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The Northwestern University logo symbolizes simplicity and elegance, demonstrating the university’s significance in society’s life. The emblem represents great discoveries and future leaders who will hold high positions in the country.

Northwestern University: Brand overview

Founded:January 28, 1851
Evanston, Illinois, United States

Northwestern University is a prestigious private higher education institution in the USA, ranked among the top 20 best universities worldwide. The university spans six states and provides education to 23.5 thousand bachelor’s, specialist, and master’s degree students in 11 schools with 269 programs. The Northwestern University logo can be seen on three campuses in Evanston, Chicago, and Qatar.

The university’s history began with the idea that united nine entrepreneurs and lawyer-followers of the Methodist church, who decided in 1850 to establish a university. A year later, the decision was made, and construction began two years after that on land purchased by John Evans, one of the nine participants. The city where the university is located was later named in honor of the buyer. Classes began in 1855 and continue to this day.

Meaning and History

Northwestern University Logo History

The university logo has remained unchanged since its founding. It consists of a simple sign featuring the name of the institution and the addition of the word “university” below. The emblem is executed in an elegant serif font. The capital letters symbolize:

Vast territorial coverage – the university was created to educate everyone living northwest of the Ohio River in an area of 780,000 square kilometers (states of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota).

A large financial endowment of $16 billion to support the university’s needs (10th largest in the world).

Expansion to other states and countries. In addition to the Evanston campus and academic buildings in various Chicago neighborhoods, the university has branches in Miami, Qatar, Washington, and San Francisco.

Famous alums the university has prepared for society. Among them are ten billionaires, 24 Olympic medalists, 23 Nobel laureates, and 43 Pulitzer Prize winners. Many national leaders are alumni of this institution.

Large-scale research programs, which receive about $500 million annually. The university secures hundreds of patents for inventions developed in 50 research centers on its campuses each year.

The elegance of the letters reflects the high aspirations and goals of the institution. The founders wanted to create an institution where future society leaders, the brightest and most talented minds, would grow.

What is Northwestern University?

Northwestern University is a university located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1851. It is ranked among the top ten universities in the United States. Major areas of study include journalism, business, and engineering.


Northwestern University Seal Logo

The university seal is executed in an elegant font, similar to the logo. It consists of three circles, one inscribed within the other. Considering the university’s initial religious orientation, such a construction might symbolize:

  • The Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The tripartite nature of humans: spirit, soul, and body.

The multi-layered design also reflects the idea of combining various directions. Northwestern University encourages the simultaneous study of two or more programs, and preference is given to such candidates during admission. To support students, a quarter system has been developed, allowing them to take different courses each quarter.

The three circles symbolize the three campuses of the university.

In the central core circle, a book is placed against the background of the sun’s rays – the Bible. On its pages, a Greek text is visible: ο λογοs πληρηs χαριτοs και αλη θειαs (The Word, full of grace and truly divine). The excerpt is taken from the Gospel of John (1:14). Being Methodists, the university’s founders revered the Word of God and considered it the central book that bestows knowledge. The composition of the Bible and the Sun symbolizes knowledge that illuminates the soul and human life, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and disbelief. This combination can be described literally as the “light of knowledge.”

Northwestern University Symbol

In the central circle, there is an inscription in Latin: “quaecumque sunt vera.” This expression is found in the Bible, in the Epistle to the Philippians (4:8), and literally means “whatsoever things are true.” In the epistle, the Apostle Paul urges Christ’s disciples to follow only the truth. For students, this serves as a reminder to strive for the truth and pursue righteousness.

Along with the inscription in the central circle, ears of wheat are depicted, symbolizing the fruits and outcomes of learning. Wheat also serves as a reference to the Holy Scripture, where it is said that those who fulfill the Word will bear much fruit, and when the last days come, God will gather the ears of wheat (true believers) into His granary.

In the outer circle, the university’s name and its year of establishment are indicated with the most prominent letters.

Font and Colors

Northwestern University Emblem

Purple is the only color used in the logo and seal. It symbolizes mystery, special knowledge, faith, and psychology. Purple represents the balance between the body and soul, the divine and earthly aspects of a person, encouraging self-discovery and study.

The font used for the inscription is Goudy Old Style, SB Roman.

Northwestern University color codes

Cosmic CobaltHex color:#472e91
RGB:71 46 145
CMYK:51 68 0 43
Pantone:PMS 267 C