Most Popular Shoe Brand Logos and Names

Most Popular Shoe Brand Logos and Names

An essential part of the human closet, shoes have evolved over the centuries, and their brands have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and culture. Even if one is not too keen on shoes, it is hard not to recognize a few famous emblems and names of shoe brands.

The vast universe of shoe brands offers consumers a plethora of options – from the unmistakable and iconic Dr. Martens to the chic Steve Madden models. But beyond the immediate appeal of a shoe design, there is a narrative behind it, an essence that resonates with a brand’s core audience.

The power of branding in the footwear industry is palpable. Companies in this industry prioritize their symbolism, brand personality, and overall ethics to establish a deep connection with their demographic. In today’s era, where the dynamics of consumer preferences are changing, it’s not just about the aesthetics or comfort of shoes. Rather, the history, values, and trust associated with a brand play a key role in the purchase decision.

We will focus on the logos and names of shoe brands that have successfully gained a global consumer base.

TOP Shoe Brand Logos and Names

In the noisy world of footwear, a direct connection with customers sets a brand apart from many others. Often, this connection is achieved through a distinctive logo or a distinctive-sounding brand name that catches the eye at first sight. Over time, these shoe brands go beyond the recognition of their design. They evolve into individual personalities that create their own story and attract consumers to them.

When choosing shoes, it’s not just the external appeal or physical design that matters, but a deeper psychological factor. Each shoe tells its own story, and it is this story that often influences the purchase decision. For example, choosing a pair from Toms is not just about owning a shoe; it evokes a spirit of generosity and philanthropy. This is due to the brand’s commitment to doing good. A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes is not just about luxury. It is an immersion into the elitist world, a touch of fame and glamor reminiscent of moments of Hollywood light.

In the world of shoes, it’s not just the product that matters. The ethics of a brand, its history, and the emotions it evokes play a crucial role in shaping consumer preferences.


Bearpaw Logo

Bearpaw, an internationally recognized company, is a bright representative of the American fashion industry, especially known for its focus on the youth audience. The company’s wide range of products includes clothing, footwear and various accessories. An important step in the company’s expansion came in 2018 when Flip Flop Shoes, formerly Cherokee became part of the company.

Bearpaw’s dedication to ethical manufacturing is evident in its decision to produce vegan leather boots, which sets it apart and appeals to a conscious segment of the market. Sheepskin boots and hiking boots hold a special place among the company’s flagship offerings. These products reflect the essence of the brand, evoking a love for nature and adventure. The Bearpaw logo, which complements the products, captures the spirit of the wilderness. The design features a simple yet striking illustration of a bear paw combined with a custom font in capital letters, giving the logo a modern yet rustic look.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman Logo

Ben Sherman has carved out a special niche in men’s fashion. Although the company is known for its shoes, its expertise is not limited to footwear. Their extensive collections span various clothing categories, and sometimes, you can even spot the Royal Air Force’s circular insignia in their designs. Casual wear remains the brand’s strong point among its many offerings and attracts a large number of fans.

A brand’s individuality often lies in its visual representation. The Ben Sherman logo, an integral part of the company’s uniqueness, has transformed in line with modern aesthetics. There was a time when the logo had a nostalgic charm, with its word mark styled to reflect elegant handwritten typefaces. In a desire to meet the changing preferences of today’s consumers, a change was made. The updated Ben Sherman logo, while staying true to the essence of the brand, took on a fresher look. It is dominated by a bold sans-serif font, reflecting the brand’s adaptability and sensitivity to modern design trends.


Birkenstock Logo

Birkenstock, hailing from Germany, is internationally recognized and admired. World-renowned for its sandals with original designs, this brand stands out for its concern for foot comfort. A distinctive feature of Birkenstocks is the complex construction of the sole, which combines cork, layers of jute, and suede. Thanks to this precise composition, the sole adapts to the contour of the foot, providing unrivaled comfort.

The Birkenstock logo is presented in deep blue, symbolizing the spirit of strength and reliability of the brand. This choice of color evokes a sense of trust and reliability in the viewer. The inclusion of the company’s date of creation in the logo shows the company’s enduring heritage and rich history, emphasizing its long-standing commitment to quality and innovation in footwear manufacturing.


Camper Logo

Based in Spain, Camper is a testament to combining time-honored tradition with innovation in footwear manufacturing. The company was officially founded in 1975, but its history goes back to the time when sewing machines first appeared on Spanish soil.

A closer look at the Camper emblem reveals many meanings. The curved base of the emblem, resembling the horizon at sunrise, symbolizes a new beginning and rejuvenation. It can also be interpreted as the beginning of a new era of shoe design and comfort. The flexibility inherent in the trademark subtly hints at the comfort of Camper products. The design emphasizes the aesthetics as well as the lightness that can be expected when wearing the footwear of this renowned brand.


Clarks Logo

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Clarks has a prominent place in the footwear industry. Founded in 1825, the brand boasts longevity and a rich tapestry of craftsmanship and innovation. The scale of the brand’s global footprint is evident, with over 1,400 specialty retail outlets worldwide, as well as product availability through other retail partners.

The Clarks logo is a testament to understated sophistication. Its word mark is designed as a personal signature. This design choice could be an ode to the company’s illustrious founders, Cyrus Clark and James Clark. The choice of a tranquil green hue further enhances the appeal of the logo, evoking a sense of serenity and natural simplicity.


Crocs Logo

Crocs is a recognizable brand in the footwear industry, hailing from the United States and known worldwide for its iconic foam sabots. This company has carved a niche for itself, especially among the youth, which is a testament to its dynamic branding strategy.

The Crocs logo is a symbol of its target market. The use of a lowercase sans-serif font gives the logo a casual and light feel. The bright green hue emphasizes the fun and youthful nature of the company, which resonates with its core audience. Some variants of branding use the crocodile emblem, which brings an element of playfulness and strengthens the brand name. This image increases the brand’s appeal to young consumers and reinforces its overall identity.

Dr. Martens

Dr Martens Logo

Dr. Martens, universally acclaimed, is a signature shoe symbolizing both durability and unmatched comfort. The distinctive yellow ball on the brand’s logo, combined with the “AirWair” symbol, is a vivid reminder of the shoe’s springy, innovative sole.

Dr. Martens’ carefully considered logo designs go beyond simple aesthetics. They are meant to embody the essence of the brand: the combination of flexibility and bounciness that was once a rarity in high-end footwear. This dedication to quality and functionality is reinforced by a bold linear pattern called “Martens,” subtly echoing the distinctive tread commonly found on the sole of the brand’s shoes.


Gucci Logo

The world-renowned Gucci brand is a titan of fashion. This brand has earned recognition for its impeccable creation of clothing and accessories aimed at both genders. Along with its illustrious clothing lines, Gucci has created an extensive collection of footwear, many of which are highlighted by the unwavering Gucci emblem.

A distinctive feature of the brand is its logo. The elegant design, which is a combination of a minimalist word mark in a complex serif font, is accompanied by a unique emblem depicting two G’s that seem to dance, mirroring and intertwining with each other. This intricate design of the Gucci logo, combined with the overall aesthetic of the brand, confirms Gucci’s long-standing association with the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in the fashion industry.


Hi-Tec Logo

Hi-Tec Sports, commonly known as Hi-Tec, stands out in the global footwear market for its unwavering focus on creating reliable footwear ideal for mountain and outdoor enthusiasts. One of the outstanding achievements that has propelled Hi-Tec to the forefront of the footwear industry was its pioneering work in creating the first lightweight hiking boots. This pioneering move contributed to the brand’s rapid rise to success across the United States, setting it apart from its competitors.

Today, Hi-Tec has a significant global footprint with a presence in many countries. This widespread presence is a testament to the immense popularity of the brand and the trust it has earned. The Hi-Tec emblem, reflecting the spirit of the brand, is a distinctive mark of quality. Created in bold sans-serif font in an elegant gray color, it embodies the brand’s dedication to durability, strength, and unmatched craftsmanship.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies Logo

The world-famous Hush Puppies logo features an adorable mascot beloved by people from all walks of life. As a brand, Hush Puppies offers a diverse collection of casual footwear designed for all genders and age groups, ensuring comfort for all.

The essence of Hush Puppies’ branding strategy is encapsulated in the design of its logo. The company’s emblem seamlessly combines a cute mascot with a crisp sans-serif font, emphasizing the company’s commitment to versatility. Through iconic imagery, Hush Puppies presents itself as a brand that resonates with a diverse population. This design harmony reflects the brand’s ethos of creating footwear that serves as a universal touchpoint, resonates with different audiences, and fosters broad brand loyalty.

Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice Logo

Since its inception in 1999, Irregular Choice has carved out a niche for itself in the footwear industry. Dan Sullivan, the mastermind behind the brand, set out to move away from the then-monotonous British haute couture. The aim was clear: to bring a breath of fresh air to an industry saturated with predictability.

Over the years, Irregular Choice has consistently produced shoes that are distinctively unique. Each model reflects a fearless approach to design, reflecting the essence of those who dare to be different. This characteristic boldness is not only inherent in their products but also in the Irregular Choice logo. Featuring an unconventional wordmark in a 3D style font, the logo effortlessly conveys the brand’s commitment to identity and creativity. This visual representation embodies the brand’s mission and serves as a beacon for all who value individuality in design.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Logo

Originally from the UK, Jimmy Choo has quickly become one of the leaders in the luxury fashion arena. Although the company is most prominent in the luxury footwear sector, its expertise does not stop there. It also produces exquisite fragrances and carefully crafted accessories, creating a holistic fashion experience for its customers.

Despite its immense influence and global recognition, many may be surprised by the fact that the brand was founded relatively recently – in 1996. This emphasizes its meteoric rise and the indelible mark it has managed to leave in such a short period of time.

Jimmy Choo’s emblem fully reflects the essence of the brand. The wordmark stands out with its deliberate emphasis on the brand name. Its design, characterized by an exquisite serif font and finely crafted narrow symbols, reflects the brand’s desire for luxury. With this emblem, the brand conveys its heritage by offering unrivaled elegance to its discerning audience.

Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy Logo

Johnston & Murphy, a leading name in American fashion, has carved a niche for itself on the world stage. Known for its unrivaled leather goods and shoes, this brand has a reputation for impeccability. Its pedigree dates back to the famous William J. Dudley shoe brand, founded in the heart of the 19th century.

The Johnston & Murphy logo epitomizes the brand’s elegance and poise. Although the bold capital letter gives the design an elongated look, the underlying essence of the logo symbolizes a rich heritage intertwined with unwavering reliability. Such emblems symbolize a brand that constantly sets the benchmark in the luxury footwear sector.

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Logo

Under the Kenneth Cole Productions brand, Kenneth Cole, known for its extensive footwear collections, is a beacon in the fashion industry. Apart from shoes, the brand also produces various accessories and apparel, catering to a variety of tastes. There is no denying that the company’s main passion is rooted in the art of shoemaking.

The Kenneth Cole emblem plays a key role in conveying the ethos of the brand. The company took examples from several iconic shoe designers while developing its branding strategy. The bold sans-serif font of the Kenneth Cole logo embodies simplicity yet exudes authority. This minimalistic approach to design may seem understated, but therein lies its power. It conveys a sense of timeless elegance, reflecting the brand’s commitment to remaining timeless in the ever-changing world of fashion.


K-Swiss Logo

Established as a sports shoe manufacturer specializing in tennis sneakers and other lightweight footwear, K-Swiss has successfully established itself on a global scale. Currently, this renowned sportswear and footwear brand operates under the umbrella of the vast Xtep organization.

The K-Swiss logo represents strength and dominance. The shield-shaped emblem, rendered in patriotic red, white, and blue colors, speaks of the brand’s heritage and pride. The emblem is complemented by the brand name in a minimalistic sans-serif font with all letters capitalized to emphasize clarity and boldness. This combination effectively reflects the brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and tradition.


Merrell Logo

In 1981, Clark Mathis, John Schweizer, and Randy Merrell joined forces to create a brand that soon became world-famous – Merrell. Since its inception, the brand has become synonymous with the spirit of outdoor exploration and the thrill of hiking. Over the years, Merrell has expanded its product line to include athletic shoes, versatile sandals, and some of the most famous hiking boots sought by adventurers around the world.

Merrell branding is as much about the products as it is about the experience and the journey. Among the numerous footwear brands, the Merrell emblem stands out noticeably. This distinction is not only due to its design but also due to the emotions it evokes. The bold orange hue chosen for the emblem is more than just a color; it symbolizes the adrenaline rush, the excitement of discovery, and the thrill of outdoor adventure. As the brand progresses, it continues to embody a passion for the outdoors and inspire many to embark on new adventures.

Moon Boot

Moon Boot Logo

Moon Boot, hailing from Italy, holds a special place in the footwear market. Specializing in creating a unique style of footwear, this brand challenges conventional design aesthetics. The Moon Boot “Icon” boots, which feature substantial volume, are a bold contrast to modern ski boots and allow you to confidently stand out from the crowd.

The Moon Boot Company logo perfectly reflects the character of the brand. The bespoke typography exudes a playful, upbeat vibe complemented by cosmic and forward-thinking ideas. It’s a dynamic blend of brand uniqueness to innovative design and an out-of-the-box approach.

Red or Dead

Red or Dead Logo

Emerging on London’s vibrant fashion scene in 1982, Red or Dead was the brainchild of the creative duo Wayne and Geradine Hemingway. Originally emerging from a humble stall in bustling Camden Market, the brand has since grown into a well-known name in the fashion world. Offering a variety of products such as avant-garde shoes, eyewear, watches, and bags, Red or Dead has become synonymous with unconventional style.

The Red or Dead logo is artfully designed and reflects the quirky and unique uniqueness of the brand. It is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters arranged in an unpredictable order, reflecting the brand’s unconventional approach to design. This innovative typeface reflects the company’s desire for playful yet engaging designs, further cementing its place in the world of eclectic fashion.

Red Wing

Red Wing Logo

Founded in Minnesota, Red Wing Shoes has become a leading shoe manufacturer around the world. Drawing inspiration from its namesake location, the company quickly gained recognition in the footwear industry. Within a decade of its founding, it was already evident that the brand had resonated with its audience, producing over 200,000 pairs of shoes annually, a testament to its quality and eye-catching design.

The Red Wing Shoes emblem is a masterclass in design symbolism. The centerpiece of the emblem is a red wing elegantly placed in the background. Just as a bird’s wing allows it to glide smoothly through the air, Red Wing Shoes are designed for comfort, allowing the wearer to move effortlessly throughout the day.

This clever interweaving of the brand’s name and logo serves a dual purpose. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it also shows that the brand produces high-end and comfortable footwear.


Reef Logo

Emerging as a leader in the global sandal market, Reef has carved a niche for itself in the production of thong-style shoes. These shoes have found loyal customers among those who frequent the beach or surf. With a reputation based on quality and design, Reef is one of the leading manufacturers of “active sandals.”

The Reef logo subtly captures the brand’s close connection to surf culture in its design. The logo, in a strict sans-serif font, is slightly slanted to the right, hinting at movement and dynamism. The accompanying wordmark emblem, reminiscent of ocean waves, reinforces the brand’s beach ethic, capturing the essence of the lifestyle that Reef supports.


Rockport Logo

The American company Rockport is a well-known footwear manufacturer that incorporates numerous sub-brands, notably Aravon and Dunham. The company’s portfolio includes a wide variety of footwear models focused on both walking and comfort.

The vibrant combination of orange and white hues of the Rockport logo is due to its amazing design. The choice of orange color creates a sense of innovation and exciting adventure. Combined with the bold uppercase font that stands for the brand name, it symbolizes the reliability and steadfastness of the brand. Further enriching the brand message, Rockport incorporates the phrase “The differences inside” into its logo, alluding to the unique qualities and craftsmanship that set its products apart from others on the market.


Skechers Logo

Originating in the United States in 1992, Skechers has made a name for itself on the global footwear scene. In just a few decades, the company has risen a notch to become the third dominant athletic footwear brand on American soil. While the brand is best known for its athletic models, it doesn’t limit itself. With a diversified portfolio, adults can find casual and athletic shoes suitable for different occasions.

The Skechers emblem gives an insight into the brand’s personality. It exudes self-confidence thanks to the powerful word mark, above which the capital letter “S” stands proudly. The prominent “S” reinforces the brand’s name and demonstrates the dynamism and vigor that characterizes its ethos. Further emphasizing the essence of the brand is the slight slope of the logo to the right. It clearly demonstrates the company’s desire to stay ahead of the curve in the footwear industry.


Sperry Logo

Sperry, founded in 1935 and often referred to as Sperry Top-Sider, was born out of the vision of an intrepid explorer with a deep affinity for the sea. The essence of this nautical passion is seamlessly woven into the company’s corporate identity, evident in the striking logo design and innovative approach to branding.

The brand’s calling card in the footwear world was the revolutionary boat shoes, the design of which remains iconic to this day. The silhouette of this innovative model is intricately inscribed in the brand’s logo, resembling the outline of a boat. The Sperry logo further shows the uniqueness of the company by showcasing an assertive sans-serif font. Through these design elements, the brand communicates its nautical heritage intertwined with modern design ideas.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden Logo

Hailing from bustling New York City, Steve Madden has firmly established itself as a leader in the fashion world. This brand is not just limited to shoes; it offers a wide range of fashion accessories for men, women, and children. Under the huge Steve Madden umbrella, there are several sub-brands, each with its own unique specifics. Notable among them are Report, Wild Pair, and Mad Love, each of which has carved out its own niche in the competitive fashion market.

At the core of the Steve Madden brand is its emblem, a testament to the power of minimalism. Unlike other brands that favor intricate designs, the Steve Madden logo is characterized by simplicity. The use of a bold sans-serif font gives the logo the confidence and ruggedness that often characterizes fashion products.

This understated approach to branding demonstrates that sometimes less is more. By using simple typography, Steve Madden conveys a modern yet timeless look, making it a favorite among fashion fans around the world.


Timberland Logo

Hailing from the United States, Timberland has firmly established itself as a leading brand for those who prefer rugged outdoor footwear. With a reputation for making durable boots, it has gained a significant number of fans, many of whom affectionately refer to their boots as “Timbs.”

When looking at the Timberland logo, one immediately conjures up associations with wildlife and its majesty. The strength of the font in the logo can be compared to the strength of tall trees, steadfastly enduring the test of time and the elements. The emblem accompanying the word mark further illustrates this connection to nature and adventure. Together, they reflect the brand’s commitment to creating stylish and reliable footwear for all outdoor endeavors.


Tod's Logo

Tod’s, synonymous with the Tod’s Group, epitomizes Italian craftsmanship, especially in luxury footwear and premium leather goods. With more than a century of roots, the brand’s emblem has carved a niche for itself, becoming a globally recognized symbol in the footwear industry.

For all its restraint, the Tod’s logo exudes an aura of elegance and seriousness. The distinctive serif font emphasizes the brand’s refined aesthetic and its desire for perfection. This symbolic design successfully conveys the brand’s history and prestige, making it a beacon of sophistication in the luxury market.



TOMS has established itself as a brand that embodies thoughtfulness and sustainability on a global scale. Since its founding in 2006, TOMS has expanded its product range beyond footwear to include apparel, eyewear, eyewear and handbags. However, it is not only the products that set TOMS apart from other brands but also the company’s desire to make a positive impact on the environment.

The TOMS logo stands out with its simple but memorable design. The blue and white stripes convey a sense of warmth and accessibility. The emblem has a modern look combined with a contemporary sans serif font. In some variations of the emblem, the company incorporates its iconic “One for One” promise. This phrase reflects TOMS’ mission to donate a shoe for every pair sold.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch Logo

In 2004, the fashion industry witnessed the emergence of a significant new player: Tory Burch. Quickly gaining recognition for its extensive shoe collection, this brand, named after its pioneering founder, set out to redefine footwear for modern customers. Offering a wide range of models to suit a variety of preferences, Tory Burch ensures that everyone can find a pair to suit their style.

At the heart of the company’s branding is the shoe and the symbolic image that reflects the essence of the brand. The Tory Burch logo is a harmonious combination of a chic word mark and a distinct emblem that emphasizes the brand’s upscale and sophisticated style. If you delve deeper into the design elements of the logo, you can appreciate the creativity behind the emblem, which is a complex configuration of the letters “T.” As Tory Burch advances in fashion, it becomes an example of elegance and innovation, setting a benchmark for others to follow.


UGG Logo

Often associated with UGG Australia, UGG has achieved considerable global recognition, especially among cozy footwear lovers. Over the past few decades, the image of this brand has reached many corners of the world. Originating from the United States, this footwear mogul operates under the Deckers Brands umbrella and boasts an impressive presence in over 130 countries.

The UGG emblem epitomizes the brand’s bold spirit and avant-garde approach to design. It reflects its rich heritage through the use of distinct capital letters in an elegant serif font. The combination of historical richness and modern inclusivity defines the essence of the UGG brand, reflecting its history and loyalty to the modern fashion-oriented consumer.

Celebrating shoe brand symbols and logos

In today’s dynamic and constantly evolving footwear market, many well-known footwear brands attract the attention of consumers. These range from brands that exude absolute uniqueness, such as Irregular Choice, to brands with a targeted approach, such as Toms.

Each brand, in turn, brings a distinctive flavor to design and craftsmanship. However, it’s not just about the shoes but the essence and ethos behind each pair. Brand identity, often encapsulated in the chosen logo, provides insight into the core values and mission of the brand.

One logo may hint at the brand’s commitment to sustainability, while another may emphasize its avant-garde design. Despite their apparent simplicity, these emblems often tell a deeper story, encapsulating a brand’s long-standing heritage, innovation, and philosophy. They serve as unspoken ambassadors, communicating the brand’s promise and vision to the audience.