Most famous logos with a Heart

Most famous logos with a Heart

There are no random elements in logos, as they should tell the essence of the brand, forming the first impression. Therefore, creating a visual image of the corporation is not enough to fit its name in a circle or a square. Knowing this, designers use popular symbols or abstract designations that look expressive and recognizable.

One such symbol is the heart. In the traditional sense, it symbolizes love, but its interpretation can vary depending on the context. For example, on the emblem of the Clinic of Vascular Surgery, the meaning of the heart is close to literal: it is an organ in need of treatment. But the brand of children’s toys symbolizes maternal tenderness, care, and affection. This is a classic ideogram – a drawing that conveys an idea in an understandable form. And the number of such ideas is limited only by the imagination of designers. Below is the list of companies whose logos have the image of a heart.


Logo Eurovision

The heart in the emblem of the pop song contest has a double function. Firstly, it expresses a love for creativity and music. Secondly, it is used as a frame for the national flags of the Eurovision participants. Every year, the design changes depending on the host country. The heart is in the center: the designers play on its resemblance to the letter “V,” replacing it with a pictogram. For the name, a customized font is used. Under it is the phrase “SONG CONTEST” written in grotesque Gotham Bold. The last line usually indicates the organizing city and the year of the contest. These are highlighted in Gotham Book font.


Logo Burlington

The Burlington logo is another example of a heart instead of a letter. In the case of the American clothing company, it mimics the capital letter “B.” To make the resemblance obvious, the artists turned the heart on its side. As a result, two semicircular protrusions with a triangular depression between them appeared on the right side – almost exactly where the letter “B” has these protrusions. The elegant symbol is colored pink on the outside, but the inside remains white. All subsequent glyphs are also pink and are written in a font from the Bodoni family. Interestingly, Burlington’s heart symbolizes a welcoming attitude towards all customers, regardless of their lifestyle or skin color. After all, the company’s new concept is based on accepting differences between people.



The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD for short) uses a logo depicting an octagonal red heart. It symbolizes the poor in the Philippines as the organization helps needy Filipinos who cannot work due to age or health problems. The blue hands supporting the heart symbolize the government’s concern for the people and its responsibility to improve the social condition of all segments of society. The photo is housed in a yellow square frame with rounded bottom corners.

Polk Audio

Logo Polk Audio

The American loudspeaker manufacturer also has a heart on one of its logos (2012-2020): it is formed by a negative white space against a bright red circle. In this case, the round base mimics a subwoofer driver, and the heart symbolizes the sound quality that all music lovers enjoy. To the right of the emblem is a short black lettering. For the word “Polk,” the designers used a bold, grotesque line stretched vertically.


Logo Konplott

Miranda Constantinidou, the creator of Konplott, was trained in fashion illustration, so her company’s corporate identity is well thought out. The German fashion accessories brand uses a multi-component oval-shaped logo. The heart is located in the center of the composition and seems to belong to the Princess Frog, who sits on the globe, or rather, on the scale of the globe. A lot of inscriptions complete the drawing with information about the manufacturer. There is the founder’s first and last name, the name, and the year of Konplott’s debut. The heart conveys the love for beauty, as the frog princess in fairy tales could turn into a charming girl at will.


Logo GoDaddy

The heart on the logo of the GoDaddy domain name registrar is a monogram, which, contrary to expectations, does not consist of “G” and “D.” One half looks like a “G.” The other half, however, is the letter “O.” As the company explained, this emblem, created in collaboration with Codo and Lippincott, should motivate users to action. The turquoise monogram is combined with the inscription “GoDaddy,” made in the same color. The brand name uses a bold font similar to HeadFirst’s modified Sentic Text Black, and the first letter “G” is stylized as a round arrow.

University of Wisconsin

Logo University of Wisconsin

It’s hard to see a heart as the main symbol of the University of Wisconsin, but it’s there. It’s a red figure inside a decorative gold-colored frame. It is stretched vertically and contains the white letter “W.” This is what the official coat of arms of the educational institution looks like. It is part of the logo, which also includes a wordmark: a two-level inscription with the name of the city and the university. For the first line, the red font Friz Quadrata is used, and for the second line, the classic thin grotesque.


Logo Munchkin

The brand of baby products is represented by a logo with a multicolored inscription “munchkin,” where each letter is lowercase and colored individually. The font is similar to FontSite Inc.’s Noveo Sans Bold, except that in the wordmark, the letter “n” looks like an inverted “u.” Another difference is that instead of a dot above the “I,” there is a small white heart with a red outline. This expresses love for children, a symbol of tenderness and care.

FIBA 2023 WorldCup

Logo FIBA 2023 WorldCup

FIBA 2023 WorldCup is one of the tournaments of international basketball competitions. It will be held simultaneously in three Asian countries, which distinguishes it from previous championships. This tournament can also be recognized by its logo, which depicts three hearts symbolizing the passion for basketball. They have depicted one inside the other: a small blue heart in the center, then a white heart with decorative curls, and behind it a large red heart. The designers flipped them sideways and used them as the background for the gold Naismith Trophy. At the bottom, there is basic information about the event: the name of the hosting organization (“FIBA”), the sport (“BASKETBALL”), the type of championship (“WORLD CUP”), and the hosts (“PHILIPPINES JAPAN INDONESIA”).


Logo Badoo

It is not surprising that the Badoo logo shows a heart because this social network is designed for romantic dating. But even with such a banal symbol, the artists have interestingly played with it by placing a white half-ring inside, representing a smile. This allows us to interpret the blue heart not only as a sign of love but also as an imprint of lips left after a kiss. To the right of the badge is the brand name in the same deep blue color. The rounded serif letters harmonize with the inverted smile bracket. Their geometric font is similar to the Comfortaa font.

Thomas Cook

Logo Thomas Cook

The logo of the British travel company Thomas Cook also contains a heart. Here, it consists of two oval rectangles connected perpendicularly. The figure is painted in gold with a gradient and white reflections, simultaneously symbolizing high standards of service and a picturesque sunrise. At the bottom is black lettering: the name of the brand, divided into two lines and center-aligned.


Logo Trainline

Trainline is an online service where you can buy train tickets or view route schedules. Therefore, the heart on its logo consists of two separate lines, which simultaneously resemble a railroad map and rails – though a bit crooked. Both the stylized heart and the brand name, located on the right, are presented in a turquoise hue. The word is written in a bold font, roughly similar to Shinntype’s Neology Grotesque Bold.


Logo Lazada

The Singapore-based e-commerce site, part of the Alibaba group of companies, openly declares its love for its customers. And that’s because Lazada has a heart-shaped logo. But it is not standard and “electronic,” as if assembled from two enlarged pixels. The right side of the geometric figure is colored pink, and the left is orange. At the junction of the corners, both colors are mixed in a gradient, so it seems that they harmoniously pass from shade to shade. At the top, in the middle, there is a smooth indentation, giving the logo a heart shape. Next to the pictogram is the name of the trade web platform, typed in a subtle grotesque. The lines of the letters are straight, with clear contours. The lowercase letters “a” and “d” are very similar to each other. They differ only in the length of the side stem.

Polly Pocket

Logo Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket has a special logo because this line of toys consists mainly of dolls. To attract the girls’ attention, the designers used a “bubble” font and replaced the letter “o” in the word “Polly” with a big heart. Inside, the symbol of love has a dark purple color, and the outside is bordered with a golden ribbon, the ends of which are elegantly twisted. Other colors are used for the inscription: white and light blue. And the general background is purple. Flares create the effect of “plasticity” or “doll-like.”

Pure Romance

Logo Pure Romance

The heart on the Pure Romance logo looks like a descending pink ribbon. It represents comfort, softness, lightness, and spice, as the company sells adult products. The romantic symbol echoes the name, which is presented below in the same pink color with a hint of fuchsia. It is written in a contrasting font with barely visible tiny serifs.


Logo iHeartRadio

The iHeartRadio platform, which operates as a publisher of internet radio and podcasts, played up the love for its listeners in the form of a red heart. For this purpose, the designers depicted an oval, a circle, and four brackets (two on each side) in negative space, symbolizing the antenna and the airwaves. In addition, this abstract pattern resembles the letter “i.” The full brand name is shown below: the first line is the black word “iHeart,” and the second line is the gray “RADIO” written in capital sans serif fonts.

CVS Pharmacy

Logo CVS Pharmacy

US retailer CVS Pharmacy also uses a heart logo. Its pictogram looks like a dark red rhombus with a rectangular depression in place of the top corner. The drawing symbolizes love and concern for customers’ health. The abbreviation “CVS” is written in bold letters on the right, followed by the word “pharmacy,” which is fully translated into lowercase. For the latter, a low-contrast serif font reminiscent of OGJ Type Design’s Sequel Sans Body Medium was chosen.

Blugirl Folies

Logo Blugirl Folies

The Blugirl Folies logo features a heart pierced by an arrow and is reminiscent of rock art. It is depicted with negative space inside the black “o” in the word “Folies,” which is enlarged and centered. The word “BLUGIRL,” on the other hand, is reduced and written in uppercase glyphs in the upper right corner – starting with a dot above the “i.” A heart with an arrow is a traditional symbol of eternal love. In this case, the love of clothing is represented in the Italian brand’s line.

Luisa Spagnoli

Logo Luisa Spagnoli

The Luisa Spagnoli trademark embodies the chic and elegance of the country to which this brand belongs – Italy. It is difficult to see the heart in the inscription, as it is formed by the curls of the initial letters “L” and “S,” as well as the fourth “s” in the word “Luisa.” The symbol of love is lost amidst the rest of the exquisite lines, as all attention is drawn to the handwritten glyphs with hinges and outstretched legs.


Logo Nandos

The fast-food restaurant chain Nandos is based in South Africa, so the rooster on its logo is in the appropriate style. Its legs, torso, and head resemble an elongated black jug. Details are also added: a large crest, tail, eyes, and beak. But the most important element is the red heart on the rooster’s chest, expressing love and trust. The brand name is also red. It is written just below in bold slanted serif font.


Logo XO

The emblem of the XO record label contains its name, which is not written but carelessly drawn in black paint. The impression is that the artist’s hand shook or the paint was too liquid and spread on the paper. At the top, between the letters in the same style, is a small black heart. The letters “X” and “O” separated by the heart resemble a mathematical formula – in this case, it may be a metaphor related to measuring the degree of love for music.


Logo WeHeartIt

The name WeHeartIt reveals the essence of this social network: It was created for users to share images they like with each other. This word combination is embodied in the logo, where “we” and “it” are written in dark gray lowercase letters without serifs, and instead of the middle part, there is a pictogram – a pink heart with a gradient. The love symbol not only illustrates the name of the platform but also shows people’s reactions to the content.

I Love New York

Logo I Love New York

Perhaps the most famous logo on this list is the personification of the slogan “I Love New York.” Designers shortened the phrase, turning it into a kind of rebus. The first line contains a black letter “I” and a red heart. Under them is the abbreviated name of the city: “NY.” It is the same black as the upper glyph. The elements are located in the center, which provides harmonious symmetry. Bold American Typewriter font with rounded serifs is used for the inscription.

Southwest Airlines

Logo Southwest Airlines

The American airline Southwest Airlines interprets the heart as a symbol of customer care. As Kevin Crone explained, it is a visual reflection of all the hearts invested in the company. The drawing is in the corporate colors of yellow, red, and blue. Thin silver stripes separate them diagonally. On the left is the dark blue word “Southwest,” for which the Southwest Sans font was created.


Logo Airbnb

The home search and rental site Airbnb uses a logo with a very strange heart. Not only does it have an unrecognizable shape, but it’s upside down. In it, you can distinguish the large letter “A,” the head and hands of a person, as well as a geolocation sign. The outline of the abstract heart is colored in a soft pink shade and contrasts with the white interior. The lettering on the right is in the same color. All letters are lowercase, typed in a geometric sans serif font similar to LL Brown.


Logo Etsy

The American online store Etsy chose a simple logo. It represents a large heart with a classic shape, as it is usually depicted in love letters. The emblem is arranged obliquely – with the top to the right and downwards. It has no other graphic elements. On a pastel and coffee background, there is one inscription – the name of the commercial site. It is large, so it occupies almost the entire internal space. Naturally, the text is also located diagonally. It uses a soft font in lower case. The exception is the letter “E”: it is capitalized. The serifs of the glyphs are smooth, harmoniously transitioning into the feet of the letters.


Logo IGtools

The IGtools platform, created to promote Instagram users, allows you to increase the number of followers and likes. The visual embodiment of these very likes is a small pink heart depicted on the service’s logo. To make it more visible, the designers placed it in a white circle and added a frame in the form of a ring with four stripes pointing to the left side. This frame is not only a decorative element but also epitomizes the speed of new likes on Instagram. And the orange and pink gradient is reminiscent of the colors of the social network. The name of the platform is written a little to the right, for which the designers used a modern bold font.

General Mills

Logo General Mills

General Mills is a food and non-food manufacturer best known for its ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Judging by the small red heart on the logo, the company makes all of its products with love. The symbol sits above a stylized letter “g” in blue. Next to it is the same blue company name, divided into two lines and written in Gotham Bold font.

British Heart Foundation

Logo British Heart Foundation

Since the British Heart Foundation is engaged in research in the field of the cardiovascular system, the heart in its logo is depicted in the form of a real human organ. It is formed by a white line resembling the pattern of a cardiogram. The name of the charity organization is written at the bottom in bold white letters, and the background for all elements is a vertical rectangle of red color. The text is divided into two lines and is in sans serif font.


Logo Pampers

The heart on the logo of the famous diaper manufacturer symbolizes tenderness, softness, comfort, and care for babies. It is formed by a yellow stripe, which is twisted, forming a loop. Considering the chosen color, this element can denote the sun since four light blue lines, similar to rays, emanate from it. The turquoise “Pampers” lettering is also associated with affection and kindness, as it is written in a lighthearted font with rounded corners.

American Heart Association

Logo American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is another company that sponsors the study of heart disease. That is, the heart is not so much the epitome of love as it is an object of study. The AHA logo depicts it in classic red with a burning torch symbolizing progress, education, enlightenment, and knowledge. The name of the organization is divided into three lines and written on the right side in black sans-serif letters.

My Little Pony

Logo My Little Pony

The My Little Pony emblem also has a heart, but not one, but three. Two of them are small and dark blue. They are used as intra-letter spaces between the letters “p” and “o” in the word “pony.” The third heart is white and serves as a background for the pronoun “my.” Like the pink rainbow in the background, it is part of a hyperbolized glamorous style aimed at the animated series’ target audience of preschool and elementary school-aged girls.

Kingdom Hearts

Logo Kingdom Hearts

The logo of the computer game Kingdom Hearts reflects its name. It contains the appropriate Gothic inscription, Trident crown, and a graceful heart consisting of two curved lines with curls. All elements are presented in different shades of gray, but black is additionally used for contrast. The smooth and soft lines of the heart contrast with the sharp spikes at the ends of the letters.


Logo NYX

The logo of NYX, as a cosmetics company, was created according to the canons of minimalism: instead of a large red heart, the designers decided to depict a small black one. It is located exactly in the middle – under the foot of the letter “Y” of the abbreviation, which is located above. The bottom line is occupied by the motto “PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.” In this case, the heart balances the contrast between the two fonts: simple, subtle, grotesque, and complex futuristic glyphs.

Stella McCartney

Logo Stella McCartney

The heart and lettering on the Stella McCartney logo look like they’re lined with tiny dark rhinestones. And both “A” letters are missing parts as if the glued rhinestones have already crumbled. This design is reminiscent of the pattern on clothing because that’s what the company makes.

CVS Health

Logo CVS Health

The owner of a chain of pharmacies and clinics, CVS Health, is another company that can not do without a heart in its corporate style. It’s diamond-shaped with a rectangular notch on top and matches the dark red abbreviation “CVS” next to it. Further to the right is the black word “Health” written in a geometric Lubalin Graph font.

Jojo Siwa

Logo Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa’s logo is as colorful and eccentric as the American artist who owns the brand. The two hearts formed by the legs of the letters “J” and “j” in the word “Jojo” fit her style. The same can be said for the two five-pointed stars to the right and left of the word “Siwa.” The pink gradient with a transition to a purple shade emphasizes femininity, playfulness, and friendliness.

Belarusian Opposition

Logo Belarusian Opposition

The democratic movement “Belarusian Opposition” has a positive logo, in which there is a symbol of love – a red heart. It is unevenly colored and encircled by an uneven black stripe along the edge. On the right is a clenched fist – a sign of solidarity and unity. Behind it is a hand showing the index and middle fingers in the shape of the letter “V,” the so-called victorious gesture “victoria.”

Heart of Midlothian

Logo Heart of Midlothian

The Heart of Midlothian emblem shows the soccer club’s respect for its fans and the sport it is involved in. After all, the Scottish professional team has chosen the heart. It is also a sacred sign – the “brave heart” has long been associated with the locals. The main part of the emblem is painted dark red with a yellow center. The inner border is light gray in color. The outer outline consists of two thin multicolored stripes. In the center of the emblem is a soccer ball. Around it are capital letters “F,” “H,” “M,” “C,” and the number “1874”. They are separated by rectangles reminiscent of the flag of Scotland. There is also a triple frame in the form of a three-layer “brickwork.” So it’s a multi-part logo with historical roots.


Logo YouPorn

In the YouPorn logo, the symbol of love acquires a double meaning, given the specificity of this online platform. In this case, the heart is integrated into the word mark: it takes the place of the letter “O,” which should be located immediately after the “P.” The artists have outlined a pink outline, leaving the middle empty. The second half of the inscription is the same delicate pink color, executed in a subtle, low-contrast, grotesque. As for the first three glyphs, we used a bold black sans serif font.

Stranger Live

Logo Stranger Live

Since Stranger Live was created not only for finding new friends but also for romantic dates, the heart on its logo seems very appropriate. However, the designers did not emphasize it but made the symbol small and placed it above the image of a video camera. The result is a double meaning: both love in video chat and love in video chat. The central elements are taken in a white ring, stylized as a dialogue bubble. Both the heart, the camera, and the frame are colored white. The overall background is a pink square with rounded corners and a gradient.

Heart of Dallas Bowl

Logo Heart of Dallas Bowl

To find the heart in the multi-dimensional soccer game logo, you have to look closely at the lettering. It is highlighted in light blue and is located inside the first letter “D,” which is where the word “DALLAS” begins. This part of the name, along with the phrase “HEART OF,” is colored white and placed on a dark blue ribbon curved in the shape of an arch. A large triangular shield is shown in the background. In addition to the text, several other Heart of Dallas Bowl symbols are placed on it:

  • rooster silhouette
  • five-pointed star
  • heraldic rose
  • The typographical mark is known as the asterisk


Logo Aetna

The heart on the Aetna logo is almost identical to the logos of CVS Pharmacy and CVS Health, except that the American insurance company’s heart is not dark red but bright purple. And no wonder, because its main specialization is health insurance, associations with health care institutions are quite appropriate. The main graphic element symbolizes reliability, trust, and love. The soft geometric font used to write the brand name reinforces the positive impression.


Logo Polar

Polar brand identity developers decided to play with the heart in the slogan “LISTEN TO YOUR HEART,” replacing the last word with the corresponding picture. As a result, the dark red, medium-sized icon complements the black lettering, with all letters stretched vertically. It echoes the color of the letter “O” in the POLAR inscription above. This letter “O” has the form of a circle divided into two parts by a horizontal white stripe. The same stripe runs through the glyphs “P,” “L,” “A,” and “R.” It symbolizes the thirst for speed, as the logo belongs to a manufacturer of sporting goods.


Logo Roxy

The heart halves on the emblem of this company are formed by the negative space between two figures imitating human hands. Stylized fingers hold two triangular mountains with snowy peaks. With this arrangement of elements, designers tried to express their love for snowboarding because Roxy is a brand of clothing for extreme sports.


Logo Fanslyl

The Fansly platform allows you to trade various photos and videos, but most often, it is used to distribute adult content. That’s why the heart on its logo is shaped like two padlocks stacked together. Interestingly, they are not closed but open; that is, there is a hint of providing access to something confidential and forbidden. The small circle in the center simultaneously resembles a camera lens and a door peephole. The light blue color symbolizes reliability and causes subconscious trust. In addition, the lock itself is a symbol of security.

McKamey Animal Center

Logo McKamey Animal Center

Because McKamey Animal Center helps defenseless animals, the heart on its logo is stylized as a paw print. It’s flipped 180 degrees and colored soft pink, with four smaller circles of the same shade above it. The badge is placed inside a dark turquoise pentagon in the shape of a dog kennel so that no one can doubt the identity of the print. The name of the organization is written on the right in black letters.


Logo Heart

British radio network Heart broadcasts incendiary music, so its name is associated with passion and bright emotions. This is embodied in the red logo, where instead of the letter “a,” there is a heart lying on its side.


Logo LensCrafters

Unlike many other companies, eyewear chain LensCrafters uses the heart on its logo as part of an impromptu puzzle. On the left is a stylized eye, and just to the right is a small red heart, followed by the acronym “LC.” The obvious message is encoded here: your eyes will love our glasses. The full brand name is at the bottom and is presented in black.


Logo DocMorris

The logo of the DocMorris pharmaceutical chain can be distinguished by the green heart, which is decorated with three spirals of different shades. Judging by the palette, it symbolizes the love for natural medicines, although green is also associated with health, reliability, and strength. The words of the two-tiered inscription “DocMorris Apotheke” are painted in the same colors. The dots at the ends of the letters “c” and “r” echo a similar dot inside the heart.


Logo Langnese

The heart on the red and white Langnese emblem is shaped like the curved tops of the ice cream the company sells. There are five hearts of different sizes and colors. This is how, according to the designers, one should express boundless love for cold desserts. It also looks like layers of white ice cream with berry jam.

Good Humor

Logo Good Humor

This is another ice cream brand that uses a heart-shaped logo. It’s basically the American version of Langnese, so their symbols are very similar. Only at Good Humor is the multi-layered red and white heart, not the centerpiece of the logo. It’s on top of an ice cream truck, with happy children running after it. The brand name is written on the side of the vehicle to immediately catch the eye.


Most famous logos with a Heart

South Korean music group Apink uses a heart logo because all of its members are girls. The designers play up the name of the creative group by depicting it in a handwritten font in pink color. The stem of the letter “p” stretches far down and then curves upward at a right angle. At the same time, one of the diagonals of the letter “k” (somehow resembling an “x”) first forms a hook and then a large loop resembling the top of a heart. This abstract framing, combined with the delicate palette, is in keeping with Apink’s feminine style.


Logo Merci

The concept of the Merci confectionery brand is expressed in its name, which means “thank you” in French. It is believed that people give chocolate to each other as a sign of gratitude, so in this case, the heart symbol can be interpreted as a real manifestation of love. The designers did not just put it on the logo but artistically played with it, depicting it instead of the dot above the “i.” For this purpose, they used a red gradient from scarlet to burgundy. The word “merci,” on the other hand, is written in lowercase glyphs with a gold gradient. The font looks elegant thanks to the high contrast and dots at the ends of some letters.


Logo Clover

Clover is a dating app that allows you to build friendships and romantic relationships. Therefore, the four hearts on its emblem symbolize the meeting of people who feel sympathy for each other. Judging by the symmetrical arrangement, they beat in unison. The identical shape suggests their similarity, and the different colors – pink, green, blue, and orange – emphasize their individuality. Interestingly, the hearts are laid out in the shape of a clover. On the right side is a black wordmark with the name of the brand. It is made in a font roughly similar to Explogos – Demo by Steve Gardner.

Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons Logo

A Japanese brand based in the French capital, Comme des Garçons deals in fashion, perfumes, and jewelry. It was founded in 1969 and had two offices at once: in Tokyo (legally) and in Paris (actually). For the logo, Comme des Garçons chose a heart with eyes and the full name with a flower instead of diacritical marks. All elements are colored in black.