Most Famous Water Logos with Mountain

Most Famous Water Logos with Mountain

Water bottles with mountain logos are special. They’re not just about looking good; they tell a story. These logos make us think of fresh water from snowy mountains or untouched places. The mountains are a sign that the water is pure and natural.

Why do mountains make these logos so special?

  • Super Clean and Fresh: Seeing a mountain on a water bottle makes us think it is super clean and fresh as if it has just come from a snowy peak.
  • All-Natural: The mountains in the logo tell us the water hasn’t been messed with. It’s just as nature made it, without any yucky stuff.
  • Adventure Time: They also make us dream of adventure, of being outdoors and exploring, which is pretty cool for people who love the environment and being active.

Why is picking the right mountain logo so important?

  • First Impressions: When you see a water bottle for the first time, its logo is the first thing you notice. A great mountain logo can make you feel good about the water even before you try it.
  • Standing Out: There are so many water brands out there, but a water bottle with a cool mountain can make you pick it up and remember it.
  • Trust: When a brand uses a mountain logo, they promise that their water is clean and safe to drink.

Ultimately, when water brands choose to put a mountain on their bottles, they tell us a story of purity, adventure, and natural beauty. It’s not just for show; it’s a promise of what’s inside the bottle.


Evian Logo

Evian is a very popular bottled water brand from the French Alps. This water is special because it has lots of minerals and tastes great. The logo of Evian shows mountains, which helps us remember where the water comes from. It looks simple but fancy, showing that Evian is not just water but a luxury.

The company started in 1829 in Évian-les-Bains, a town famous for its healthy water. Evian became famous not just in its hometown but all over the world. In 1978, it started selling water in the United States and Asia, making it known everywhere.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Evian became known as a fancy water thanks to good advertising. Then, in 1992, a company named Danone bought Evian and helped it grow even more. They made sure Evian was good for the environment, like making bottles that can be recycled and working towards not harming nature.

In the 2010s, Evian focused on being eco-friendly, ensuring their bottles could be recycled and trying not to add to pollution. Today, Evian is still seen as a fancy and pure water brand, sending out more than a billion bottles every year from the Alps. This shows how long and successful Evian’s story has been.


Aquafina Logo

Aquafina is a bottled water brand by PepsiCo that started in 1994. It aimed to be fancy and modern. The logo shows mountains inside a water drop, looking fresh and clean. This design shows Aquafina’s goal to provide pure water. The brand uses a special cleaning process to make tap water taste great.

PepsiCo made Aquafina to compete with Coca-Cola’s Dasani. They used their big network to bottle and distribute the water. It comes from city water sources but is cleaned through reverse osmosis, making it taste good. They first tried selling it in Wichita, Kansas, in 1994 and then sold it all over the country in 1997. Aquafina stood out because of its clean taste and blue packaging.

Thanks to PepsiCo’s big network, Aquafina became very popular and sold more than Dasani by 2002. It’s known for being clean and tasty, and it’s available in many places around the world.

Aquafina also made a bottle that uses less plastic, which is something people who care about the environment like. By 2016, it was the top bottled water sold in the U.S. based on how much people bought.

Aquafina shows PepsiCo’s effort to offer drinks that are better for health. It has grown from a simple idea to a well-known brand worldwide, showing that people like having clean and easy-to-get drinking water.

Deer Park

Deer Park Logo

Deer Park is a bottled water brand from the Blue Ridge Mountains near Staunton, Virginia. It started in 1873 and was first linked to a hotel and resort. Over time, Deer Park became known for its clean and pure spring water; now, people all over the country drink it. The logo shows a peaceful mountain scene with a deer, which tells us about the natural source of their water and how much they care about the environment.

The story of Deer Park began when the water was first bottled and sold under the Deer Park name. By 1908, it was known as “America’s Table Water” and was used in fancy hotels and on trains. In 1925, the company grew by making more bottles to meet the high demand. By the 1960s, Deer Park water was delivered to homes and offices everywhere, making it a big part of American life.

Over the years, Deer Park has seen big changes, like being bought by Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages in 1996 and switching to PET plastic bottles in 2010, but they kept their famous blue label. In 2021, BlueTriton Brands took over, but they kept getting water from the same spring in Virginia. This shows Deer Park’s long commitment to quality and natural water. The logo and everything about Deer Park remind us of their promise to bring the best of nature to us.

Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain Logo

Ice Mountain is a bottled water brand from very clean springs. The logo shows mountains with snow on top, which helps us think about how fresh and pure their water is. The logo’s calm colors remind us of cool, fresh water. Drinking Ice Mountain water is supposed to make you feel refreshed.

The story of Ice Mountain began a long time ago, in the early 1900s in Michigan near Stanwood. People found a spring so cold that ice stayed around it even in summer. In 1917, this led to the start of a company that would become Ice Mountain. At first, they were known for having water with ice chunks, showing how cold and refreshing it was.

Over the years, the company changed owners a few times and grew significantly. By the 1980s, it was part of Nestlé Waters North America, which helped Ice Mountain reach even more people. In 1993, they built a big bottling plant in Stanwood to send their water nationwide.

Ice Mountain also became connected with the Detroit Red Wings hockey team in 2002, making it even more special to people in Michigan. In 2021, the brand became part of BlueTriton Brands and kept making high-quality water. Ice Mountain’s long history and focus on quality mean it’s still known for offering water that tastes straight from the mountains.


Arrowhead Logo

Arrowhead is a brand that has been around for more than 100 years. It is known for its clean mountain spring water, which comes from the San Bernardino Mountains in California, a place with beautiful springs. The name and logo of Arrowhead were inspired by a rock nearby that looks like an arrowhead, showing the brand’s strong connection to where its water comes from.

Arrowhead started small, just bottling water in 1909, but it grew into a big name in bottled water. In 1928, it got a new owner and started reaching more places in the western United States. The company kept growing, making more water to meet people’s needs. In 1987, Arrowhead teamed up with Perrier, a French mineral water company, which helped it grow even more. Later, in 1992, Nestlé bought Arrowhead, adding it to their water brands and updating how the company worked to make it even bigger.

In 2021, Arrowhead began a new part of its story when BlueTriton Brands bought it. But despite all these changes, Arrowhead has stayed true to what it’s always been about: high-quality, natural water. The Arrowhead logo, with a mountain silhouette, reminds us of the pure water and beautiful places it comes from. This logo promises that when you drink Arrowhead water, you get something fresh and clean, just like the mountains it comes from.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water Logo

Mountain Valley Spring Water comes from the beautiful Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. It’s a top choice for bottled water because it’s healthy and naturally clean. Since the late 1800s, this water has been all about staying pure and natural. The logo shows off the mountains where the water comes from, telling us that every sip is like drinking straight from nature.

The story starts in the 1870s in a valley near Hot Springs, Arkansas, famous for its healing waters. Peter E. Greene and John F. Maloney saw great opportunities and grabbed the land around these springs in 1871. They started the Mountain Valley Spring Company, making the most of the water’s health benefits and purity. The business grew fast, and trains helped spread it far and wide.

Even though resorts built around the springs were once the big thing, bringing in fancy guests, Mountain Valley Water stayed loved for its quality. By the 1950s, people all over the country could enjoy it. Its long history of getting water from natural springs is a big part of what makes it special.

Now, Primo Water Corporation looks after Mountain Valley Water, but it’s still the same at heart. The water comes from a protected source in Hot Springs National Park, keeping its famous quality. It’s still bottled in glass, honoring its history; you can find it throughout the United States. This shows how much people have loved this water for over 140 years.

Alpine Springs

Alpine Springs Logo

Alpine Springs started in Santa Rosa, California, and has become a big part of the community there. This company is all about giving people the best mountain spring water. They find this water in the beautiful areas of Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties. Alpine Springs ensures that the water they bottle is as clean and pure as it comes from nature. They check their water carefully to make sure it’s good.

They offer different kinds of bottles and jugs, so whether someone needs a big jug for their home or office or a small bottle to take with them, Alpine Springs has them covered. They even have distilled water for those who want it. The company is known for delivering water right on time, no matter where you need it—schools, offices, or events. They also have water dispensers to make drinking their water easy and convenient everywhere.

The Alpine Springs logo shows a mountain in bright green and blue. This isn’t just for looks; it tells us about the clean and lively water they offer. The mountains in the logo remind us of Alpine Springs water’s pure and refreshing taste.

Tyler Mountain

Tyler Mountain Logo

Tyler Mountain Water started a long time ago in the Appalachian Mountains. The man who found it, J.R.M “Red” Knapp, wasn’t looking for spring water, but he found it on his land in the 1930s. He thought this water was special and began bottling and selling it. People liked it because it tasted great and was pure. Water became popular in West Virginia and later in other places.

In the 1950s, Knapp’s son-in-law, Warren P. Spurlock, took over and helped the company grow even more. They found more springs and built new places to get and bottle the water. By the 1980s and 1990s, people all over the country could enjoy Tyler Mountain Water. The company moved to St. Albans, WV, but didn’t forget its roots in the Appalachian Mountains.

In the early 2000s, the company was sold to Sky Water Company, but it stayed true to its original taste and quality. Almost 100 years later, Tyler Mountain Water is still loved for being true to its start and connection to the Appalachian Mountains.

The logo of Tyler Mountain Water shows mountains, which reminds us of where the water comes from and the company’s commitment to quality. The mountains in the logo look real, showing the company is genuine and connected to nature. The colors in the logo make people think of trust, warmth, and pure water from a special mountain place.

Catskill Spring Water

Catskill Spring Water Logo

Catskill Spring Water comes from the beautiful, untouched Catskill Mountains, known for their clear and clean water. This water brand gives you a refreshing taste that feels pure. The soft blues and greens logo shows how calm and inviting the Catskills are. Drinking this water is like taking a moment of peace in nature.

Based in New York’s Mohawk Valley, the company started in 1993 and is all about giving great service and quality water, thanks to a family’s hard work for over 30 years. They offer many types of water bottles, from small ones you can carry easily to big jugs for the whole family. They also have coolers and offer free delivery in Oneida and Herkimer counties. Working out of Utica, NY, Catskill Spring Water ensures its community stays hydrated with good water and cares a lot about keeping customers happy.

Rocky Ridge

Rocky Ridge Logo

Rocky Ridge Water Co., based in Peterborough, Ontario, is about strong nature and clean water. Their logo shows mountains with earth colors and bold lines, showing they care about being strong and natural. They’re known for their good bottled water and caring about the planet. They use refillable water bottles approved by Health Canada to help with the plastic problem.

Rocky Ridge makes it easy for customers by offering places to pick up bottles and machines to fill their own, all with free bottle cleaning. They keep their water clean by using stainless steel containers and UV light.

The company helps areas around Peterborough, from Kawartha Lakes to Lake Ontario. They focus on using refillable bottles and have machines to clean them, showing they want to protect the environment. They offer different kinds of water—spring, distilled, and reverse osmosis—and things you might need for your water.

Rocky Ridge is not just about selling water; they want to help the planet. Their smart packaging and strict cleaning make them a leader in being eco-friendly in the water business.

Clear Springs

Clear Springs Logo

Clear Springs is all about clean water and caring for the environment. Their logo shows a peaceful mountain scene, using simple lines to show how clean their water is. The mountains in the logo remind us that Clear Springs wants to protect nature. The blue and white colors make you think of fresh, clean water.

Clear Springs gets its water from the best springs, making it a go-to choice for homes and businesses in many Louisiana places like Lafayette and Hammond. Thanks to a fancy five-step cleaning process, they ensure their water is clean by removing bad stuff like chlorine and heavy metals.

They also make it super easy to get their water. You don’t have to worry about buying heavy bottles and bringing them home. They can deliver water to your door every two weeks or every month without you having to hand over the empty bottles yourself. You can choose from small bottles or big 5-gallon jugs, and they have special bottles you can return and water coolers you can buy or rent. Clear Springs lets you enjoy fresh, clean water at home or work, hot or cold.


Shenandoah Logo

Shenandoah Spring Water started 40 years ago in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, known for its beautiful scenery and clean springs. This company from Staunton, Virginia, offers water and coffee, taking advantage of the valley’s great natural resources. They sell spring and distilled water, plus other drinks, and even provide coffee services for offices.

The logo, showing the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains at dawn, uses soft colors and smooth lines to show how pure and refreshing their water is. It invites people to try water that feels like a breath of fresh air.

Since 1975, Shenandoah Spring Water has focused on making customers happy by offering quality products. They provide different sizes of bottled water, cooler rentals, and coffee services for places like homes and offices in Virginia. They aim to offer everything needed for drinking at home or work.

Shenandoah has been recognized for its high-quality products by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), meeting strict quality and safety standards. Their dedication to excellence means every bottle and service is top-notch. With over 40 years in the business, Shenandoah keeps delivering great water and coffee, backed by modern bottling technology and a strong commitment to quality.


Hillcrest Logo

Hillcrest is a well-known bottled water company focusing on making good-tasting water and caring for the environment. Its water comes from naturally refilled springs, so it doesn’t harm the planet. The logo has hills and a mountain, showing its love for nature. Its soft and earthy colors match its respect for the outdoors.

The company started in Casper, Wyoming, in 2000, and it didn’t take long for Hillcrest to stand out. They sell special mountain spring water and also water cleaned by a process called reverse osmosis. Hillcrest has water in big jugs for lots of different needs. Besides water, they also offer coffee supplies and machines, making them popular with people who want more than just water.

What makes Hillcrest special is its focus on keeping its water fresh and clean, way above the usual standards. This makes them a favorite for people who care about drinking pure water and supporting a company that values the planet.


What famous logo has mountains?

Some well-known logos have mountains in them because mountains can mean a lot of cool stuff, like being pure, adventurous, high quality, and having a rich background. Here’s a quick look at a few:

  • Evian’s logo shows the French Alps, telling us that its water comes straight from the heart of those mountains, making it super pure.
  • Coors Light uses a snowy mountain scene to remind us that their beer is brewed up high in the Rocky Mountains and is meant to be served ice cold.
  • Paramount Pictures has a big mountain surrounded by stars in its logo, which is like saying Hollywood dreams are as big and amazing as mountains.
  • Patagonia, the company that makes gear for outdoor adventures, shows a cool mountain shape to get us thinking about exploring the great outdoors.
  • Toblerone has a picture of Matterhorn Mountain to shout out its Swiss roots and the clean, crisp environment of the Swiss Alps from where it comes.

The mountains in these logos aren’t just for show; they tell us something special about each product, whether water, beer, movies, clothes, or chocolate.

What drink logo has a mountain?

Evian, a bottled water brand, features a logo with the French Alps to emphasize its water’s natural origin and purity. The imagery of mountains in the Evian logo represents the source of the water, which is filtered naturally through glacial rocks in the Alps, highlighting its clean and pure qualities.

What brand has a mountain range logo?

Besides Evian, Fiji Water is another brand whose logo prominently features a mountain. The Fiji Water logo includes an image of the tropical rainforest and mountain range, reflecting its exotic and pure source from an artesian aquifer in Fiji. This imagery emphasizes the brand’s commitment to delivering fresh water while highlighting its unique origin.

Why are mountain and water logos perfect for nature and eco-friendly brands?

Logos with mountains and water are great for brands that care about nature and are kind to our planet. Here’s a simple way to think about it:

  • Clean and Pure: Pictures of mountains and water make us think of places that are clean and untouched by pollution. This helps people believe that the products from these brands are good for them and the environment.
  • Loving Nature: Using these images shows that a brand loves and cares about the outdoors. It’s like saying, “We’re all about keeping our planet green and beautiful.”
  • Peaceful and Happy: Looking at mountains and water can make us feel calm and happy. Brands use these images to show that their products can also help us feel this way.
  • Ready for Adventure: For companies selling stuff we use outside, mountains and water can excite us about exploring and having fun adventures.
  • Caring for the Planet: These natural images remind us to care for our earth because they give us so much. Brands that use these logos say, “We’re working to ensure our planet stays beautiful and healthy.”

So, seeing a logo with mountains and water is not just about looking nice. It’s a brand telling us that it cares about the environment, wants to keep things pure and clean, and encourages us to enjoy and protect our beautiful world.

What’s the most recognizable global brand with a mountain water logo?

The water brand many people worldwide know is Evian because it has mountains in its logo. The logo shows the French Alps, which tells us the water comes from a very clean and natural place. Evian water comes from a spring in these mountains and gets filtered through sand left by glaciers long ago, picking up minerals. This process is a big reason Evian talks about their natural and pure water. The picture of the Alps in their logo isn’t just for looks; it tells the story of where the water comes from and why it’s special, making it easy for people everywhere to recognize Evian bottles.

Beyond water brands, who else uses mountain and water logos, and for what reason?

Many brands, not just water companies, love using pictures of mountains and water in their logos. They do this because these pictures remind us of nature, being clean and fresh, and going on adventures. Let’s see who else likes these symbols and the reasons why:

  • Clothes and Gear for Outside Fun: Companies that make stuff for outdoor fun, like Patagonia and The North Face, use mountain pictures to show that their clothes and gear are perfect for adventures like hiking and camping.
  • Groups Helping the Planet: Organizations that want to keep our planet safe and clean, like the Sierra Club, also use mountains and water in their logos. This shows they’re all about protecting nature.
  • Travel and Seeing New Places: Some companies that help people find cool places to visit or vacation use these natural pictures, too. They’re saying, “Come see amazing places with us!”
  • Staying Healthy: Some brands focus on health and wellness and choose mountains and water for their logos. They want to show that their products are natural and good for you.
  • Food and Drinks: And it’s not just about water; other food and drink companies, like Coors Brewing Company, use mountains to say their products are pure, top-quality, or come from a special place known for its beautiful nature.

So, when you see mountains and water in a logo, it’s a brand telling us about loving adventure, protecting the earth, exploring new things, living healthy, and enjoying natural and clean things. They invite us to join in on what they believe in and care about.