Nigerian Car Brands

Nigerian Car Brands

Nigeria can hardly be called the center of automotive industry development. Nevertheless, there are several brands in this state. Moreover, some of them even supply cars to neighboring countries.


Proforce Logo

This manufacturer was founded in the 2000s. It specializes mainly in armored vehicles. So, the range includes combat vehicles and armored crossovers that can resist explosions and bullets.

Based on this specificity of the range, the company’s logo is quite understandable. It uses a combination of gray and burgundy colors. The letter “O” is depicted in the form of a sight. This stylization looks very appropriate, given that the company works in the production of armored vehicles.

The color scheme is chosen very successfully. The gray color looks calm and restrained, and burgundy in the corporate style is traditionally associated with solidity. Thus, through its emblem, the company demonstrates seriousness and responsibility. The stylization of the letter “O” in the format in which it is made emphasizes the competitive advantages of Proforce cars.

Innosson Vehicles Manufacturing

IVM Logo

The company was founded in 2007. Its specialization is the assembly of cars of Japanese and Chinese manufacturers for the local market. The headquarters are located in the city of Nnewi. The founder is Innosson Chukwuma Nwala.

The company’s model range is quite extensive. You can see cars, SUVs, and even scooters. The company has made sure that the target audience with different needs and financial capabilities can choose a car for themselves.

The company logo looks fresh, bright, and attractive. Inside the turquoise oval with a gradient fill is the abbreviation of the company name. It is typed in white font with serifs. High letters give the logo a solidity. They also harmonize with the white frame inside the oval.

By the way, there is another version of this company’s logo. In it, instead of abbreviations, the full name of the brand is placed. However, it has a simpler font.

Izuogu Z-600

The development of the Izuogu Z-600 began in 1997. It was supposed to be a compact and comfortable car that Nigerians could drive in their daily lives. However, the production encountered a number of problems, after which it was stopped. Consequently, a logo for this car was never developed.

Several designs for this car existed at the sketch level. But they never got out of the prototype stage, although they became a page in the history of the Nigerian automobile industry.

Thus, Proforce and Innosson Vehicles Manufacturing are among the operating companies in the country today.