Most Famous Logos With a Flame

Most Famous Logos With a Flame

Fire is a controversial and very complex image. However, it is often used in visual identity because it explains the concept of brands in an easy-to-understand way. Also, the flame easily conveys the main direction of work, can quickly reflect the life position of any organization, and emphasize its social significance. As a result, many types of fire are represented in the identity:

  • An ever-burning passion
  • A torch of knowledge
  • Heartfelt concern for others
  • Sizzling beauty
  • Incendiary energy
  • Destruction

That is, it is extremely important for companies to find the right style of emblems in order to avoid double interpretation.

Indeed, the flame will begin to shine in all its glory if you approach it professionally. Only in this way will it present the logo as part of the corporate image. As a result, it is often seen on emblems in various shapes, compositions, colors, and sizes. Sending love is also a good option, which is what health-related services prefer to do. Fire, as a way to enlighten minds, is an ideal solution for educational institutions.

We offer you to get acquainted with the “fiery” symbols of the most famous brands in the world. We have collected them randomly, without any criteria. And our selection is opened by a trademark that everyone has long heard about. So, by comparing popular logos, you can find a secret pattern that contributes to the rapid promotion of companies.


Logo Zippo

The lighter manufacturer Zippo has one of the most recognizable logos. Red tongues of fire are used instead of the classic dot over the “i,” which is not only original but also very practical. Firstly, two main components are combined at once: drawing and text. Secondly, it helps to correctly understand the direction of the company’s work without additional inscriptions. The flame is tilted to the left side and almost touches the top of the “Z.” To achieve its resemblance to a lighter, the designers lengthened the right side and connected it to the next letter. The rest of the signs are rounded off.


Logo Agip

For a company engaged in the production of fuels and lubricants, fate itself is destined to have fire in its identity. The designers proposed the Agip logo in a bright palette with a fire-breathing black wolf with six paws. The mythical creature is standing, looking back, and red flames burst from its mouth. The ridge and paws of the animal are covered with triangular spikes. The wolf is located at the top of the yellow square with rounded corners. Below it is the lowercase inscription “eni,” made in black outline.

US Open

Logo US Open

The US Open, the most authoritative tennis championship, has a two-part logo. The first is the yellow light. It has three tongues and a rounded start that combines horizontal stripes of different lengths. Next is the name of a famous sporting event. It is in lowercase blue letters. The lettering is cursive, and all the characters are smooth and streamlined. The flame, in this case, means the powerful pressure with which a tennis ball flies. It also conveys the dynamics of hot serving, due to which the sports attribute turns into a burning clot. This saturates the emblem with movement and energy.

American Heart Association

Logo American Heart Association

Given the specifics of the activities of this organization, it simply cannot have another emblem. Therefore, the logo designed for the American Heart Association is a heart combined with a lit torch that divides it in half. Due to the fact that the sign is made in only two colors, it seems as if the torch is located in a negative space. For naturalness, he casts a slight shadow on the right side of the composition. Two tongues of flame soar above the heart: one is large (upper), and the second is small (lower). They symbolize caring for those who need it. A three-level black inscription complements the emblem.

UAB Blazers

Logo UAB Blazers

The flame-spitting dragon is the backbone of the athletic department at the University of Alabama. This is a cool and strong sign that demonstrates superiority over competitors and inspires them with fear of teams. UAB Blazers has a one-component logo: it does not have an inscription. The mythical animal is depicted slightly below the neck level and painted in black and green. He has a terrible mouth with a row of sharp fangs, between which red-yellow fire curls, in harmony with the shade of the eyes. Together, they increase the feeling of aggression and danger and demonstrate to competitors the desire to win.

Better Business Bureau

Logo Better Business Bureau

The non-profit service that helps in accrediting businesses and resolving business conflicts has a non-standard fire. The designers proposed a logo for the Better Business Bureau in the original color scheme – blue and white, which is an uncommon combination of shades of flame. Therefore, it looks abstract, protruding above a small disk on a short leg. Under it is the abbreviated name of the organization. The abbreviation is also blue, as is the text below – “Start With Trust.”


Logo Tinder

The fire, which looks like a thick claw of a crab, has become the main symbol of the romantic dating app. It signifies passion and love. It was these feelings that the developers conveyed when they proposed a logo with a flame for Tinder. The emblem came out stylish, minimalistic, and modern. At the bottom, the fiery tongues have a rounded shape; at the top, they are forked with a barely noticeable admixture of an orange tint on a pastel red background. On the right side is the name of the resource. It is strict, lowercase, and black, that is, contrasting with the first element. The font is bold and has no serifs.


Logo Burn

This brand is well known to energy drink lovers because it has a flame in everything: in the name, in the logo, and in the contents of the can. The Burn company chose this logo because it “ignites” the body, firing through the veins. Moreover, it is depicted in a double form: white – in a black circle and yellow-red – above it. The top element resembles a candle flame. Below is the brand name. It is lowercase, black, and vertically elongated. Such a pattern is perceived as very powerful and brilliantly conveys the purpose of the drink.


Logo Thrasher

The magazine’s name literally burns because the designers chose a bright and original logo for Thrasher, reminiscent of a wall of raging fire. The word “Thrasher” is massive and glowing. Above each letter are painted yellow flames. All elements are outlined in red. The central signs are short; the side ones are long, so the word has an arched shape. The bottom text is colored red. It consists of thin uppercase glyphs padded with horizontal strokes. The inscription is cursive and does not contain serifs.

Calgary Flames

Logo Calgary Flames

The Canadian hockey team Calgary Flames has a very aggressive logo. The burning letter “C” resembles jaws that are ready to close or classic iron tongs heated to hot. The monoblock glyph represents the pressure of the sports club, the zeal to win, and the increased danger to rivals. On the left side is a raging flame. The entire symbol is colored red and outlined with a medium-width yellow-orange stripe. The purpose of such an emblem is to instill fear in competitors. It also conveys the heat of passion in the arena and the tense atmosphere of the competition. There is no text in it.

Tennessee Titans

Logo Tennessee Titans

The fire is also present in the identity of the famous football club from the USA. Tennessee Titans chose the logo with a burning ball as a sign that football is an incredibly intense game. The result is a medallion in a silver frame, inside of which, on a dark blue background, is the letter “T” in the form of a large nail with a wide head. Three burgundy stars are drawn around. A tail of blue-red spectrum flame stretches up to the left of the circle, making the badge both stylish, bright, and modern, reflecting the athletes’ goals.


Logo CFP

The CFP logo consists of an abbreviation that comes from the expanded name of the company Certified Financial Planner. The fire is symbolic because it has the form of three diagonal strokes raised to the right. They are wide, with sharp ends, and are located one above the other, resembling flames. The blue half-disk serves as a background for them. Beneath it is the name of the certifying organization, set in large capital letters with serifs. The inscription is aligned on both sides and has a small inter-character space. The text makes the emblem balanced in composition, adding strength and stability to it.


Logo Springfield

Two cannons crossed in the middle and a cannonball – this is the emblem of this brand. At first glance, it may seem that Springfield chose an old-fashioned logo, but this impression is erroneous because, in fact, the emphasis is on historicity and original roots. The black frame around the main elements balances the composition and adds professionalism and rigor to it. The central ring is wide enough to fit several inscriptions at once: the name and the year of foundation. They are typed in bold sans serif in upper case. There is a bonfire above the circle. Like all other elements, it is monochrome. The fire, in this case, conveys the lofty purpose of the company.

Demon Slayer

Logo Demon Slayer

The fire in the emblem of a popular Japanese manga is shaped like a ring, so it looks like the rim is on fire. Among the bright red, black gradually appears, which eventually turns into a dark inner circle. The flame, in this case, is abstract and serves as a spectacular frame with torn contours. It has neither a gradient nor a distinct border, and the sign’s meaning lies in the name, located right there – in the center. Therefore, the logo conveys a sense of danger, menace, and power in the Demon Slayer franchise. The inscription is made in a designer font with uneven edges. Although all the letters in it are capital, the first and last are much larger than the rest.


Logo Spitfire

Designed for Spitfire, the logo looks like fire. It depicts narrow eyes and a wide mouth with a sly smile. The teeth are white and triangular, giving the impression of critical danger. They are tightly compressed. Instead of hair, flaming tongues of flame are drawn on the head: four winding stripes are directed upwards with their points. The badge is painted crimson and outlined in bold black.


Logo DepED

This inscription stands for Department of Education and indicates the state structure of the Philippines. Especially for DepED, the logo is made strict and serious because it belongs to the government service. The left side of the text is colored blue; the right side is colored red. The central letter is transformed into a torch with a burning fire. The red flame consists of two parts and has a slight yellow glow. Both “D” and the penultimate “E” are uppercase; the rest are lowercase. Below is the full title, left aligned. The fire here symbolizes the craving for knowledge.


Logo Santander

The designers chose a business-style logo for the Spanish financial company Santander. It is bright red, which helps to attract the attention of most customers. The emblem depicts an abstract design with several diagonal stripes that represent fire. It emerges from a horizontal oval. Nearby is the name of the organization, the letters in which are distinguished by a clear outline and a perfect balance of spacing. The font is capital, sans-serif.


Logo Doritos

The Doritos brand has a triangular logo – in the form of chips produced based on Mexican nachos. They are spicy due to the original seasoning, so their fire is associated with a burning taste. In the center of the emblem is a triangle with an orange-yellow outline and a black center. The stripes run through both “o” s, tapering towards the tops. The inscription is white, horizontal, and streamlined. But there are also sharp elements – for example, a mini-triangle above the “i,” the ends of the “s” and “t.” The glyphs and frame are shaded, so the dark smoky background is visually concentrated around them. It clearly shows the theme of fire, which in this case, is minimal.

Juice WRLD

Logo Juice WRLD

Neon flames are the basis of the popular American rapper’s visual identity. This is the fire of emotions conveyed in music, the burning power of feelings that fill audio compositions. The name is typed in large yellow letters as if trembling through a haze, so the edges are unevenly wavy. The bonfire, where the inscription burns, is a gradient – it has a transition from fuchsia to pale pink and from red to orange. The motif of the Juice WRLD logo is clear: it is the music of the flame. Along the entire upper part of the banner, fiery tongues curl: they have different heights, but they are all directed upwards. Such an icon is filled with individuality because it cannot be confused with any other. It looks progressive and cool.


Logo RuneScape

The logo designed for RuneScape is made in a classic gaming style because this is a famous MMO video game. The basis of the emblem is a three-dimensional inscription with letters of a cold steel shade. The first glyph is stylized as an old knight’s sword with a brown handle. Its other half is a long fiery rope that extends from a sharp blade and ends with a triangular tip, like an arrow. The flaming loop covers the word “Scape” and rushes to the left. The combination of cold gray metal and hot fiery lava forms an inimitable atmosphere of magic and brutality. The title is set in Old English style. Each letter is outlined in black.

Empire 8

Logo Empire 8

It is a sports conference affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, so its visual identity is tied to the theme of winning. And the torch is directly related to them: earlier, with its help, they kindled a fire on Mount Olympus, which gave the name to the Olympic Games. Empire 8’s logo contains exactly this attribute. It is dark gray, in the Empire style, with a narrow handle and a wide top in which an orange-yellow flame blazes. The silver torch is adorned with laurel leaves and takes the place of the capital “I.” The organization’s name is written in large blue letters with a double border.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Logo Phantom Thieves of Hearts

The magical-heroic comic is adorned with an emblem consonant with the name: the developers have chosen a flaming red logo for Phantom Thieves of Hearts. The heart is visible in the opening of the tall hat: it is engulfed in tongues of white fire. The cylinder has curved fields and black blotches where the shadow falls. There is no text in this symbol because, according to the plot, it serves as an original label for representatives of a secret organization. The badge carries powerful energy and looks stylish and bright.


Logo Fireball

In this case, the interpretation of fire is very interesting: it is associated with an alcoholic beverage. The cinnamon whiskey brand Fireball uses a logo with a mythical creature spitting fire. The red character looks like a devil: he has a long, wriggling tail, sharp claws on his hands and feet, and a dragon or dog head. Fiery tongues do not only come out of the mouth: they separate from the back of the head. The drawing is located on a vertical yellow rectangle with burnt edges. Important information about the product is collected there because the emblem also serves as a label and is used on the bottle. Everything presented on it causes a rush of heat – from the scorching along the edges of the sticker to the color palette.

Ohio Valley Conference

Logo Ohio Valley Conference

The Ohio Valley Conference logo contains an abbreviated form of the name. The OVC abbreviation takes center stage, and above it is a small bonfire, visually divided into two parts and outlined in gold. The flame is located above the “V,” stylized as a torch. The letters have double borders and purple highlights that play well against the white background. The basis of the inscription is a dark red oval surrounded by several stripes of different widths. On one of them (on black), the organization’s full name is indicated. Font chopped, capital.

Florida Fire Frogs

Logo Florida Fire Frogs

The designers made a frog logo for Florida Fire Frogs, which is quite predictable because they were guided by the name. She is painted red and holds fire on her back. With a long yellow tongue, the animal grabbed a white ball. The look of the frog is angry, threatening to instill fear in rivals. Flames shoot out of her eyes too. At the bottom is the name of the professional baseball club, made up of flat letters with double coloration (orange-red), which makes them look three-dimensional. All symbols have spikes at the ends.

Mozilla Firefox

Logo Mozilla Firefox

The fire in the identity of one of the most popular browsers is soft, smooth, and beautiful. Mozilla Firefox presented the logo in the form of a fox’s tail, which is reflected in the name. That is, he combined these two concepts according to the principle of visual similarity. It turned out to be a very bright and memorable emblem: the flame seemed to cover the entire globe, casting a purple glow on it. On the left side, the ears and muzzle of the fox are visible. The fire, in this case, is warming, warm, not aggressive.

Fort Wayne Komets

Logo Fort Wayne Komets

The professional hockey team from Ai Diana Fort Wayne Komets chose the logo with a burning puck. However, it does not at all look like a flaming sports attribute, as it looks more like a disc for a cutting power tool. It is possible that this was done on purpose because athletes need to show their determination and determination to win and instill fear in the enemy. The edges of the central element are pointed and outlined with a double contour. The name is located diagonally and is colored black.

Mortal Combat

Logo Mortal Combat

The fire in the Mortal Combat logo is not explicit but background. A black dragon with a forked tongue and spikes on its back is visible in the red-orange reflections of a flame raging somewhere nearby. The mythical creature has a viciously squinted look and a parted mouth. There are no inscriptions in the emblem, and it itself resembles a round medallion in a wide frame.

Hot Wheels

Logo Hot Wheels

The designers proposed a fiery emblem for a popular franchise that produces toys and cartoons. This is due to attracting children’s attention – the target category of consumers. Therefore, the Hot Wheels logo is bright red. It has the shape of a wriggling ribbon, the tail of which looks like flames. Its right edge is narrow; the left one is wide. The brand name is written in bold type on the banner. The letters are individual, large, curly, and at the same time, of different sizes. They are painted in a dark yellow color, clearly standing out against a fiery background.

Miami Heat

Logo Miami Heat

The logo at the Miami Heat club contains a burning ball that flies into the ring. The famous basketball team from Florida has been using it in their visual identity for many years, as it perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the competition, the determination to win, and the unbending will of basketball players. The ball is maroon, and its upper part is yellow, in the form of a flaming tail. The flame goes up and is divided by a ring into two multi-colored segments. Fire, in this case, means such a powerful and intense game that the ball literally “burns” in the hands of the athletes. There is nothing else in the icon, not even the team’s name, which does not prevent it from being original.

Illinois-Chicago Flames

Logo Illinois-Chicago Flames

The Illinois-Chicago Flames have a fiery logo because the club’s character is in their name. The unusual character is that it is diagonal. Everything is located under the slope: a fire, a background, and both lines with inscriptions. The top row shows the abbreviation “UIC,” derived from the phrase University Illinois-Chicago. It is large, blue, with red and white trim. Below is “Flames.” This line is dark red, with wide character spacing. All letters are capital and grotesque. The fire in the emblem is triple:

  • The core is painted white.
  • The outer part is red.
  • The space between them is yellow.

The image is overlaid on top of a vertical banner with rounded corners.