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The New York Life logo resembles a closed box, offering comfort and safety. The emblem embodies the essence of insurance and indicates the company’s primary goal – ensuring a high standard of living for citizens and protecting them from unforeseen dangers.

New York Life: Brand overview

New York, U.S.
New York Life is the third-largest insurance company in America, with a net profit of over 1.5 billion dollars. It serves US residents and offers insurance products and asset management through investments. The company employs 11.5 thousand staff.

Meaning and History

New York Life Logo History

The logo was introduced to the company after its first president, James De Peyster Ogden, was elected in 1845 (four years post-establishment). The director focused not just on business matters but also on promotion. As a result, a visual identity was created, and the company name changed. While subsequent rebrandings altered the overall logo’s appearance, the essence of protection and safety remained its core theme.

What is New York Life? 

It’s an insurance company ranked 71st in the Fortune 500 for the USA. It manages assets worth $702 billion. Its annual investment income is around $12 billion. The company is owned by its policyholders and doesn’t engage external shareholders. Life insurance is its primary product.

1845 – 1954

New York Life Logo 1845

From 1845, the company adopted the name New York Life Insurance Company. The emblem uses a truncated version of the name, focusing on New York and the company’s impact on city residents.

The name also indicates that the firm specializes in life insurance. Initially, policies were offered for fire protection and marine damages, but from 1945, life insurance became the primary focus.

The tall black letters with serifs resemble a newspaper typeface. This choice signifies a businesslike approach, seriousness, staying in tune with contemporary perspectives, and following trends. Ogden foresaw the future significance of life insurance, enabling the company to stay afloat for 180 years.

The use of uppercase underscores the insurer’s market significance. New York Life was at the forefront of the insurance business in America. It was established just ten years after the country’s first policy issuance, and today, it’s considered the best in New York and third in the USA.

1954 – 1964

New York Life Logo 1954

In the 50s, the company expanded its offerings by introducing group policies, accident and illness insurance, and corporate employee protection plans. This progress was reflected in a logo change.

The new symbol was a gray oval with the company’s full abbreviation. The shape resembles a time capsule or an egg. The company is safeguarding or “incubating eggs” that will “hatch” to provide people dividends and payouts. The oval symbolizes group coverage and collective policies.

The full company name was placed above and below the oval as if protecting the core, embodying safety.

1964 – today

New York Life Logo

A decade later, to highlight progress, the company logo was revamped. The design was crafted by the New York-based design agency Lippincott & Margulies.

The blue square represents the contributions safely stored in New York Life. This shape is used as an element of protection mystery and is reminiscent of a safe deposit box. For clients, this emblem is intended to evoke associations with safety and confidentiality, showing that their lives are securely protected.

The white letters of the inscription are arranged in three tiers within the background, showcasing the gradual accumulation of deposits and the growth of interest rates. The bright elements act as a symbol of safety within the program. In the 60s, the emphasis was placed on family insurance. The three tiers of the inscription highlight the existence of programs catering to three family generations: grandparents, parents, and children.

Font and Colors

The light blue color of the logo accentuates the idea of growth, conveying a sense of mathematical and computer literacy essential for managing assets. The shade encapsulates development, stability, and confidence in the future. White represents health, longevity, and a free life.

The letters of the inscription seem to merge into a cohesive mass, symbolizing the growth of deposits and the addition of new contributions to the collective pot. This design signifies support and care. Thin notches, resembling needles, protect the inscription from encroachments, much like New York Life safeguards its investors from unforeseen incidents.

New York Life color codes

French BlueHex color:#1478c7
RGB:20 120 199
CMYK:90 40 0 22
Pantone:PMS 3005 C