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The Ohio University logo delves deep into history, as this educational institution emerged at the dawn of the 19th century. It encapsulates the key values of the region, its scenic landmarks, and geographical features. The university administration emphasizes the close connection of the university to its locality, highlighting its inseparability and adherence to local traditions.

Ohio University: Brand overview

Founded:February 18, 1804
Founder:University System of Ohio
Athens, Ohio, United States
Ohio University boasts three honorary titles: the first higher institution opened in Athens, the oldest university in Ohio, and one of the oldest in the US. Its foundation idea was advanced in 1787 when the Congress of the Confederation registered this project. Yet, it opened its doors to students decades later, in 1809. 1804 is considered its official launch year when the educational institution was finally approved within the state. It now has the highest level of accreditation with active research (R1), nine campuses, a school of public relations, nine colleges including medical, a sports department, and postgraduate studies.

Meaning and History

Ohio University Logo History

Though the Congress of the Confederation approved the university’s establishment, it wasn’t their idea but that of Manasseh Cutler, a participant in the War of Independence, a priest, and a public figure. With the support of Rufus Putnam (a brigadier general), he implemented the idea. Hence, in 1787, a corresponding resolution was adopted to support higher education in Southeast Ohio.

This is prominently emphasized in the university’s logo: all inscriptions are Latin, considered a key element in most sciences. Yet, connections to local features, both geographical and architectural, are not forgotten. They’re present in the university emblem and the academic seal.

What is Ohio University?

Ohio University is the region’s oldest institution of higher learning, officially founded in 1804 in Athens. It is among the oldest universities in the state and the country, offering high-caliber education. The university was backed by the local system and incorporated into its structure. Today, it provides education in 250 bachelor’s degree programs. Students also earn master’s and doctoral degrees. It has its athletic department (the Bobcats), which competes in the NCAA Division I.

1804 – today

Ohio University Logo

The Ohio University logo consists of two parts: textual and graphic. According to regulations, the wordmark can be used independently, but the engraved imprint cannot. The emblem depicts images of the university’s three main halls: Cutler, Wilson, and McGuffey. They were carved into a wooden engraving, which became the basis for the visual identity. Below, the year the university was established is mentioned. The numbers are spaced far apart from each other. All elements are encased in a symbolic oval, with the top of the central building piercing the top part of it. To the right of the emblem is a two-line inscription in capital letters. The word “Ohio” is prominent, as it needs to align in width with the bottom line, which contains twice as many letters.

The Seal

Ohio University Seal Logo

The academic seal features mountains from behind which a bright sun rises. Its rays pierce a third of the central circle, depicting the local landscape. In the foreground, there are two sheaves on compressed fields. They are drawn schematically and are recognizable by their distinct shape. Then there’s a wide band, bordered on both sides by even rings. Within it, the university’s motto in Latin reads, “Religio Doctrina Civilitas, Prae Omnibus Virtus.” It’s set in a classic typeface with serifs and is separated by tiny diamonds. An external wavy frame encases the university’s name, also in Latin, with its founding year written in Roman numerals.

Font and Colors

Ohio University Emblem

Ohio University’s primary typeface is P22 Mackinac. It’s simultaneously youthful, modern, and classic because it features traditional serifs. This font is used in most instances. The university also employs several other typefaces for different purposes:

  • Termina (a bold sans-serif for headings)
  • Proxima Nova (a Roman type for mottos and captions)
  • Industry (a monospaced, large font typical of the western U.S.)

Ohio University Symbol

The academic seal and the university logo are colored in the institution’s official palette: PMS 342 Cutler Green and Cupola White. If the background is solid, black or white is permitted. The logo can also feature gold or silver embossing.