Most Famous Logos with a Flower

Most Famous Logos with a Flower

One of the original and especially attractive symbols in emblems is the image of a flower, first because of its femininity, beauty, grace, and tenderness. Such features make the sign in demand among manufacturers of lingerie and cosmetics, jewelry, and other goods intended for the beautiful half of humanity. But adding vitality, strength, or progressiveness to the visualization makes such an emblem indispensable in other directions. Its bright and abstract performance can greatly enhance the visual impact of a musical rock band, draw attention to the city coat of arms, reflect the peculiarity of services, or originally present your club. It would seem that a simple flower – but how multifaceted and meaningful it can be, will allow you to recognize a huge number of logos using flowers as an element of the composition.


Logo Naturella

Feminine hygiene brand Naturella has an abstract but delicate chamomile logo. This is a symbol of women’s health care, reflecting the use of healing and disinfecting flower extract in almost every product. The emblem is presented in a gradient color scheme from yellow to white in the design of the petals, which are highlighted with a thin black border. Its appeal is supported by the title text in bold black and white beautiful cursive font with smooth outlines.

Guns N’ Roses

Logo Guns N’ Roses

Founded in 1985 in Los Angeles, the rock band Guns N’ Roses used red roses in their emblem. They tightly swaddled two pistols with their branches, symbolizing the peaceful philosophy of the group and its desire to always fight the war, including with the help of flowers. The round emblem with a wide yellow rim framing the central metal core looks bright, and the roses and pistols that cross the image in the center look realistic. The band’s name is engraved around the rim in elegant black with serifs.


Logo Pond’s

The successful history of the American cosmetic brand Ponds, which began in 1845, is reflected in the elegant modern logo. Following the traditions, the company preferred the tulip, the stylized image of which in black provided recognition. It symbolizes youth, beauty, self-esteem, financial well-being, warmth, and spring mood. A closed bud in a graceful oval demonstrates an inexhaustible supply of loyalty to one’s values.


Logo Blossom Blast Saga

A symbiosis of entertainment and flowers is a 2015 mobile application from King for Android and iOS. To attract attention, the game received a logo in bright colors and a fun cartoon style, in which the original round font of the three-level text is made. Letters “O” have been replaced by cute five-petal lilac buds with a contrasting dark yellow center. They highlight bright red text with a red border on a light pink background. Its appeal is emphasized by the word Saga in white lettering against a rich green background.

Fiesta Bowl

Logo Fiesta Bowl

The emblem of the Fiesta Bowl, America’s college football championship since 1971, has a bright, eye-catching flower symbol. A dark blue rounded rectangle intersects the blue-bordered hexagonal pennant shape with a white PlayStation console logo. Paul him – red font with a blue border on a white backing depicts the brand’s name. Above – on a white field, there are blue elements of Arizona nature. The lower top of the pennant is covered by a dark blue circle with an orange-red flower in the form of the sun.

Tulip Computers

Logo Tulip Computers

Tulip Computers, a Dutch PC clone maker from 1979 to 2009, had a stylized red tulip in its logo. He was a tribute to his country, pride in his origin. The three-segmented flower stood out against the black leaves and the two-level name font, whose “i” is formed. The first word is in bold black sans-serif. The second – is applied in lowercase letters in strict execution. The long stroke of the letter “p” with the lower cutout for “e” unites the entire composition.


Logo Blueband

The Dutch company Upfield presents high-quality margarines TM Blueband, having created an attractive identity based on four types of flowers of different colors. Placed above the bold dark blue brand name, they immediately catch the eye, providing brand recognition. Differing in line thickness, shape, and shades – red, yellow, white, and gradient orange, they symbolize the vegetable origin of the product, its diversity, high quality, and naturalness.

Queensland Government

Logo Queensland Government

The administrative body – Queensland Government, formed in 1859, has a bright, memorable emblem with flowers in a heraldic design. They are located at the top, right, and left of the knight’s helmet with a blue Maltese cross with a red and gold imperial crown in the center. A heraldic shield crowns the whole composition with many elements, divided into four colored sectors, held by a red deer representing the old world and a brolg, a symbol of the indigenous population.


Logo FTD

For more than 110 years, the American flower delivery service – FTD has been pleasing its customers, the symbol of which is the golden Hermes with a bouquet in her hands. The current emblem pays homage to its past, demonstrating a commitment to modern technology and the desire to guarantee the speed and high quality of services. The abbreviation font of the name is Florists Telegraph Delivery, the date of foundation and the image of the Greek god are elegant and accurately reflect the company’s goals.


Logo Rose’s

Lime Juice by Keurig Dr. Pepper-Rose’s, named after its manufacturer Lauchlan Rose from Britain, was patented in 1867, becoming the world’s first fruit concentrate. Its dark green label is an image of two limes on a grid of five green ones, in a gradient design of leaves and three pale blue flowers. The composition shares the founding date of the yellow color, effectively balancing it. Above it, in white graceful capital letters with serifs, the name is applied, whose volume is formed by a yellow shadow.


Logo Grünen

At Grünen, the logo is fully consistent with its purpose because this political party from Germany fights for nature and protects it. As a visual identity, she chose a plant theme, more precisely, a rich yellow flower. In its shape and the structure of the petals, it resembles a sunflower, but not with a black, but with a white middle. To the left of it are inscriptions in German. They are grouped in two rows, one above the other and aligned on both edges. There is a blue underline at the bottom. The font is green. It is slightly slanted, chopped, and capitalized. The flower, in this case, personifies warmth, sunlight, kindness, and indifference to nature.

Golden Tulip

Logo Golden Tulip

The international hotel operator Golden Tulip, founded in 1962 in the Netherlands, uses an elegant stylized golden tulip as its symbol. Stylish and minimalist, made of five fragments, it echoes the name, emphasizing the merits and advantages of the brand. It is favorably emphasized by the two-level inscription of the name in a calm deep blue color located below.

Flowers of Columbia

Logo Flowers of Columbia

A colorful and vibrant logo for Flowers of Columbia, an online service dedicated to creating and offering a unique variety of colors when painting flowers. The brand’s features, the essence of its name, and activities are accurately and in detail reflected by an attractive and colorful identity in the form of a stylized bouquet of various hand-drawn shapes in bright orange and red, yellow and green, pink and purple, which emphasizes the bold sans-serif font of the brand name, made in purple.

Hilton Garden Inn

Logo Hilton Garden Inn

Established in 1996, Hilton Worldwide’s affordable hotel brand features a simple yet bold emblem with a floral theme. Four petals are applied in white on a bright red square, arranged diagonally, and converged towards the center. Its original graphic design with straight thin white veins and dots on top provides the required memorability. On the right is a three-level text of the brand name, made in a bold blue serif font.


Logo Adidas

The Adidas sportswear brand, founded in the early 20s of the last century by the Dassler brothers, is today represented by a modern, recognizable shamrock emblem, the foundations of which strive for convergence. Its lower part is crossed by three white stripes, symbolizing the coverage of sales of products on three continents – America, Europe, and Asia. It draws on the brand’s name in an iconic rendering in round solid sans-serif. The sign has become a universally recognized symbol of excellence and professionalism.


Logo 4chan

In 2004, the site NewSia 4chan was created in New York, which today reflects its popularity and purpose with a modern minimalist emblem. It consists of four green petals made in the form of hearts. The graphics and the arrangement of elements at a considerable distance reveal the main goal of the service – to bridge the gaps between people, providing the ability to share images quickly. To the right of the petals is the name of the service in burgundy-brown sans-serif.


Logo Tulip

Founded in 1887, the Danish brand Tulip, canned food, bears the emblem of three red tulips. An abstract image with white leaves and a border is placed on a dark blue background of a round label on two diagonally located red ribbons with beveled ends. Below is a title in white bold, heavy, stable font, duplicating the text to the right of the label but in blue. The sign is made in the form of a label accepted in the international paraphernalia, which characterizes the high quality of the products.


Logo Huawei

Attractive abstraction and style are distinguished by the “flower” emblem of the Chinese manufacturer of electronic gadgets – Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., founded in 1987. Bright and sophisticated composition of 8 elements resembling chrysanthemum petals forms a bud in a red gradient design. This “flower of Asia” is popular in the region and symbolizes the brand’s commitment to its roots. At the same time, the symbol resembles the tail of a fabulous bird that opens up new possibilities.

Chupa Chups

Logo Chupa-Chups

The well-known emblem of Chupa-Chups, a Spanish brand founded in 1958, is presented in red text on a bright yellow field, framed by a gray-red-white border in the shape of a flower. The composition, created by Salvador Dali himself, has not changed since 1969. Its peculiarity is the well-thought-out arrangement, so that when wrapping candies, only a beautiful capital two-level red text of the name is visible, with an attractive lower monogram coming from the letter “p” in the second word.


Logo TheMomsCo

The visual identity of an international company offering care products for babies and their mothers is multi-component. Its structure includes only one large element – a circle. The remaining components are small and numerous. So, against the background of a blue medallion, hearts, flowers, birds, berries, curls, twigs, and leaves are drawn. They are depicted with thin white lines, which gives rise to a feeling of good nature, gentleness, and care. In particular, all flowers are delicate – both single and on curved stems. It is this feeling that is the basis of the marketing of a cosmetic company. It is a key selling tool. And the plant theme perfectly supports it. There is also the name of the brand in the center, made in handwritten letters in lower case. The manufacturer’s slogan is written under the circle. It is painted grey.

Blackburn Rovers

Logo Blackburn Rovers

A floral emblem accompanies the British 1875 FC Blackburn Rovers. Its identity in the form of a medallion with a bright red rose with a soft green stem on a central white circle is a tribute to the city and commitment to its ideals, a reflection of the desire not to deceive the hopes of its fans. The inscription on the light blue rim in yellow capital letters includes the club’s name and the foundation’s date. Under the medallion, on the white end of the pedestal, the motto is inscribed in Latin in thin black letters – Art and Labor.

CoCo Flower

Logo CoCo Flower

Known to anime tanners, the Nature-type brand CoCo Flower appeared in the second season. It is distinguished by a bright, colorfully executed, recognizable logo based on a floral theme, symbolizing naturalness. Made with a huge variety of colors, a delightful hippie motif sits inside an arch with a thin brown border and a white line underneath. Flowers are applied on a light green field with a darker edging. They bear the name in bold round white non-standard type.

Google Tulip

Logo Google Tulip

For the agricultural sector, Google has developed software – Tulip, whose logo has a bright modern design. The reflection of the PR was a stylized tulip made of several geometric elements in the creator’s corporate color scheme. Each element has its color. Minimalist style, lack of labels, and graphics overload provided the emblem with a stylish and modern design, a delightful display of the essence of the application, and ease of recognition.

Cyber ​​Florist

Logo Cyber Florist

The Internet platform Cyber ​​Florist, founded in 1997 in Moscow for the delivery of bouquets, floral compositions, and gifts, is distinguished by the original flower logo. Stylish but modest in terms of using plants in visualization, the logo has an eight-petal pink stylized bud. It replaces the “o” in Florist, rendered in light green, with thin caps and a graceful first. The word Cyber ​​balances the composition, reflecting the company’s activities and direction characteristics.


Logo 4H

A network of 1902 American-Canadian youth organizations – 4H has an image of a green shamrock in its raw visualization. Its four petals are iced into one bud around a vertical white maple leaf – the symbol of the Canadian division. The essence of the name is reflected in the letters H on each of the petals. This is the motto – “head, heart, hands, and health.” This symbolizes the flower itself, reflecting the brand’s main programs – citizenship, a healthy lifestyle, science, technology, and technology.

Flower City Union

Logo Flower City Union

New York Football is represented by the Flower City Union club, established in 2021, and has an identity that supports and reveals the essence of the name. A round medallion in light purple with dark purple graphics and piping – the official club colors, contains an open-worked multi-component bud in the center. The symbol is surrounded by the club’s name in square sans-serif capital letters. The flower and club colors are the city’s symbols, demonstrating the club’s connection with the founding city.


Logo Tassimo

Especially attractive is the bright, colorful logo with a “flower” theme of the brand of capsule coffee machines and Tassimo coffee from Bosch, which appeared in 2004. It combines six stylized regular-shaped translucent petals into a single bud—each one in its color. The overlay effect adds darker hues. In this way, the brand symbolizes its production’s variety of offers, tastes, and aromas. On the right is the title, in a crisp, soft black sans-serif font.


Logo Lancome

A perfectly shaped white or golden rose on a black round medallion is a symbol of the French cosmetic brand, known to everyone since 1935. Its name comes from the ruins of Le Château De Lancosme. The logo also includes an elegant inscription in a classic black font in beautiful capital letters with serifs. The rose stands vertically and serves as a symbol of beauty and perfection, revealing for many decades the main goal of the company – to help women become even better, more attractive, and more beautiful.


Logo BP

British Petroleum, today BP, is a British oil and gas company founded in 1909. A modern, catchy logo distinguishes its identity in the form of a cool, geometric, flower-shaped logo. Its graphic design resembles a mandala, whose petals are pointed and made in light yellow and two shades of gray. The core is white. It resembles the sun with rays as a symbol of the spread of energy, focusing on the professional activities of the brand.

Camellia Bowl

Logo Camellia Bowl

The annual student sports championship – Camellia Bowl, held since 2014 in Montgomery, Alabama, has a bright and informative visualization. Its logo features two stylized red buds reminiscent of camellia flowers flanked by the green word Camellia as visual confirmation. Above them is the sponsor’s name in red and black. The second word of the name is in the round, bold blue letters running the entire length of the emblem, ending with the city and state name in thin serif red letters.


Logo BJP

The Indian People’s Party – BJP, founded in 1980 in New Delhi, has chosen the image of an orange lotus as its emblem. It symbolizes the commitment to history, a tribute to the first graphic symbol under which the first mass protest against British rule took place. A bright red bud rises above three small green leaves, continuing with two thin black stems emanating from a stylized image of a reservoir.


Logo ICQ

Free, now Russian, online messenger – ICQ in 1996 has a recognizable flower shape and a name consonant with the English expression – “I’m looking for you.” The modern identity is laconic but bright. Along the inner circumference of a round black element, there are five different-sized light green petals that are not combined with each other. The composition brings a playful mood to the overall atmosphere of the symbol, providing uniqueness and recognition.


Logo Zarina

The brand of fashionable women’s clothing and accessories – Zarina, of Russian origin, founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg, presents itself with openwork and stylish visualization with a flower element. The black logo includes the title in elegant italics, handwritten style. Above its end is an abstract element in the form of an openwork flower bud made with an ornate monogram. It is formed by four rounded petals connected in the center, forming two neat small loops.

China Airlines

Logo China Airlines

Founded in 1959, Taiwan’s national carrier, China Airlines, has a large and elegant plum blossom that reflects the brand’s identity. Being a national symbol, it not only demonstrates the company’s belonging but also reflects loyalty to its history, respect for traditions, and pride in its origin. The image, made in delicate pink shades of petals, light middle, and red stamens, evokes a feeling of warmth, caress, and security, typical for airline services.


Logo Fiorentina

Football club – Fiorentina was founded in 1926 based on “Firenze” and youth “Libertas.” Its emblem is a tribute to the club’s history, a demonstration of belonging to Florence, represented by an elongated rhombus. It reflects the team’s corporate colors, echoing the city’s heraldry. A white regular-shaped rhombus in a gold edging is filled with a red heraldic lily. Beneath it is a blue wedge cut from above. The element is filled with two uppercase white letters AC and red – F, which is the first letter of the club’s name.

Home Instead Senior Care

Logo Home Instead Senior Care

A modest but blooming tulip is the basis of the Home Instead Senior Care logo. It is dark purple, like the rest of the details of the emblem. Among them, the name of the organization stands out. The first two words are placed separately and occupy two rows. The letter “I” in the inscription “Instead” is stylized as a flower stem with two teardrop-shaped leaves. The rest of the glyphs are traditional: printed, rounded, and complemented by serifs. The last two words are on the same line. They are in white sans-serif and are in a horizontal rectangle. Even lower is the brand slogan: “To us, it’s personal.” This phrase is typed in cursive italics.

New South Wales Waratahs

Logo New South Wales Waratahs

The Australian rugby club, New South Wales Waratahs, founded in 1996, is always recognizable by its emblem with a rich dark red flower in blue (or white) edging. Its shape resembles a giant Telopea bud that grows in the region. The composition is complemented by a ball located vertically in the center – the main element. In this way, the club reflects its professional activity and belonging to the city of Sydney. A solid and heavy blue title font, sans-serif, was applied for balance.


Logo Kentico

The content management system in the form of Kentico software, released in 2006, today is substituted with a modern, bright, recognizable logo with a flower theme. The logo is represented by a text module of the name, made in a black non-standard sans-serif font, with beveled letter elements and a bright orange symbol. Made in the form of a flower or sun, it is represented by a small circular element in the center, from which the stylized petals or rays depart, with the upper part beveled to the right and rounded lower.


Logo Unilever

The symbolism of the British group of companies Unilever clearly and accurately conveys its features. The original logo is a blue capital U, an example of using numerous small details on a white background to create a simple and concise form. The visualization reflects the union of many food industries and household chemical enterprises. The main part of the composition is represented by flowers of various shapes, symbolizing the diversity of the brand’s offerings. The name is written in blue italics, handmade.

Carlson Rezidor

Logo Carlson Rezidor

In 1960, the first Carlson Rezidor hotel appeared – a Danish-Swedish corporation bought out by a Chinese consortium in 2018. The brand had an interesting identity that included a black, two-level text name for the chain and a small, abstract geometric flower centered at the top. Here it symbolized the high quality of services and excellence, distinguished by its complex execution – from an x-shaped element formed by four diagonally arranged red petals and yellow circles.


Logo PetroChina

The Chinese oil and gas company PetroChina logo, founded in 1999, includes a stylized image of a bold yet modern in its abstract display of a flower. It is divided into two parts, where the upper one in a bright yellow gradient is distinguished by the presence of several thin white rays originating in the center. The bottom one is red. Curvy outer contours create the shape of an open flower bud. It symbolizes the solidity and success of the brand and reflects specialization with its energy and attention to customers.

Hawaiian Airlines

Logo Hawaiian Airlines

The largest American company – Hawaiian Airlines 1929, uses the image of a scarlet hibiscus bud. This national symbol reflects the brand’s belonging and commitment to historical roots and ideals. It is nestled in the black hair of a beautiful Hawaiian woman whose profile is part of a composition of white, purple, and fuchsia. To the right of the sign is a two-level brand name text, with beveled corners of some letters at the first word and thin capital-rounded letters at the second.

Holiday Bowl

Logo Holiday Bowl

The three-flower logo has represented the American Intercollegiate Football Championship since 1978. Being a seasonal championship, this is reflected by the cold blue and white identity, in the form of a rectangular pennant with a curved top and base, which is “warmed up” by the red shades of the poinsettia – the Christmas rose. Two extreme buds with triangular and sharp red petals, a blue core edged with white lines. Central – with white petals and a white dot, has a red core and a blue edging.

China Southern

Logo China Southern

In 1988, the first flight was made by China Southern Airlines, placing their symbol – a red flower – kapok on the plumage of the aircraft. It is noticeable and recognizable from afar with a white border on a blue background. Being a symbol of the city of Guangzhou, where the company’s headquarters is located, it reflects the national and state affiliation of the company, its roots, and its characteristics. The kapok tree was sacred to the Mayans, symbolizing the trinity of the underworld, earth, and sky, which became part of the brand’s philosophy.

Rose Bowl

Logo Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl is the name of a traditional American football game held in early January. Its emblem – a bright red rose with white edging and rich green leaves – is the central element of the logo. As a symbol of sports passion and love for sports, blossoming youth, and eternal youth, she focuses on the age level of the competitors and their boundless commitment to sports ideals. The arched badge frames the thin black serif typeface of the name.


Logo Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontics is recognizable with a modern, minimalist logo in a cool blue gradient design of a stylized hermetic flower. Resembling a snowflake, it effectively fits into the overall style of the composition. Its eight identical petals with pointed ends, located around a common symbolic center, and the color scheme create the effect of an inner glow, making the logo unique and memorable. The name is inscribed to the right of the sign in lowercase round type.


Logo Braccialini

The leather goods of Braccialini, founded in 1954 in Florence, are known worldwide today. Its logo of an elegant and delicate white outline rose on a red background reflects the important features of women-oriented products, making things more beautiful and boosting the self-confidence of their owners. The badge creates a strong color accent, making it stand out; the gray text of the name placed on the right, made in light lowercase round sans-serif letters, makes it more stable.


Logo Babor

The original symbiosis of the text part and the image demonstrates the logo of the German cosmetic brand Babor, founded in Cologne in 1956. Its main visual element is a vertical, detailed black rose with its stem that blends beautifully with the bold text below. It symmetrically bisects the letter “O,” the brand name. The corporate identity, unchanged since the company’s formation, symbolizes perfection and preciousness, femininity and beauty.


Logo Lenor

The German brand of fabric softeners, founded in 1963, is owned by Procter & Gamble and stands out with its elegant logo. The light and modern image of a flower made of dark blue clear lines of different thicknesses on a white background are convenient for perception. Resembling an inward-curving whirlwind, it provides memorability and recognition. It symbolizes the ease of washing, pleasant aroma, and lightness, linking the image with a whirlwind of water in a washing machine. The dark blue text of the name with gracefully curved letters completes the composition.


Warframe Logo

A role-playing multiplayer action game with free online access is developed by Digital Extremes. It appeared in 2013 and was originally intended for PCs and laptops with Windows. The general emblem of Warframe (there are several editions of the game) contains a flower with three petals. The central element comprises three pointed arches, the side ones – of two.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance Logo

This American group insures small businesses, vehicles, housing, and other buildings. It appeared in 1928 and is located in Los Angeles, California. The Farmers Insurance logo, which has been used since 2015, features a two-dimensional white flower in a blue semicircle. Against its background is a red shield, and below – it is a two-level name.


IDBI Bank Logo

The full name of this financial institution is the Industrial Development Bank of India. But it is used in an abbreviated version, becoming the basis of the IDBI Bank logo in the form of a blossoming lotus. The inscription is to the right of the orange flower. Both elements are located in an emerald rectangle.