, always aspiring upwards. The presence of the yellow hue in the design not only amplifies the vitality of the players but also encapsulates their collective dedication and unity on the field.


Hertz Logo

The Hertz logo, symbolic of a leading car rental company in the United States, utilizes a striking mix of yellow and black. This duo of hues subtly communicates efficiency and trustworthiness, hallmarks of the company’s fleet. The logo, encapsulated in an oval shape, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to offering an easy and inclusive rental experience. The radiant highlights on the vibrant yellow backdrop invoke images of sunlight dancing off a sleek car surface, a nod to the elegance and comfort customers can expect from their vehicles.



The golden ellipse set against a cerulean backdrop represents an individual’s sanctuary – comfortable and safe. Items from this Swedish retail chain contribute to its creation. Attractive and reasonably priced furnishings offer customers a chic living space. The hues reminiscent of the Swedish national flag emphasize the brand’s commitment to its national heritage, with the IKEA emblem as an iconic representation.


IMDb Logo

The fusion of a golden rectangular backdrop with a bold black script is frequently seen in branding designs. In the case of the IMDb logo, this rectangle evokes the essence of a comprehensive archive. The website offers many details spanning the expanse of the film industry. The appearance of the IMDb logo serves as a beacon for movie enthusiasts searching for in-depth insights.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger Logo

The In-N-Out Burger emblem effectively communicates speed and a delightful eating experience using a vibrant combination of red and yellow colors. The distinct yellow arrow, gracefully arched, serves as a directional cue, guiding potential patrons to where delectable burgers await. This symbolic design underscores the notion of readily available dining options and the strategic placement of their establishments.


Karcher Logo

The Kärcher logo, adorned with a prominent yellow stripe, accentuates the company’s identity. This particular hue resonates with notions of cleanliness, aesthetic appeal, and organization – all attributes associated with the offerings of this renowned German equipment producer. The unbroken, linear design element in the emblem adds to its visual appeal and stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to product excellence.

La Poste

La Poste Logo

The La Poste emblem, characterized by its vibrant yellow circle and an intricately designed bluebird reminiscent of a compact aircraft, has remained a steadfast representation of the iconic French postal service for nearly two decades since its introduction in 2005. This captivating avian figure gives the impression of being bathed in a luminous glow. Within this emblem, the yellow hue underscores the company’s unwavering commitment and dedication to the precise and careful delivery of each client’s correspondence.


Lays Logo

The Lays logo features a radiant yellow circle reminiscent of a perfectly fried potato chip, glowing with a delectable crunch. Encompassed by a bold red ribbon that showcases the brand’s name in pristine white lettering, it subtly alludes to the diverse range of flavors and seasonings that complement the essential chip. This color palette evokes delightful moments shared over savory snacks in congenial gatherings.


Lipton Logo

Within the Lipton emblem, the radiant yellow circle, complemented by white gleaming details, evokes the imagery of peering down into a steaming cup of aromatic tea. This circle, adorned with a red label featuring a crisp white brand name, resonates with the visual aesthetic of a tea bag’s label from this iconic British brand. The chosen palette not only encapsulates the inviting warmth of a well-prepared cup but also brings forth the essence of the beverage’s luminous, sun-infused flavors that are rich and inviting.


Logo McDonald's

The iconic golden arches, reminiscent of the initial letter in the renowned fast-food chain’s name, are instantly recognizable to countless individuals across the globe. These sweeping curves draw inspiration from the architectural arches of the inaugural McDonald’s eatery. The elements of the McDonald’s logo introduced in 1961 can be compared to the look of their signature fries. Frequently set against a vibrant red backdrop, this color choice evokes sensations of quick, delicious meals awaiting eager patrons.

Michigan Wolverines

Michigan Wolverines Logo

The Michigan Wolverines emblem prominently features the grand letter M, bridging the university’s academic and athletic realms. With its deep yellow hue, the emblem resonates with solidarity, enthusiasm, and camaraderie among players and supporters. Attempts to use actual wolverines as mascots were met with challenges due to their tenacious nature. The choice was made to symbolize the team’s strength and assurance with the steadfast letter M. This iconic symbol is a testament to the team’s enduring spirit and dedication.


Nantes Logo

The Nantes logo, representative of the renowned French football club, takes the shape of a distinctive pennant. The angular strokes define the bold letter N’s boundaries, while nestled below is the ermine symbol, echoing the heritage of the city’s historical coat of arms. With its lustrous golden hue juxtaposed against a shield reminiscent of intricate lacework, the emblem exudes an aura of prestige. The vibrant color, coupled with the athletic silhouette of the players, has affectionately earned them the moniker “the Canaries,” adding a touch of endearment to their identity on the field.

National Geographic

National Geographic Logo

The National Geographic emblem, represented by its distinct yellow border, mirrors the magazine’s signature format and acts as a symbolic gateway to global wonders. This emblematic entrance allows individuals to delve deep into the Earth’s incredible secrets. With its rectangular framework and prominent lettering, the design is a beckoning call, encouraging a collective journey toward discovery and adventure.


Nikon Logo

The Nikon logo showcases an intriguing visual play symbolic of the Japanese imaging and optical products company. Its gilded yellow square accentuates the luxurious quality of its products and the company’s commitment to top-tier craftsmanship—the diagonal white elements within the emblem hint at innovation and a forward-thinking approach. Anchoring the design is the black lettering, which stands as a testament to the brand’s enduring trustworthiness. This emblem debuted in 2003, marking the brand’s progression and steadfast dedication to excellence.


Logo Nirvana

The Nirvana emblem, characterized by its vibrant yellow hue, captures the spirit of the influential American rock band and its mix of casual and introspective vibes. The emblem, introduced in 1991, has a distinct smiley face with a tongue sticking out against a background of bold letters with pronounced serifs. This combination of playful imagery and assertive text hints at the transformative experience that the band’s music promises. The emblem further underscores the sense of transcendence and inner peace that the band’s name, Nirvana, suggests. While the emblem’s origin has been a topic of discussion, recent revelations by designer Robert Fisher indicate his role in its creation. For years, many attributed this iconic design to the band’s charismatic frontman, Kurt Cobain.


Optus Logo

The Optus logo imparts a sense of reliability and modernity. These dynamically crafted characters suggest movement, capturing the rapid and efficient flow of information in a digital age. While the yellow rendition has its distinct appeal, there’s another variant with hues evocative of ocean waves. This shade offers a refreshing contrast and subtly hints at the company’s commitment to state-of-the-art technological solutions. The design choices made in the Optus logo reflect the brand’s promise to provide seamless and cutting-edge communication solutions to its users across Australia.


Radical Logo

The emblem featuring a navigator on a roadway stripe has emerged as the hallmark of the UK-based race car producer. These designs outline the unique shape of the letter R. The emblem’s golden hue reflects the exhilaration of piloting open-cockpit automobiles, which this manufacturer is renowned for. The symbol can be seen as a Radical emblem representing the company’s identity and ethos.


Reese's Logo

The Reese’s logo, often associated with delectable treats, evokes the sensation of rich, flowing chocolate. Golden-hued letters set against a deep brown backdrop mirror the essence of its peanut butter core. This emblem encapsulates the velvety and mouth-watering allure of the product it represents.


Schweppes Logo

The Schweppes emblem, representative of the famed Swiss carbonated beverages, is depicted as a gentle yellow flow reminiscent of a pristine spring. Complemented by its metallic silver border, the design exudes an aura of chilled refreshment. Beyond its visual appeal, the emblem evokes a sensation of zest and vitality, alluding to the revitalizing nature of the drink.


Scoot Logo

The Scoot logo, encapsulated in a vivid yellow circle, exudes enthusiasm and wanderlust. The lettering, representative of the Singapore-based airline, emanates a sense of anticipation as if poised for a grand adventure. Within this symbolic circle, an artful representation of an airplane emerges, soaring confidently in front of a dazzling sun, symbolizing the new beginnings and adventures that air travel promises.


Logo Snapchat

The Snapchat emblem, depicting a friendly white ghost against a bright yellow backdrop, is a testament to the platform’s commitment to privacy and inclusivity. This emblem conveys a sense of belonging and the idea that every user is welcomed into the communication fold, embracing their unique qualities. The invitation inherent in the design encourages one to populate the white space within its boundaries, signaling an introduction or a step into the vibrant digital community.


Sprint Logo

The Sprint logo, characterized by a luminous yellow wing, encapsulates the essence of swift and seamless communication. Each feather can be likened to a communication channel, facilitating the rapid and smooth transmission of information to its users. Crafted with finesse by the designers at Lippincott Mercer, the wing’s sleek stroke culminates into the point of an arrow, further emphasizing the notion of rapidity and promptness inherent in the brand’s ethos.


Stanley Logo

The American company Stanley Hand Tools adopted a yellow rectangular design for its emblem. This symbol reflects a household where precision and functionality reign, brought to life by dependable hand tools. The emblem’s significance is accentuated by the distinct black characters spelling out its name. The importance of the Stanley emblem in representing such reliability cannot be understated.


Symantec Logo

The deep amber-hued circle containing a rising black checkmark represents a beacon of reliability. After acquiring the VeriSign brand, the software enterprise integrated this significant element into its identity. The amber circle stands as a testament to safety, while the embedded checkmark accentuates the idea of ensured protection and verification. The distinctiveness and value of the Symantec logo in embodying these principles are paramount.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Logo

The Thomas Cook emblem is an epitome of wanderlust and the world’s beauty, encased within a golden heart, akin to the sun taking refuge in a secure haven. This insignia radiates the allure of nature, the deep-rooted passion for exploration, and the commitment to presenting customers with the marvels of the globe. The emblem’s vibrant yellow hue underscores a promise of unparalleled quality, elite services, and memorable journeys that remain etched in one’s mind.

West Virginia Mountaineers

West Virginia Mountaineers Logo

The West Virginia Mountaineers logo, symbolic of West Virginia University sports teams, embodies determination and intricate design principles. The intertwined yellow strokes forming the letters W and V evoke images of towering peaks, symbolizing the collective resilience and shared ambition of the athletes to conquer challenges. The zigzag patterns can be likened to the synchronized heartbeat of the team; each beat resonating with unity and shared purpose.

Western Union

Western Union Logo

The Western Union emblem, with its distinct yellow hue, prominently features intertwined letters W and U. This design represents the seamless transfer of messages from one location to another. Embedded within this symbol is a promise of meticulous care and unwavering dependability. The firm stands as a bridge, enabling individuals to stay connected and ensuring that every transaction or communication is executed perfectly.


Wu-Tang Logo

The Wu-Tang logo, representing the iconic American hip-hop ensemble, prominently features a distinctive yellow letter W, intersected by the group’s name on a contrasting white stripe. This emblem evokes imagery of a DJ’s hands deftly manipulating vinyl or perhaps the expansive wings of a bird in mid-flight. The logo captures the essence of its namesake’s martial arts inspiration, filled with energy and rhythm. It masterfully merges musical prowess with the dynamism and fluidity of motion, epitomizing the group’s distinct brand and ethos.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Logo

The Yellow Pages emblem, also known as the “Walking Fingers” design, is a testament to artist Henry Alexander’s creative brilliance. This symbolic representation offers insight into an individual’s journey navigating through various pages of a directory. Just as one would wander through a bustling city, encountering many top-notch businesses, this emblem illustrates every adventure. With its striking yellow square backdrop contrasted by bold black details, the logo exudes trustworthiness. It acts as a beacon, assuring users that they will receive comprehensive and detailed data about local enterprises and services.