Most Famous Logos with an Owl

Most Famous Logos with an Owl

The image of an owl is the best thing you can think of for the visual identity of brands in any field of activity, as it symbolizes wisdom and other positive qualities. This nocturnal bird stands for knowledge, erudition, and insight. It is able to see in pitch darkness, so it brings good luck even in the most difficult circumstances.

In addition, its destiny is prosperity and wealth. Not without reason, it is believed: where the owl is, there is bound to be a financial upswing because it protects money, keeps treasures, and guards treasures. Feathered predator is always near such places. Therefore, its presence on the emblems can activate profits. This nocturnal inhabitant promotes the rational use of money and helps to develop intuition.

Industrial companies, financial institutions, sports clubs, TV channels, restaurant chains – everyone can use such a talisman to strengthen their image and gain business acumen and confidence. Let’s take a look at some options of logos with owls to see which one best contributes to the prosperity of your business. We have listed them in descending order of complexity.

The Owl House

The Owl House Logo

The most multi-structured sign of visual identity with an owl is the logo of the Disney television series. The Owl House logo consists of several elements: two names (the TV project and its creator), a pictogram, and a dividing line. They are combined in a complex composition, which looks very original, resembling a copper plate. This is facilitated by properly selected shades of the same color palette – from coffee to golden brown. The feathered raptor adds fantasy. The forest dweller is drawn schematically and composed of rhombuses, triangles, and curvilinear trapezoids. The owl is located in a vertical oval, replacing the letter “O,” and looks mysterious, as if hiding in a hollow tree. The name of the series is typed in an individual font that has no analogs. The letters are metallic and shiny, with serifs and shadows along the voluminous edges. Instead of the letter “l,” the image of a high stele is used. The letter “H” has an elongated right foot, from which a small stripe extends to the right, emphasizing the rest of the word. At the top is the standard Disney badge in a handwritten style.

Rice Owls

Rice Owls Logo

Designed for the Rice Owls Club, the logo depicts a flying owl. This image is dynamic and used appropriately as it adorns the athletic department of Rice University in Texas. All 14 teams (women’s and men’s) compete under this mark. The nocturnal predator brings an element of fear, trying to psychologically influence the opponents. Its wide-spread wings make the bird large and massive, and the sharp talons on its paws make it deadly. It has large eyes, a penetrating gaze, and a sharp beak. The word “Rhys” is harmoniously placed in front: the side letters are taller than the middle letters, so they fit together perfectly. To give them a resemblance to the plumage, the designers added elongated elements with a pointed end. Actually, this is such an interpretation of serifs. In its paws, the owl holds a ribbon with the second part of the name – “Owls.” This inscription is two-colored and made in wide and squat letters. The color palette of the logo consists of white, yellow, and two shades of blue.

Qubo Night Owl

Qubo Night Owl Logo

The Qubo Night Owl logo appeared in 2007 when it was launched on a children’s channel. As of 2021, it is no longer broadcast on television due to its closure. The emblem was a multi-part composition with five elements. At the top was a miniature owl, as the program was broadcast at night, and it best conveys the dark time of day and those who are awake at night. The bird sat at the end of the Night Owl row and stared ahead with wide-open eyes. The inscription was in turquoise capital letters with a black border. In the center was a figurative element – the TV station’s signature emblem. In a blue gradient, denoting the sky, there were small pointed stars. Below was the word “Qubo” typed in a thin geometric font with rounded corners. All the glyphs in it were almost identical: the “q” and “b” repeated each other particularly well. The owl looked like a collage assembled from several figures.

Guildford Owls

Guildford Owls Logo

The designers created an aggressive logo for the Guildford Owls because they are a rugby team, and Australian athletes need a visual element of intimidation. It was first used in the mid-50s of the last century. The emblem turned out to be bright and powerful. The main emphasis is made on the eye-catching color (yellow-burgundy), the predatory nature of the bird, its shrewdness, and its high attacking abilities (the presence of sharp claws and a powerful beak). The feathers are ruffled, indicating readiness for fierce defense. They look like knife blades. The tail is also fluffed and pointed downward. The owl stares menacingly forward. In its paws, it clutches the letters “W” and “L”. The letters “O” and “S” are connected with them by sharp serifs in the upper part. Above the raptor’s head is a dark red rectangle with the word “Guildford” written in white uppercase glyphs.

Kennesaw State Owls

Kennesaw State Owls Logo

Another owl with outstretched wings took an honorable place in the symbolism of the athletic department of Kennesaw State University from the state of Georgia (USA). Moreover, the Kennesaw State Owls Club also has an aggressive logo. This is emphasized not only by the menacing appearance of the feathered raptor but also by the dark color of the emblem. Knife-like feathers, black and gray colors, intimidating appearance, and realistic claws create an oppressive atmosphere. On the white “face” brightly stands out a diamond-shaped beak. In its paws, the bird holds the first word from the name of sports teams – “Kennesaw.” It is typed in capital letters with enlarged “K” and “W”. The middle line is a white sans serif lettering “State.” On the bottom line is the last part of the name, “Owls.” It is in thinly sliced glyphs and has a wide inter-character space.

Temple Owls

Temple Owls Logo

The designers created the Temple Owls logo, in which the owl is depicted in a reduced form; only the top part of the head is visible. The nocturnal raptor peeks out from behind the name of the athletic department, which is owned by Temple University in Pennsylvania and includes 19 teams. The bird has ruffled feathers with dots on the tips, round yellow eyes, a large hooked beak, and black and gray trim. As designed by the developers, the lower half of the torso is hidden behind a two-tiered inscription on a dark background. In the upper part is the word “Temple.” It is ash-colored, cursive, printed, with serifs. The second line is occupied by the word “Owl” with a huge letter “O.” Due to the parallel lines, it seems three-dimensional and three-dimensional, resembling an owl’s eye with a black and white pupil. It also has a sharp protrusion in the shape of a feather tip. The glyphs, like the owl, are red in color. For clarity, they are circled along the edge with a thin white stripe. The text is arranged diagonally.

Orem Owlz

Orem Owlz Logo

A minor league baseball representative called the Orem Owlz used an owl logo from 2001 to 2020. This team was located in the city of the same name in the American state of Utah. It chose a very rich color scheme for itself: dark blue, red, and yellow. They were well balanced by white color. The bird of prey had a belligerent look as it held two bats in its clawed paws. They were crossed behind its back and were in line with its wings. The head of the fearsome predator resembled a baseball with huge eyes and a massive beak painted on it. Below it was the name of the sports club. The first word was typed in a small sans-serif font, the second in large claw serifs. The bottom lettering was in the shape of a trapezoid.

Florida Atlantic Owls

Florida Atlantic Owls Logo

Florida Atlantic University’s athletic department, called the Florida Atlantic Owls, has an abbreviated logo. Designers cropped the image of an owl, leaving only the head and turning the abbreviation “FAU” into its part. The resulting emblem is a focused bird whose gaze radiates sternness, anger, and malice. It is used by all 18 university teams. The eyes are made in the form of half-discs – inverted arcs with the tips of feathers. The massive beak has the form of a rhombus with rounded corners on the right and left. It is divided into light and dark sides, which makes it voluminous. The head of the nocturnal raptor is oval, formed of white, blue, and gray stripes of different widths. In the upper part, there is an abbreviated name of a higher educational institution. The developers harmoniously turned it into the forehead and ears of the owl, supplementing the letters with serifs and miniature feathers (wings). On the restrained background, two red eyebrow lines stand out brightly.


Hooters Logo

Designers proposed a logo in the form of an owl for a chain of fast-food restaurants, Hooters, because its name, as well as possible, corresponds to the concept. Such a play of figurative meaning of the word and image allows us to support the idea of the outstanding forms of the female body, as this brand emphasizes it. The fact is that all waitresses working for the company are required to have a lush bust. This idea is emphasized in the visual identity with the help of the double letter “OO,” which replaces the bird’s eye. Moreover, she is depicted in her entirety and sits with her full face turned towards the audience. The color palette of the plumage is restrained (brown, beige, gray), and the lettering is bright orange. The letters are bubbly, rounded, uppercase, and typed in a sans-serif font. The title is at the level of the owl’s head. The background of the icon is a flat white space.

Wise Owl Films

Wise Owl Films Logo

The owl logo was adopted at the time of the creation of a subsidiary of British Lime Pictures called Wise Owl Films and has since been used as a memorable mark of individuality. The emblem is a curly ribbon stylized to resemble the eyes of a bird of prey with highly recognizable brow arches. It consists of two circles of yellow and blue color. At the bottom is the company name divided into two lines. The upper phrase is dark blue; the lower lettering is blue. The letters are tall, bold, and grotesque.


OVO Logo

This is the simplest owl style. The fashion brand OVO has chosen a minimalistic logo. It shows only a full-length bird. There are no other elements – contour drawing. The feathered raptor stands with its head turned towards the audience. The paws are connected in one continuous line. The bird does not look aggressive.

On the contrary, its eyes read concentration, attentiveness, and interest. The eyes and beak are stylized as “OVO,” which comes from October’s Very Own. The eyes are the letter “O,” and the beak is a “V.” The main colors of the logo are gold and white.