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Odontologia Logo

Odontologia Logo
Odontologia Logo PNG

Odontologia is the logo of the American Dental Association, founded by William Henry Atkinson in 1859. It uses a snake – a symbol of health in Greek mythology. The rest of the details are also related to the field of medicine.

Meaning and History

Odontologia Symbol

The emblem was designed by the trade union dental association and introduced in 1965. The debut version contains the Asclepio rod – an attribute of the ancient Roman and Greek god of medicine. He was surrounded by a snake – a creature that Ancient Greece’s inhabitants often used for medicinal purposes.

Also, the image of a reptile is often mentioned in the Old Testament, where it also serves as a symbol of health. There are 32 leaves and 20 berries at the bottom of the logo, which represent, respectively, the number of permanent and milk teeth.

The color scheme was often updated, although it was not very diverse. In the debut version, a lilac background prevailed for a long time – dentistry’s official color. The Asociacion Nacional de Facultades Dentales incorporated it into their emblem in 1897.

Depending on the variant, the snake is painted white, yellow, beige, or gray. She was also stripped. The Asclepios wand had a brown and then a golden hue, as did the surrounding frame.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Odontologia Emblem

The original sign is placed in two frames. The first is made in a triangle, which is the letter Delta from the Greek alphabet. It stands for dentistry. The second frame is round, connected with the letter Omicron, which is linked to the word Odont, which means “tooth” in Greek.

Over the years, the graphics have changed many times, but the wand and the snake’s central images have always been present. But the word Odontologia appeared and disappeared. It is located at the bottom of the emblem and written in large, easy-to-read sans serif type. In some versions, the logo was italic.