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The simple and elegant sign of the Mulberry logo signifies the company’s impeccable style. Designer things emphasize the image of the owner and make it sophisticated. The emblem conveys the convenience and functionality of the products and alludes to the artistic elements that adorn them.

Mulberry: Brand overview

Founder:Roger Saul
Somerset, England

Mulberry is a British fashion house that produces leather goods. The two main factories (The Rookery and The Willows) are in Somerset. About 1500 employees work at the enterprises of the company. The Mulberry logo brings together 114 stores worldwide, generating £152 million in revenue.

The company appeared in Britain in the quarter where haberdashers worked. Her first budget consisted of £500 donated by the founder’s mother. Models were created with an eye on the activities of local residents. These were hunting bags, cases for binoculars, and belts. The company experienced a creative decline several times and was repeatedly saved by the arrival of a designer from outside. Gradually, the participation of talented workers turned Mulberry into a brand that represents England at the world level.

Meaning and History

Mulberry Logo History

What is Mulberry?

A British company based in Somerset producing high-end leather goods. Best known for bags Emmy, Braconnier, Alexa, and Bayswater.

1971 – 2015

Mulberry Logo 1971

Heritage is the main word that comes to mind when looking at the Mulberry logo. The brand is trying to create bags you want to wear and then pass on to children. This requires a special quality and design, popular at all times. That’s what the logo is about.

Family traditions can be traced in the company since its foundation. The name, which translates as “mulberry,” was invented by the sister of the creator Rogera Saula. As a child, he and his brother walked daily to school along an alley lined with mulberries. The image of one of them became part of the visual sign.

The tree demonstrates fidelity, constancy, and reliability – the company’s main values. Shows the growth and development that flows from the past. The sign also hints at naturalness. The main material with which the company works is leather.

2015 – today

Mulberry Logo

In 2013, the famous designer Emma Hill, who has created Mulberry hits since 2007, left the company in a scandal. This resulted in serious ranking losses. Spaniard Johnny Coca, who took over as creative director in 2015, breathed new life into the brand. It was he who changed the logo of the manufacturer. It was an attempt to revive and update the once-popular house.

The modern emblem consists of the title in a serif typeface. According to experts, removing the tree and reducing the sign to a simple inscription made the visual identity more modern.

Coca did not invent anything new. The logo presented to the world was found by the designer in the firm’s archives and used by the manufacturer in the 70s. Therefore, rebranding is a step toward the revival of the roots of the brand. A return to the original idea, the company’s vision by its founders. As the designer himself emphasized, this is an attempt to show and consolidate the British style with its rigor and simplicity since modernity is rooted in the past.

The company still uses the mulberry tree in product labeling, but it is a secondary sign.

Font and Colors

Mulberry Emblem

The color of the logo is black. The color wheel is neutral and achromatic. Shows good compatibility of bags with clothes of different styles and colors. It also conveys a stable position in the market and the recognition of buyers.

The font was designed specifically for the company at the time of the logo change in 2015 and named after the Mulberry company. This emphasizes the uniqueness and exclusivity of the brand. Letters with elegant serifs are both simple and have their unique style. Like the company’s bags, they are practical, but with the addition of a special signature note (for most collections, these are eye-catching locking elements).

Mulberry color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C