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Ohio State University Logo

The Ohio State University Logo
The Ohio State University Logo PNG

Ohio State is the name of The Ohio State University (OSU), formed in 1870. It is located in Columbus and is the flagship of the local university system. The first time after opening, it was a college where students studied agricultural and technical disciplines. In 1878, by the decision of the Ohio General Assembly, the educational institution received the status of a university, greatly expanding the scope of its activities. As a result, he had the Buckeyes sports department (named after the Buckeye state tree, Aesculus glabra). It now has 36 university teams. The most famous among them are football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Meaning and History

Ohio State University Symbol

What is Ohio State University?

It is the third-largest higher education institution in the United States and is known for its incredibly green campuses and sports and health programs.

At first, the educational institution was called Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. Its appearance was hostile to the population due to its agricultural interests and competition for land resources. After all, at first, the school was located on the northern outskirts of Columbus – in a farming community. Eight years later, Governor Rutherford B. Hayes turned college into a university and expanded its rights, so he had many disciplines and his own sports teams.

In September 1873, Ohio State enrolled 24 students. In 1879, the first female student graduated from it. After it became a university, its name changed to The Ohio State University, where the article “the” is a required part of the official name. Since at least the 1990s, this is how NFL players have presented themselves, emphasizing that this is a higher education institution.

In the 1880s, graduate students began to study at the university. In 1891, a legal direction appeared in it. Later, journalism, trade, commercial, veterinary, optometric, dental, and general medical colleges were opened. In 1916, the university received membership of the Association of American Universities.

At the same time, the sports department was actively developing, which included many sports clubs. They are now NCAA Division I members across all disciplines. They are part of the Big Ten Conference, except the women’s hockey team affiliated with the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. Players are highly valued: a football club, for example, is worth, according to experts, about $ 1.5 billion, which is considered the largest bet in the United States.

The Ohio State University Logo Seal

Ohio State is one of the universities whose clubs have won national championships in all basic men’s sports (soccer, baseball, and basketball). They have also won national competitions in rowing, fencing, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, and synchronized swimming. The equestrian team became the winner of 8 championships of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Although the university and the university sports department have different emblems, they have the same name. This is what is reflected in the logos.

The seal has two classic forms at once – around one in the form of a rondel and a triangular one in the form of a shield. The central part is occupied by an open book, surrounded by a white hoop; at the bottom, there is a leaf of the buckeye tree (Aesculus glabra), the mascot of the Ohio State. They are placed on a striped board lined with vertical stripes. Above is the year of the university’s foundation; below are two ribbons, and the Latin dictum “DISCIPLINA IN CIVITATEM” with two large “T” is shown. On the wide outer strip, the full name of the educational institution and the city where it is based is written. A twisted rope runs along the edge of the coat of arms.

The text part of the emblem consists of a detailed name of the university, emphasizing the words “OHIO STATE,” which look larger than the rest. The top line (there are four of them) contains the article “THE,” where there is a period between each of the three letters. The bottom row is occupied by the inscription “UNIVERSITY.” Although it is in uppercase, it is done in small characters. The name is painted white and placed in a burgundy square with sharp corners and straight lines. The font is a classic typeface with serifs. In the word “STATE,” all letters are combined: “ST” and “TE” – at the top, “A” – at the bottom.

Ohio State Buckeyes Logos

Ohio State Logo History
Evolution of the Ohio State Logo

The sports department has its logos, the very first of which appeared in 1958. Visually, they have nothing to do with the university’s emblems, except a large “O,” denoting the name of the state and institution of higher education.

1958 – 1986

Ohio State Logo 1958-1986

The debut version of the logo consists of a curly “O” with cut corners, reminiscent of an octagon. It is painted red and has a double edging – a white and black stripe that runs along the outside and the inside.

1987 – 2012

Ohio State Logo 1987-2012

After a redesign in 1987, the emblem was supplemented with the inscription “Ohio State” with an “S” in the middle – in the inner lumen of a large letter “O.” It has moved from the previous logo and is made in the background. In addition, the developers increased the edging lines on it and replaced the black color with gray. Both words in the name of the sports association of university teams are made in the same style as the main sign. They use clear lines and curly trimming of the corners of the initial letters.

2013 – present

Ohio State Logo 2013-present

After the logo was updated, the double stripes in words disappeared – only one black line remained, of which the letters consisted. The rest of the elements are the same. The changes were required to make the inscription look legible and visible on different media.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Ohio State Emblem

The identity of the university and its sports department is associated with the name. The common element is the phrase “Ohio State,” which is included in all three logos. This inscription refers to both the educational institution and the teams at the same time.

The Ohio State University’s text mark is in a legible, thin Sentinel typeface – with serifs and classic glyphs. It also resembles the Capita, which has more rounded corners than the original. The sports team logo is written in a font that closely matches Geronimo’s Ohio Collegiate.

OSU’s and Buckeyes’ signature palettes are identical, which is why all emblems feature a gray and red Scarlet. Additional colors are white and black. Moreover, they do not have the background, but basic, as they are used for inscriptions and edging lines.