Vulgar Logos

Vulgar Logos

Sometimes, company logos can shock you with their conflicting overtones. Designers do not always notice the sexual context in their creations, but nothing can be hidden from modern society. Some companies are even doing a complete rebranding after the logo scandals, while others seem to choose designs on purpose.

What are Old and Current Company Logos to Hide from Kids?

This includes logos that have vulgar connotations. They are used, for example, by the Mont-Sat satellite antenna company, the A-Style fashion brand, the CatWear women’s clothing store, the Junior Jazz Dance Classes, the Kudawara pharmaceutical company, the Arlington Pediatric Center, the Brazilian Institute of Oriental research organization. Studies.

The main image of the company should be concise and accurately reflect the scope of the brand. The logo is the face of the company, and it affects customer loyalty. Customers will not want to use a product with a bad reputation, which can cause ridicule.


Mont-Sat Logo

The Polish company still uses the logo today. It can be seen on the official website of the firm. A very happy satellite dish invites consumers to use the company’s services. Most likely, Mont-Sat is in demand, and the logo does not interfere with work but rather attracts customers.


A-Style Logo

An example of a logo specially made with subtext. In the early 2000s, the image could be seen at almost every traffic light in Milan. The logo became an occasion for discussion in Italy and America, and other European countries. Global publications such as GQ and Cosmopolitan joined the discussions.
If you can’t figure out what the problem is, imagine that the dots are heads. The logo worked and brought the company a huge revenue of € 20 million a few years later. According to creator Marco Bruns, the image carries a strong message but was not created to offend the senses.


CatWear Logo

The logo design for a clothing store for independent women got a little out of hand. The image consists of the name of the brand, but instead of the letter “A,” it shows an angry cat. The company has a strange idea of ​​independent women, but the logo failed. Perhaps CatWear wanted to convey that the fair sex does not care about the thoughts of others. In any case, it was necessary to choose a better way.

Junior Jazz Dance Classes

Junior Jazz Dance Classes Logo

At first glance, a harmless, laconic, beautiful logo depicts dancing partners. But attentive users made out a part of the woman’s body. Notice the heads and arms of the dancers, which look like an anatomical silhouette. Based on the example of several logos, we can already conclude that it is better not to use tricky points instead of the figures’ heads. They do not bode well.

Kudawara Pharmacy

Kudawara Pharmacy Logo

Unlike the Polish company Mont-Sat, the Kudawara Pharmacy logo interfered with the firm’s operations. The pharmacy underwent a complete rebranding and even changed its name. On the one hand, we see the letter “K” on a green-blue background. Everything would be fine if the designers didn’t decide to add dots at the top of the letter. The logo acquired a sexual connotation, which the audience did not like and only led to criticism and hitting the top of the failed images.

Arlington Pediatric Center

Arlington Pediatric Center Logo

When you look at the logo of the pediatric center, several questions arise. Has anyone looked at the image at all before posting on the website and other channels? How did the designer not notice the double overtones in his creation? Of course, the center changed the logo after a heated discussion, but the first option remained in the clients’ minds. As originally conceived by the designer, the image contains a child with one of the parents. The shape of the body and the position of the silhouettes in the picture are associated with society’s forbidden topics.

The Computer Doctors

The Computer Doctors Logo

This is one of the worst logos in our collection, and not only because of the sexual connotation. An inharmonious combination of shades and outdated fonts makes the image boring. And of course, the main detail is a computer mouse instead of the letter “U.” Agree; there is not a mouse depicted. Fortunately, the company reacted to its failure and replaced the logo with the image of a doctor who “heals” the computer. Also, The Computer Doctors changed the color green to blue, and the font changed.

Institute Of Oriental Studies (Instituto de Estudos Orientais)

Institute Of Oriental Studies (Instituto de Estudos Orientais) Logo

The Brazilian Institute has presented a special logo to promote the Center for Oriental Studies. Initially, the logo consists of a pagoda with a sunrise background. Well, if you look closely, you can select all the elements. But at first glance, you immediately see something different. The Institute of Oriental Studies removed the logo after a heated discussion about additional overtones began. The image’s idea is very symbolic; it is only necessary to work out the details and change the shapes.

Office of Government Commerce

Office of Government Commerce Logo

Rotate the image 90 degrees to address the main issue. The Daily Telegraph published an article in 2008 and named the cost of the logo – £ 14,000. A huge amount for a big failure. The organization employees were the first to notice the suspicious context, although only after they were provided with pens, mousepads, and other things. In 2011, the organization was closed. Perhaps such an unsuccessful rebranding also served as the reason for the shutdown.


Locum Logo

Didn’t the company notice the failure when it first looked at the designer’s work? The iconic idea of ​​using a heart instead of a letter or symbol works across many brands. But in the case of the Swedish real estate company Locum, the logo is split into three separate words. The firm uses a different logo: the company’s name, written in plain white on a blue background.

Clinica Dental San Marcelino

Clinica Dental San Marcelino Logo

Another ambiguous logo, obviously, according to the idea, should not be so. The designer’s logic is quite clear: the dentist examines the patient and provides his services, the name of the clinic is written next to it. The incorrect placement of the doctor’s silhouettes and the patient leads to other associations with sexual connotations. Also, most likely, the clinic either closed or rebranded.

Modern designers recommend using more concise logos with fewer graphic details. Simple lines can create a light yet memorable design and combine it with a beautiful font and harmonious shades.

What are some hidden logos?

Hidden logos are those that contain an encrypted message. For example, the negative space on the logo of The Bronx Zoo looks like the New York skyline, Formula One has a silhouette of the number 1 between the black F and red stripes, a bear is visible against the background of Mount Toblerone, and the space between the letters E and X in FedEx forms a right-pointing arrow.

What is the hidden message in logos?

Many logos have double meanings. The first is obvious to everyone who looks at them. The second is implicit, understandable only to those who know the core values of the company. It is believed that hidden messages subconsciously influence people, even if they are not noticed.

How do you put a hidden message on a logo?

The easiest way to add a hidden message to your logo is to use a negative space effect. You can also arrange elements in a special way to give them new meaning.

What logo has hidden alphabets of its name?

The famous Toyota emblem hides all the letters from its name. Two intersecting ovals form a “T,” and a vertical oval can be interpreted as an “O.” The letters “Y” and “A” are also hidden there.