Most Famous Logos with a Key

Most famous logos with a key

The key is associated with access to something forbidden, hidden, or unknown. It is an attribute of initiation, a way to gain knowledge and freedom of action. On the other hand, he not only unlocks but also locks the doors. So it is also the personification of protection, privacy, security, and reliability. Two completely opposite meanings allow the key to be used in the visual language of different brands – from higher education institutions to encrypted services for storing information.

In heraldry, this symbol is associated with power and authority. Emblems with his image appeared in ancient times when the keepers carried with them the keys to the treasury, where the treasury was hidden. For some nobles, they were attached crosswise, while for others, they hung vertically. In this form, these attributes ended up on the family coats of arms. There are also keys on the logos of cities and fortresses, but they are the embodiment of security here.

In our review, we will consider several cases of using keys in emblems and determine what meanings the same ideogram has for different companies. Somewhere this sign is intriguing; somewhere, it looks solid, and somewhere it makes you delve into history. Brands are presented in random order. So, let’s begin.


Logo KeyBank

It is no coincidence that KeyBank has a logo with a key because it reflects the name of this regional bank. Its meaning is associated with the motto “achieve anything,” that is, a financial company from Cleveland positions itself as the key to wealth and tries to show this in its visual identity. Moreover, the organization’s name is paid great attention: almost two-thirds of the badge is occupied by a large black inscription “KeyBank,” made in bold sans-serif. The closest typeface analog is Sequel Sans Disp Heavy by OGJ Type Design. The key in the image looks very original – first of all, because of the flower-shaped ring with four rounded petals. To make the picture stand out against the background of the word mark, the designers made it rich red.

Vatican City State

Logo Vatican City State

We missed another important meaning of the key – religious. It is best seen in the example of the Vatican City State logo because this Italian state is the residence of the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Its coat of arms and flag shows two crossed keys: one is silver, and the other is gold. These are the same Claves Regni Caelorum that the apostle Peter received from Jesus Christ, along with the right to reveal to other people the knowledge of how to get into the Kingdom of God at the second coming. The silver key symbolizes the papal power on earth, and the golden key symbolizes the power of heaven. According to tradition, the Pope is buried along with a symbolic pair of such keys, created especially for him. A red triple crown complements the Vatican City emblem. Each level of the headgear is dedicated to a specific function of the pope, who is supposed to simultaneously be a priest, teacher, and shepherd. In turn, the golden cross on top shows the Lordship of Jesus Christ.



The University of Salamanca, also known as USAL, is Spain’s oldest institution of higher education. At first, it was a school at the cathedral, and then it “went up” and turned into a university. In 1255 the pope recognized his new status and allowed him to use his seal. So for USAL, the logo is directly related to the emblem of the Vatican city-state. It also depicts two crossed keys; only they are not in the center but at the top. The basis of the composition is a black and white round shield, divided into segments. There are lions, castles, and a monarch on the throne. The circle is placed in a ring with a Latin inscription and is decorated along the outer edge with protruding loopholes of the fortress wall. Nearby, the phrase “UNIVERSIDAD D SALAMANCA” is written in red letters of a non-standard form.

Key Club International

Logo Key Club International

But for Key Club International, the logo contains only one key, and it is hidden behind the blue letter “K.” This symbol reflects the name, which appeared because the organization’s founders were key representatives of the student body. “K” is inscribed in a white circle with a blue outline around the edge. A white annular frame accommodates the inscription “KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL,” where each letter is capitalized, blue and bold. Around the emblem is a golden rope – a sign common in heraldry, personifying the connection.


Logo UBS

The three intersecting keys on the logo of Switzerland’s largest financial holding have nothing to do with the symbol of Vatican City. In the case of UBS, the logo shows the reliability and security of cash deposits, as well as prudence, safety, and confidence. When folded, the keys resemble a snowflake because they have an original shape with many projections, curves, and decorative elements. The black figure is contrasted in color with the bright red inscription “UBS.” The abbreviation font features high contrast and long serifs, making it very similar to FontSite Inc.’s Garamond Modern FS Regular.


Logo IRS

The Internal Revenue Service controls tax collection in the United States. Since the IRS’s inception, this government body’s logo has featured a simplified image of an eagle and scales. But the key is presented only on its seal, the original of which appeared in 1968. This is a symbol of official power that has existed since ancient times – since the rulers began to keep the state treasury under lock and key. It is located inside the yellow coat of arms, where scales (the embodiment of justice) and a chevron with 13 five-pointed white stars are also drawn. The shield, in turn, is placed in a dark blue circle. Thin white lines on the edge separate the ring, where the full name of the Internal Revenue Service and the word “TREASURY” are written in capital letters with two stars around the edges.


Logo PreVeil

For software developer PreVeil, the logo with a key reflects the essence of technology. Indeed, one of the main products of this company is end-to-end encrypted mail, in which each user has a cryptographic key – a secret sequence of characters to gain access to personal information. The designers decided not to depict a long set of signs on the emblem but to present it abstractly – in the form of a lock key. It consists of two wide orange lines with a white void inside. The name of the brand is written above it in capital gray letters. The word “PREVEIL” stands out thanks to a bold, geometric sans serif typeface where each glyph is visually balanced.

Food Darzee

Food Darzee Logo

The manufacturer of healthy food products positions itself as the key to health, which is impossible without a special diet. Therefore, the designers who developed the logo for Food Darzee depicted this same key on it – elegant, thin, golden, in the form of a musical note. His ring is shaped like a hexagon with symmetrical edges. The rod is directed upwards and ends with two diagonal lines arranged in parallel. The texture of the emblem resembles crumpled foil. Above the key, the slogan of the Indian food delivery service is written in small print, and below is the address of the official website and the words “HEALTHY,” “TASTY” and “DAILY,” separated by short vertical stripes. All letters, without exception, are capital, thin, and do not have serifs.

Microsoft Access

Logo Microsoft Access

All Microsoft Office products are designed according to a single scheme. The Microsoft Access logo also corresponds to this principle, but here we will not consider its modern version but the old one – the one that was used during 2010-2013. This was the last key emblem to be remembered by users for its hot pink gradient. The shape of the base resembled a square with a cut and rounded top corner. There was a frame around the edge, and inside, with a slight indentation, was a large dark letter “A.” The background behind her was divided into two blocks of color: lighter at the top and darker at the bottom. The key was white, but the designers made it voluminous with light shadows and one-sided contours. This element symbolized gaining access to information because the software allows you to manage databases.


Logo Corum

For the Swiss watch manufacturer Corum, the logo is not just an identity element. It is a symbol of the high quality of luxury products, an indicator of good style and taste. And the key depicted above is a tribute to the old mechanical watches, which were wound up with the help of a special small key. The modern crown did not yet exist, so such a tool was indispensable: without it, the hands would stop, and the device would become useless. The key on the emblem is vertical because it looks more symmetrical that way. Designers made it curly, decorating it with semicircular ledges and polygonal ornaments. One gets the impression that it opens the door to a magical world where the secrets of watchmakers are kept. The brand name and the word “SUISSE” written under it look no less original. The first one uses a custom glyph set that has no analogs, while the second one uses a contrasting serif typeface similar to Gandhi Serif Bold by Librerias Gandhi S.A. de C.V.

Keymaster Games

Logo Keymaster Games

Not surprisingly, designers from Focus Lab created a key logo for Keymaster Games. First, this attribute is mentioned in the brand name. Secondly, it symbolizes gaining access to something unknown, to a conditional treasure chest. Specifically, in this case – various board games open the doors to the magical world of entertainment. The round part of the golden key hints at people’s connection at the gaming table and the protruding fragment is shaped like the letter “K.” On the right, the black word “Keymaster” is written in legible Nichrome with expressive and sophisticated lettering.


Beck’s Logo

At the beer brand Beck’s, the logo contains an ancient key related to the silver key on the coat of arms and seal of the city of Bremen. This is an attribute of Peter the Apostle, which he received from Jesus Christ. The emblem is depicted inside a red-figured shield and testifies to the rich historical heritage of the brand because Beck’s beer dates back to 1873. To the left of the shield are the letters “REG.”, to the right – “TM.”, which should be decoded as “REGISTERED.” TRADEMARK. And the name of the product is at the bottom. It is in a modified Serpentine Sans Serif font, where each letter is outlined in uneven black outlines, making the word appear three-dimensional.