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The OVO logo looks like a rebus because the brand name is encrypted in the image of an owl. The eyes are “O,” and the beak is “V.” The repeated mention of the name (its written version is presented below) is associated with the dual scope of the company. It’s not out of the question, as it started as a recording studio and later became a fashion brand.

OVO: Brand overview

Founder:Warner Music Group Corp
United States
First and foremost, OVO is a trademark of a record company. The label was officially registered in 2012 as part of the American conglomerate Warner Music Group Corp. But the brand with this name appeared even earlier thanks to the rapper Drizzy: in 2010, OVO Fest was held, and in 2011, the musician found a new way to earn money by releasing a clothing line. The early range included only parkas, but sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies, pants, and other street-style wardrobe items were added to them over time. The multi-million dollar business is now owned by three longtime friends: Drake (aka Drizzy), Noah Shebib, and Oliver El-Khatib.

Meaning and History

OVO Logo History

OVO might never have happened if not for rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage name Drizzy. He began his musical career in 2001, and a few years later, he got a record label. But where did OVO come from?

The history of this brand goes back to 2008 when friends of the artist created a Myspace page called October’s Very Own. The first word referred to Drake’s birth month, while the second and third were chosen randomly to make a pretty acronym. The Canadian rapper’s manager filled the blog with arts and entertainment content.

What is OVO?

OVO is the fashion record label of Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake “Drizzy” Graham and his colleagues Noah “40” Shebib and Oliver “Ollie” El-Khatib. However, the influence of October’s Very Own (which is how the abbreviation OVO stands for) extends far beyond the music industry. It is also a brand of streetwear, home goods, accessories, radio shows, and much more, which brings additional income to its owners.

In 2010, the musician released his debut solo album and realized that the time had come to acquire an individual trademark. He expanded the business by launching the OVO clothing line. This is how T-shirts and sweatshirts with owl print, the main symbol of the brand, appeared on store shelves.

The October’s Very Own logo shows the bird schematically. It consists of several white geometric shapes outlined in dark gold lines. One fragment represents the wing, the second represents the head with triangular ears, the third represents the torso, and the fourth (the smallest) represents the upper part of the leg. The owl is turned to the left side but looks straight ahead. Her eyes and beak are stylized as the letters “OVO.” Two “O” s with round pupils are at the edges. They are connected to the “V,” which is located in the middle and with a sharp elongated part that stretches down. The author of this design is Nate Willis.

OVO Symbol

Drizzy is known to be very fond of owls. Rumor has it that he even had such a pet. And the artist also wears a tattoo with a bird on the right side of his back. Therefore, it is not surprising that for his own brand, he chose the name OVO, reminiscent of the eyes and beak of an owl. But there is also an alternative view. Fans of the rapper believe that the letters “O,” “V,” and “O” were chosen based on their position in the alphabet: 15, 22, and 15. They added each of the numbers that made up the three numbers and got 16: age, in which Aubrey Drake Graham got his first microphone.

The artist is very jealous of the OVO logo. As far as is known, he has repeatedly sued other brands for using graphic symbols with the image of an owl. Under the distribution were the manufacturer of luxury accessories, Bellroy, and the company Clae, which manufactures sports shoes.

It is worth noting that October’s Very Own emblem is not an ordinary owl but an Egyptian one – at least, it is drawn in the style of the corresponding hieroglyphs. In ancient Egyptian culture, these birds were associated with death. It was believed that they accompanied the souls of the dead from one world to another. In the modern world, owls symbolize wisdom; the OVO logo alludes to the thoughtful content of Drizzy’s songs. And they are also associated with a nocturnal lifestyle, so it’s not without reason that the rapper loves the dark time of the day.

Font and Colors

OVO Emblem

In the main version of the OVO logo, there are no inscriptions, except for the eyes and beak, stylized as letters. The contours of the bird are dark gold, and the inside is white, although here, it all depends on the color of the background on which the emblem is placed.

OVO color codes

Dark TanHex color:#a29060
RGB:162 144 96
CMYK:0 11 41 36
Pantone:PMS 7503 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C